Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Cup Runneth Over

August has been filled to the brim and running over with so many activities. There's not been time to post about ALL the going-ons; so, on this last day of the month I'll just give a little review. We had . . .

Another Shower on the Acre ~

The color scheme was orange (looks like pink in the picture), brown, & lime green. Mimi had all the decorations up and fresh flowers on the table before we left town so when M & M arrived after church on Sunday all they had to do was put out their food & welcome their guests!

This one was a baby shower for my "2nd daughter," Judith, hosted by Mande & Melissa (my 3rd daughter) on August 15 on the acre~~ Now A & C girls, you know Mimi only has one real daughter but Judith & Melissa have been such a part of our family for so long and spent so much time at our house, I consider them mine & their Mamas even understand. Remember what made 8/15 such a special day for us, Campbell? Well, when Mimi & Granddaddy got home from your house, the acre was buzzing~~here's a little sneak peek into the fun~~

My Beautiful Southern Belles!

I can't wait to meet this little boy!
Another Cruise In ~

Saw even more beautiful cars and lots of friends from home. Can you believe we had to travel an hour in the opposite direction from before to see these folks? Mmmmm, this world we're living in!

Ernie even came to the Cruise In ~ his driver said to be sure you girls noticed he had his Bible, his seat belt fastened, and was in his booster seat. That's Ernie's little porsche!

Just picture this in Canary Yellow with Mimi behind the wheel ~~ Yep, 46 years ago that was me! 46 years . . . oooooh, let's move on quickly!! This time, Mimi went a cruisin' with Granddaddy in the little red car with the top down & my hair blowin' in the breeze . . . when I closed my eyes, we were 16 again! But reality hit when we arrived at the Cruise In and I had to "try" to get out of that little red car ~ not a pretty sight I'm sure! Oh, I almost forgot ~ it poured rain right after we got there. Granddaddy got the top up just in time!

A Little Sewing ~

Well, maybe alot of sewing; after all, it's Football Time in the South and my Fabulous Five M.U.S.T. have something new to wear! And don't you have to have at least 1 new outfit a week for school? And you know, when I show one picture, you must picture at least 2 more and sometimes even 4 more!

If you're reading this and you're not part of the family, I guess you're wondering why such a "die-hard" DAWG has sooooo much orange in her sewing room . . . well, I have the most wonderful daughter-in-law B.U.T. she has one slight little problem ~ she bleeds orange and even has a diploma to prove it. Yes, the mother of my "C" girls cheers for that "other" SEC team on Saturdays and Mimi must sew fair ~~ the red & black have already been sent so pictures will have to be posted later. But I must admit they're good about the feud . . . they wear red & black when the dawgs play (they must please their daddy!) then change into their orange and white when its time for the vols. "A" girls, your outfits are on the way!

And, some little one's Daddy came home for his 2 weeks R & R. I just couldn't let Miss Emily meet her Hero in plain ole clothes. See what she wore!

Her sweet Mommy found fabric just like Daddy wears and it made the cutest pillowcase dress. She carried the little purse in the picture below filled with all kinds of treasures to show her Daddy. I think the picture was blurry because of my tears. But I think she was quite a sight running through the airport with yellow ribbons flying from her dress and her hair as she leaped into her Daddy's arms!

This little shirt was a Memorial Day/July 4th surprise for her to wear for her Daddy when she talked to him via webcam. And the skirt was a "special order" from Miss Emily herself! Maybe she can wear this when she takes Daddy back to the airport.

Thank you, Sweet Jesus, for letting Lyle get home safely to his dear family; and, please wrap him in your loving arms and shower him with your Amazing Grace when he returns to duty.
Even after all this sewing, there's still piles and piles of UFO's in baskets, bags, and cabinets. Now, I wonder why I just can't seem to get caught up . . . there might be more time if I didn't have to get on the computer to get my embroidery designs . . . you know that silly little "e" just keeps calling me to come into blogland and facebook and emails and on and on. Anyway, just look at all Mimi has planned for you girls . . . but, shhhhh . . . this will all be sweet, secret surprises in the mail for ya'll soon--yes, I said soon!! GO AWAY LITTLE "e"!!!
A Little Sunday Night Church FBC style ~

Horseshoes, Fishing, Zipline, Swimming, and the Water Blob . . . Does your Sunday night service have all this?

The Youngest Generation

Dear Sweet Friends

Laughter, Music, the Smell of hamburgers, hotdots, & grilled okra and, of course, good Preaching!

