Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day on the Acre

Just a little preview of what celebration day looked like on the acre for those of you who couldn't come home ~~ we missed all of you this weekend!!! Our summer holidays from Memorial Day through Labor Day always were celebrated by the pool on the "country acre" with all the family gathered, including the police department who would drop by with the Chief (Big Unc) throughout the day while they were working their shifts.

Things are a little different now. Memorial Day usually means lunch at the Country Club followed by the Gordon Group's round of golf for Granddaddy while I come home to "piddle." This year we joined the Lances, the Gordons, and the Jones at DCC for lunch. My afternoon piddling included fixing a "cool" dinner for daddy and I on the deck ~~ if we don't have the pool now, at least we can enjoy the view of daddy's vegetable garden (which was to be my pool spot!!) and the mosquitos.

Doesn't it look all festive? Notice only one place is set? Well, that's because for the 1st holiday ever, I ate by myself ~~ loads of fun!! Golf took a little longer than anticipated this year and by 7:00 I just couldn't wait any longer . . . the shrimp might swim back to sea. Crisp green salad with loads of cranberries and honey roasted almonds, sweet corn on the cob, baked potato (yes, it's running over with sour cream), fresh fruit, shrimp cocktail and a big glass of sweet tea with lemon and mint. It was yummy!

And no summer holiday was ever complete without Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream made from Granny's recipe . . .

On Saturday night, Daddy even got the Little Red Car out so we could go for a ride, but guess what . . . no brakes!! So he just drove it back into the garage with me standing between the back garage wall and the car ~~ now I wonder what his purpose really was in having me stand there?

Anyway, I didn't get hurt ~ the car stopped just before it got to me. And, as the flags continued to wave at the entrance to the subdivision, we ended our Memorial Day weekend eating our homemade ice cream with a yummy chocolate cake and having good conversation with our neighbors, Wendell and Darlene.

Even my holiday rose was blooming!

sorry about the blurred pic ~ I'm still trying to learn to use the camera Mande gave me for Christmas.

Hope your Memorial Day Weekend was Wonderful and that you remembered to give Thanks to the service men and women who have paid and are still paying such a price so that we can continue to enjoy our holidays in the Land of the Free and to your Heavenly Father for allowing you to be born in this great country ~ Home of the Red, White, and Blue ~ America!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day Tribute to my Daddy

Our little town began celebrating Memorial Day festivities early this morning with the unveiling of the new Veterans Memorial. What better way to honor those who have fought and are still fighting! It truly is beautiful and as one speaker said today, "It would be right at home in Washington, DC." The only thing missing this morning was my military hero ~ my Daddy.

Daddy enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps in 1943, ending a promising baseball career in order to serve his country. He was stationed in Guam where he was wounded two times for which he received a Purple Heart. After serving his country, he served his community ~~ Daddy served as City Police Chief, deputy sheriff under two administrations, was with the Enforcement Division of the Georgia Department of Transportation for almost 29 years and served as Chatsworth Municipal Judge for 18 years prior to his death. He was the first Veteran in our town to receive a Purple Heart tag and was so proud of it.

Daddy and his tag in 1992
His grandchildren and great grandchildren loved for him to recount his “war stories” and used them many times in history reports. Tears would fill his eyes as he remembered his fallen “buddies.” Because of them, he always took part in the Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day celebrations on our courthouse lawn.
Zeke, Doc Carpenter, Dewitt, Mack and Daddy
The fearsome five always let me snap a picture following every celebration.
Daddy wearing his purple heart
This morning's events brought back memories of Daddy's funeral ~~ the band playing the anthems for each branch of service, the 21-gun saluate followed by TAPS. Has it really been almost 6 years ago? When I looked around the over 2,000 crowd trying to find some of the men who always took part in celebrations at the courthouse, I realized it had been that long ~ many of them like Daddy have gone home, while others were being pushed in wheelchairs by loved ones, and still others needed help walking and simply couldn't stand to take part.
Dr. Carpenter was the only one out of the original group of 5 able to participate completely -- not only that, he was one of the major players in making this memorial a reality!
On July 2, 2004, with an American flag draped across his casket, The Battle Hymn of the Republic played as he was brought in and out of the church, with the touching salute to the casket by the minister before he spoke, and the 21-gun salute followed by the playing of TAPS at the grave site, Daddy was layed to rest as family and friends were reminded of the service he gave to his country. Thank you, Daddy, for your service and the legacy of love you left your family and friends. Flags are flying for you today.
Our prayers of thanksgiving and safety are for the men and women like our young friend, Lyle, from church and Brad, our neighbor's son, who are fighting on foreign soil so we remain free. There are so many others from our little town ~ many of them former students of mine ~ serving with Brad and Lyle. We salute all of you today and pray daily for God's continued watch care over you until you are safely home again with your families.

To those who have fallen in service like Gary and Jerry from our 1966 graduating class and to those like Daddy who served their country then their families and communities before going home, we thank you and we salute you. It is because of men and women like you that we are still a "land of the free and home of the brave."

Highlights of this morning's activities for family who couldn't join us . . . Entrance to the park, emblem on gate at the highway, and presentation stage

Boy Scouts performed flag ceremony; Major General James Terry and Lt. Colonel Robert Wilson ( my boys at MCHS) were featured speakers; Taylor & the gang with the band; Tom Starnes ~ a Vietnam Veteran. The rest of the family in attendance (minus Aunt Lynn's pic). Happy 1st Birthday today, Sweet Josie!!

U. S. Marine Corps Monument

Then at 4:00 p.m. our hills "were alive with the sound of music" ~ choirs from 4 local churches, part of MCHS marching band, plus other local musicians ~ a beautiful tribute in the park to America and her service men and women.

Randy was the only one representing the Kendrick-Duncan clan in the choir. You remember the ladies pictured above, I'm sure.
Wish you all could have been here but, hopefully, this will help you feel like you were. I know Pop would have been so excited and proud to have been part of all the happenings today. Wish he could have seen it, too!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


was a whirlwind of emotions for me ~~ "Why," you ask.
If you're asking my children, they would just say, "Well, that's Mama." Danny would say, "She's just been like that lately." And me . . . I'm thinking I need more hormones!! Anyway, alot has been happening around the acre lately with all the wedding showers, recitals, the wedding of my nephew, and birthdays of little ones. But today this came in the mail . . .

a true affirmation that I'M OLD!!!!!! I know, I know, 62 isn't old (actually some times I still do think I'm 22--well, maybe 42!). And, yes, I'm glad I'm able to get this. But today 62 just seems old ~ so I'm SAD (1st emotion). Then, I look at the amount again and guess what? I get MAD (2nd emotion). After 31 years as an educator, this is all I get. But am I mad at the government or those silly young teachers who voted years ago for our school system to go out from under social security? Well, both I guess. I know, I know, again ~~ what can I do about it? NOTHING ~~ so then, I just get GLAD (3rd emotion in case you're not counting) that I get something!! Then, under the stack of other junk mail is this . . .

. . . my oldest great-nephew's high school graduation invitation. Guess what? SAD again! I must have blinked while he went from newborn to senior. No, remember, Brenda, you're OLD. Yes, this set off a flood of tears again ~~ my sweet little Taylor has grown up! All the precious memories (this will have to be a post of its own very soon).

In the middle of my tears, my dear sister-in-law drops by to bring me a Thank You gift for Jessica's shower. Her sweet kindness just made me Tickled Pink even if it's through another flood of tears ~~ she writes the sweetest notes!!

Lynn, see I put it so I can see it every day but guess what I noticed ~~ there's no button that automatically changes the days or month ~~ I probably still won't know what day it is! But I love it as much as I love you!!

There's another reason why my emotions have gone haywire this week but I just can't go there right now ~ maybe tomorrow. (Now children, don't get excited--it's nothing serious, just sentimental for me) But, I've had enough of this emotional rollercoaster for now so I've decided . . .

But there's only one person who can help; so since last Friday I've been constantly repeating John 14:27, "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you; not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let your heart not be troubled, neither let it be afraid" and Phillipians 4:6-7, "Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus."