I have so many pictures I would love to share but maybe I'll just post them to the church's website since this post is so long already.

And the incidentals ~

Then there was . . . Tuesday Bunco, Wednesdays 2 for $20, babysitting for the A girls, weekend visit with the C girls, after-Sunday-night-church dinner at Panera Bread with the Brunsons, and Girls Night Out at the movies. We had a "Queen's" Movie Night planned ever since the 1st Eat Pray Love commercial aired which included dinner & the movie. But when the night arrived, we were down to only 4 queens and dinner wasn't in the picture any more (the life of a grandparent~~always on call). It was fun as always when the girls get together . . . lots of laughing mixed with a little gossip. Now the movie . . . well, it received good reviews from us because we LOVE Julia Roberts and besides who hasn't ever dreamed of just running away to bigger and better things? Plus it sure did help matters when we got the "senior" tickets even without asking (now why do you think that was 'cause you know we don't look like seniors, do we?) and our wonderful buttered movie popcorn had extra butter. Would we recommend it . . . well, yes, of course, if for no other reason than everyone needs a girls night out! Sorry no pictures for this, we were just so excited we forgot cameras!

Finally . . . I threw in a few chores--a little gardening, house cleaning, and laundry--while Granddaddy ordered new parts for his toy and worked on her every night. Plus you've seen the other entries this month including Taylor's send-off.

Now I know why I'm so tired lately! But I must get rested because my favorite time of the year is just around the corner and I have TONS of fall crafts to get busy on, not to mention all the Halloween & Thanksgiving little outfits to sew ~~ get ready Betsy and Buella, I see a few all-nighters ahead!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

A Comment . . .

made this weekend got me to thinking about my last post and the "frilly" part of the Boys of Fall . . . the CHEERLEADERS and the BAND. Now granted, guys, the football part ~~ uniforms, boys running through the 'signs,' the completed passes, quarterback sneaks, great tackles & etc. ~~ are what really make up Friday nights and Saturday afternoons, B.U.T. some people really do only come to the games to watch the cheerleaders and the band . . . YES, that's right! And, even 46 years later, that's how they're remembered . . . a girl 2 years older than me that I hadn't seen since high school saw me this weekend & said . . . "Yes, I remember you, you were a flagtwirler." Well, now what do you think about that?
So, I decided today to salute the "Girls of Fall" starting with your Mimi . . .

Yes, that little one in the center with the big mouth is me!

Thanks to older cousin, Pat, I was the MCHS mascot.

Ya'll have even played in this green sequin jewel!

Majorettes & Flags couldn't cheer during varsity football so we were JV football cheerleaders and basketball cheerleaders. In the bottom picture, we were in Macon at camp--it was only 102 degrees and there we were in our velvet and fur uniforms. Now, you see why I was so memorable as a Flagtwirler (LOL). Also, notice that Mimi was once skinny; yes, I was!!!! In case you can't pick me out, I'm the 2nd from the left & Miss Clydene is 3 to the right of me.

Let's just skip right on to the other girls of fall in the family . . .

The baby sister . . . didn't she make a cute Indian!

She loved cheering for her Big Brother!

7th Grade ~ Visiting with Judge Pop after a parade

Senior ~ 1995-1996

See that little cutie in the top left picture ~ little Emily who is in her final season as a Georgette. You & Doodah got to cheer together during Homecoming 1995. You were selected as a UCA All-Star cheerleader which meant we got to travel to London to meet the Queen during Christmas of your senior year. Now she knows how to put on a parade!! What fun!!!!

Go Dawgs!!!

I can't wait until Homecoming between the hedges to see you perform again with the Georgettes & Heather, Emily and our Redcoat Trombone player, Taylor. I just noticed in this picture that the Redcoat uniforms have changed some from 2000 til today--there's black now where the white is on the front of the jacket.

Whoever you go to the games to watch really doesn't matter . . . what matters is that Fall's a Comin' and Football's in the Air. So a BIG salute to EVERYONE who "suits up" on Fridays or Saturdays to play on that big green pasture and to all the little ones who are just starting their Season of Dreams!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Can You Feel It?