May God's Peace be on you today!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Princess #4

It seems only yesterday Granddaddy and I took Campbell to see her new baby sister. Today The Baby turns THREE!
Cybil Elizabeth

Cybil, you have been a ball of fire from day 1. You have your Great Granny Sybil Aileen's black eyes which probably should have given us a clue that you'd be non-stop. Until recently, you didn't like to smile at all ~ it seemed as if you were pondering all about you. Now you flash that beautiful smile all the time. You're so much fun to be around and definitely keep Mimi hopping just to keep up. It's getting harder and harder for us to know which S'ville girl we're talking to, you sound so grown up on the phone. Here's a flashback from your little life ~~ as I re-live the memories created with these pictures, I wish I could make time stand still and keep all of you little for just a while longer.

You and your "Sissy" are going to have a joint birthday party this year with lots of water slides and things. Won't that be fun? Mimi and Granddaddy can't wait!!
Happy Birthday, Cybil ~ We love you all the muches!!!

ANOTHER MAY BIRTHDAY before I forget ~~

Kaleb Avery turned 7 on May 13. At only 6 weeks older than Campbell, he's the 3rd ameigo in the older group and when someone asks about my grandchildren, the girls make sure I always include Kaleb ~ "No, Mimi, you have one boy, Kaleb." And, they're right--just like your Mommy was 'the same as mine.'

Happy Belated Birthday, Kaleb!! Aunt Sissy and Uncle Man love you!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hole in One . . .

on the 19th Green was exactly how it felt (after a night filled with thunderstorms & rain and a morning filled with clouds and a few sprinkles) when the sun came shining through, the grass dried, and a small breeze began to flicker the candles as guests began arriving to honor another special couple before their wedding day. Yes, another wedding shower on the acre. Our sweet neighbors' son, Shaun, will be getting married on June 5. Since most of the guests were from the "Gordon Golf Group" we thought a golf-themed couples' shower would be "par for the course." It was so much fun coming up with ideas to incorporate the theme of the invitation. Thanks Mande from The Monogram Monkey for all your help with the DIY Party Printables!! A BIG thanks, also, to Donna & Sid and Sandy & Bill for helping Danny and I.
My signature wedding decorations ~ the flamingo bride and groom ~ greeted guests while buckets of golf balls flickering with candlelight and chalkboard signs pointed the way down the drive to the 19th Green. Dear hubby even waited to offer the guests who thought the walk too much a ride down in the golf cart. Highlights from the serving tables ~~

Hubby said the white chocolate oreos looked like golf balls he had used; now what do you think he meant by that?

Homemade lanterns helped add light to the trees and above the serving tables while golf balls filled buckets and hurricane globes for centerpieces . . .

and even held placecards and identified selections on the menu. A brass garden tub held bottles of water with personalized labels for the new couple. Of course, I forgot to get a picture of the cute bucket Donna brought so I had to "fake" it on the table.

Lauren and Shaun, we wish you years of happiness, lots of "Pars" and many days filled with "Holes-In-One" as you embark on this new adventure.

Now, it's back to the sewing room to finish up the fabulous five's summer wardrobe and, of course, I'll be found in the garden pulling weeds and "smelling the roses." Plus, someone very special is turning 3 tomorrow ~~ can you guess which one it is????? Come back tomorrow to see!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

May 15 . . . The Wedding

Saturday was a busy day ~ first, the A Girl's dance recital in Cartersville; then off to Dallas for the wedding. How could it be that my little nephew, David, has grown up and now taken a bride?
A small chance of rain was forecast but at 6:00 the sky was a beautiful shade of blue with a slight breeze . . . perfect weather for an outside wedding. As I watched David and my brother walk in, visions of him as a baby, toddler, high school baseball player and UGA grad flashed through my head. Now this handsome young man waits on his beautiful bride.
To each of the fabulous five, Jessica was every bit of the princess they pretend to be. Ailee was so excited to be "granted a dance" by our very own live princess.
Sweet Josie was the flower girl. She almost made it all the way but got distracted by one of the beautiful roses that lined the walkway. Isn't she so cute rolling in the grass?

Best Wishes for a wonderful and long life together. We love you both!!!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Miracle Moments

Last night as I was trying to find a document in my Word files, I came across this title, "My Miracle Moments." I couldn't remember typing it; so, I opened it. What I found was a sweet surprise at the end of a busy day. Apparently, I had tried to keep a record of my Miracle Moments for my children and grandchildren. But like most of my feeble attempts at this, it ended almost as quickly as it began. Maybe, I'll give it another try because at my age, trying to remember even my name is getting harder and harder!!
If you have time, enjoy a few of my Miracle Moments from 2009 ~~

My Miracle Moments Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Today gold finches were eating from the bird food Anna Grace and Ailee “baked” for them. Spring is really coming!! How I love the flutter of yellow!! Wednesday, March 11, 2009 Decided to make a visit to Mom & Dad’s to see what was blooming. I wasn’t disappointed!! As I turned up the drive, the sea of yellow and white daffodils engulfed me while the forsythia along the street blew yellow streams of Momma & Daddy’s love all over me. Of course, the south-side yard was a field of white from the bushes Momma always called “Baby’s Breath.” They would be so proud of their yard right now—the only thing missing are the red tulips coming up in the circle by the lamppost. Those naughty squirrels shouldn’t have carried away all the bulbs. Thanks, Momma & Daddy, for instilling in me the love of flowers and beautiful yards (although mine will NEVER compare to yours)!! Sunday, March 15, 2009 As I was eating my “dessert” after church today, a beautiful blue bird lit on my chimes hanging from the downstairs deck, then flew up to the upstairs railing. Oh, how I love those blue birds and had worked so hard to get them at our other house. Thank you, Jesus.

Hopefully, I'll do a little better with this blogging thing. After all, that's the reason I'm giving it a try. My momma was always making little notes about important things that happened during the day, special events or just her little miracle "Thank you, Jesus" moments. To see these now in her handwriting brings back such sweet memories and I can even hear her voice as if she were reading them to me. That's what I'm hoping to leave to my children and the fabulous five with these entries.

And, speaking of special events ~~ we had 2 "graduations" today!! More on these later.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

More Than Green

Two posts in one day ~~ boy, for someone who started this little adventure at the nudging of my daughter a year ago and so far has only 3 posts, I'm on a roll today. But you know, if we don't hurry the flowers will fade.

At this point in my life, one of my greatest passions is my garden. As soon as the frost fades, I'm out early and in late ~ pulling weeds, feeding and talking to my plants, and walking and talking with my dear sweet Savior. I find it much easier to hear Him speak to me out in His creation. Of course, dear hubby says that what I'm really doing is "moving most of the plants before they set up house." Bless his heart, he'll never understand that is what makes one a true gardener -- not that I'm one by any means. My love for growing things was passed down from my sweet momma who inherited it from her precious momma--my Granny. Oh, the walks we've had in their gardens! As we begin our stroll through the acre, please enjoy my daddy's favorite song ~~ In The Garden.

I think Miss Phyllis would be proud of my clematis this year. Its blooms cover the column at the end of the retaining wall.

And aren't the pink azaleas just gorgeous?

As you can see, there's lots of color just popping out all over at the acre. Most of these beautiful plants either came with me when we moved from our "country acre" 4 years ago, from my momma's and daddy's house, or were shared with me by wonderful friends. My little spot on God's beautiful earth has come along way in 4 short years. If I could find my "before" photos in "THE ROOM," you could see the progress. There's still alot to be done; but, for now, I do enjoy just sitting a spell and taking in all the beautiful sights and scents.

But, it's getting late, so let's go in for our afternoon tea. Here, just smell this gorgeous climbing rose that my Granny rooted for me many years ago. Isn't it heavenly? Now don't ask me its name ~~ I just call it "Millie" for my Granny Mildred. It covers the arbor at the entrance to my back garden.

As we go through the garden gate, I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from a wonderful Southern gardener--Dr. Dirt, a Mississippi Gardener:

“We came from dirt and we’re going back to dirt . . . meanwhile I’m just diggin’ it.”

May and the First . . . May Day and A Very Special Birthday

Forty years ago, our first little angel arrived in the Duncan family ~~ my beautiful niece, Danielle. When she was old enough to tell her birth date, she would always say, "May and the First." Still today, that's how we identify her special day.

Danielle and her beautiful family of boys . . .

until last fall when God literally dropped the newest angel in our family, Baby Josie Carolynn, into her lap.
Happy Birthday, Dooda!!
May Day also brings some color to the Acre . . .

Just wanted to give you a sneak peek before I have to hurry on to other projects for the day because before I know it, the sun will be setting on the acre. Check back later for more color.