Fall's a comin'!! Hot days, cool nights . . . the sound of trumpets echoing through the trees in our backyard . . . colored leaves beginning to trickle down . . . but, most of all, the excitement . . . because with Fall comes FOOTBALL!!
Friday Night Lights and the Boys of Fall
This morning I got a call that said, "Check your email, I've sent you something you're going to love!" Love it, YES I did!! If you love Fall & Football like I do or you've ever had a Boy of Fall of your own, check it out. But be sure and come back, though, for the rest of the post.
On this Kick-Off Friday for our little area, I want to pay tribute to my BOY OF FALL. Thanks, Matthew Todd, for all the wonderful memories!

Pop, 1st coach and biggest fan ~~ punting practice in the back yard ~~ Christmas 1979
5th Grade ~ 6th Grade ~ (top) 9th Grade ~ Jr. High where you led the team to 2 undefeated seasons (1st ever)
Senior Year 1991-1992
Quarterback ~ Punter ~ Defensive End
Don't ask me why we weren't smiling like the families in the video ~ after all, he had a wonderful high school career, was selected to play in the North-South game, received a scholarship to play at the next level ~~ so why so sad--my guess now is that none of us were ready for that season of our lives to end.
But it did and then we became football gypsies ~ weekends meant travel--lots of miles by car and even some plane rides, hard seats in many stadiums, lots of phone calls home to check on the little sister, sweaty hugs, and lots of yelling!

Go Eagles!!
The hardest part of these 5 seasons was having to put on ORANGE!

You even got a little muddy from time to time: The Mud Bowl
Nothing like a play-off game in the MUD

You ended your football career just as you started it ~~ with your greatest supporter~~your POP!
What would I change about all those years if I could . . . well, here's just a few things.

Your only broken arm (6th grade Rec ball) ~ the camp injury that made you lose your junior year of high school ~ the 1st knee injury at Gardner Webb ~ the final knee injury that cost you your last chance at a National Championship which made receiving your college diploma on the sidelines in Alabama a much sadder time than we anticipated when you seniors decided to "not walk."
But it was a great ride with memories that we will all cherish for the rest of our lives. You made friends along the way that have enriched your life and ours; and, thankfully, came out of it with only a few permanent scars.
So tonight, go watch a little football, cheer for your favorite team, and remember your days as a Boy of Fall!
As for me, I'll be heading "across the river" to watch our newest Georgette perform at half-time all the while enjoying being under those LIGHTS again and smelling that fresh-stomped ground!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Following in Her Daddy's Shoes

Today, Campbell competed in her first-ever golf tournment with her Daddy at the ripe ole' age of 7. Your Daddy was 13 before he played his first tournament with Granddaddy.

Now look at that face
Can you tell they won 2nd place?
I think you were excited!When Daddy told you he had signed ya'll up while you were spending a few days with us, you weren't very happy and said you weren't going to play. Aren't you glad you changed your mind? If I remember correctly tonight, your response was, "I had so much fun, I want to do it again tomorrow!" Also, think I remember Daddy telling me you out drove him on several holes ~ way to go!! Guess it was all that practice with Granddaddy & your cousins at Cousins Camp, don't you?

Just look at that form . . .
and the follow-through made Granddaddy say, "Wow!"

Accepting your prize ~ a dozen golf balls from the Assistant Pro

Way to go, Miss Campbell Jane!!

(Guess Mimi better get busy walking so I can walk those courses to watch you in a few years!)

The Baby . . .

of the 2nd generation is 27 today.

"Happy Birthday, David!"

As the baby, you were much loved by your Gran & Pop. You & Mande had lots of special times with them while your Mamas worked & the older siblings were in school ~ Mande even talks about one of the trips to Reliance here. "Flashes of my childhood came flooding back and I vividly remember that trip to Reliance where David and I snuggled up under the roots of that big tree for Gran and Pop to take our picture. And, how can I forget Pop's face when you fell in the water!" Somewhere I even have the big seed pods ya'll brought home from this trip. Remember when you were all about the "California Raisins"; I even painted you a sweatshirt (pre-embroidery days). Please don't kill me for this picture ~ the favorite 'after-Sunday-lunch' activity for Danielle & Mande was to dress you up ~ like your older cousin, Matt, you were always a good sport about it. On the back of that picture, Gran had written, "Mande dressed him--so lovely!" But too quickly, those days passed and you moved on to big boy activities like hunting, fishing, baseball & football.

Then, before we were ready, you were a senior in high school and getting ready for your days as a Dawg. I got to spend some good times with you during your high school days when I "gently urged" you to compete in FBLA. I was always happiest when my babies were at my door needing something ~ unfortunately you & Matt didn't appear there as often as your sisters ~~ guess it's a "boy thing" to be more independent!

This spring you married your college sweetheart and are now officially a part of the BIG WORLD . . . job, bills, yard to mow & all. So glad your friends are visiting ya'll this weekend to help you celebrate your big day. Hope Jess has made you a "first birthday cake since being married" and hope she won't have to bury it in the back yard like your Gran did when she made Pop his 1st birthday cake many, many years ago!

Uncle Man & Aunt Sissy love you all the muches!! See ya'll in 2 weeks!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Can I Say Proud?

Just had to show off my favorite newest Dawgs!

Taylor in his Red & Black

Heather in her Red & Black

They both survived camp and are now full swing into college life . . . classes, practices, studying, a little social life, and a little sleep. There's some precious pictures floating around of them at their respective camps but not sure they would want me to post those on here. But it sure looked like they were havin' fun! From way back when I was a dawg until now, I'm not sure the Redcoat uniforms have changed. But what a difference those Georgette uniforms are from when Mande was shaking her pompoms for the Boys of Fall in 1996.

And speaking of those Redcoats ~ I almost forgot . . . did any of you know how they got their name . . . well, one theory is that it happened during a Georgia/Georgia Tech game when the announcer, after calling the Jacket band the "Yellow Jacketed Band," couldn't think of anything to call the UGA band except "that Redcoated Band." Supposedly, the name stuck . . . and in a few weeks . . . all you DAWG fans will join 90,000+ as you . . .

“Keep your seats, everyone…the REDCOATS are coming!

Wonder if my redcoats are missing home as much as home misses them?

Monday, August 16, 2010

The bells, they are a ringin' . . .

school bells, that is. Now, summer is officially over despite the 100 degree heat.

Campbell Jane is now a 2nd grader ~~ Wow . . . that sounds old!!!

Ailee Claire is in 4 year old kindergarten at her "old school." Growing up way too fast!

Anna Grace has a whole 7 days behind her already in 1st grade since she started on August 5. Cybil and Adelynn will have a little while before their "official" school days begin. I'll try not to blink so they won't be here tomorrow!

From the time I started first grade until I retired after 31 years of teaching, my "year" revolved around the starting and stopping of school. It was a "new year" when school started while the last day of school meant the "end of the year" ~~ January 1 and December 31 really had no significance other than they were part of Christmas holidays. The 2 months (which really seemed like just a few days) between that beginning and ending were just "FREE" days. SUMMER VACATION DAYS. And one didn't even look at the calendar. Fancy free. No agendas. Sleeping late. Tickle parties. Popcorn and late-night movies cuddled under blankets in the floor. Kids everywhere . . . mine and all their friends. Swimming. Camping out in the tree house while I "slept" in the hammock so nothing would get ya'll. Beach vacations.

And T.H.E.N. . . .

that dreaded day . . . the first day of "the new year" . . . the first day of school. Who dreaded it most . . . my babies or me? Close call, I'm thinkin' "But the sooner we get started, the sooner it will be over for another year." Great philosophy then; but now, what I would give to slow down that year!

But, another one is beginning . . . and just where did summer go . . . not really sure but I do know we were having fun while it passed. Check back later this week for some highlights.

I hope my three monkeys enjoy their new year as they much as they did their FREE days. Listen to your teachers, work hard and remember your manners!! Mimi loves you all the muches!

Destin 2009

Sunday, August 15, 2010

On this side of Heaven

"But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of Heaven."
Matthew 19:14
During Vacation Bible School in June, our oldest little monkey gave her heart to Jesus. Today, Miss Campbell was baptised and, of course, we were there.

"Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God."

John 3:5

There will be other great days in your life ~ high school & college graduations, 1st job and marrying your sweetheart plus many others in between, I'm sure; but the day you were saved and then baptised are the greatest days of your life this side of Heaven. Nothing could make your Mommy, Daddy, and Mimi & Granddaddy more proud of you than we are today.

"Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth." Luke 15:10

There was also much rejoicing on earth today for this one little child who has chosen to follow the God from whom all blessings flow.

Just so you'll know when you're Mimi's age . . . the special guest speaker in church today was John (Bull) Bramlett and the special guests in the 11:00 service were the CNC Eagles. You & Cybil got to meet all of Daddy's old college coaches.

And . . . Happy Birthday today to my favorite "little" brother.

We love you Big Unc!!