Thursday, June 30, 2011

An Empty Jar

Granddaddy made his decision . . . the date was set . . . we kept it a secret from everyone except the children . . . but . . .

sometimes, though, things don't always work out as planned; so, a new plan was laid, a new date set, a secret still to be kept, & finally, the countdown began! (cute idea here that was ready and waiting) The jar was filled with one of Granddaddy's favorite candies ~ Three Musketeers ~ so that he could take one with him each morning to help dream away the days as he counted down.

This morning Granddaddy took the L.A.S.T. one with him to work; so what does that mean?

Happy Retirement, Granddaddy

Finally, a little happiness to mix with alot of sadness on this last day of the month . . . after all these years, we still miss you so much, Gran and Pop!!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

One Week = Two Birthdays

Can you guess whose they were? Yes . . . my baby girl's birthday was Thursday, June 23. Mimi was spending a few days since Daddy was traveling ~ we started the day off watching 2 of the A girls in their cheerleading camp exhibition. Great job, little ones!! And ended the day with dinner and a brownie cake complete with whipped cream and candles. We had fun searching for the perfect present from you girls, didn't we?

Happy Birthday, Mande

Then Friday, Mimi journeyed north to celebrate Campbell's 8th birthday with a swim party. The sky looked dark and gloomy all the way there; but, by the time Mimi arrived, the sun was shining bright . . . perfect swim party weather!

Just look at the cake!

Of course, if there's a ball around, CJ is batting or throwing it . . . Mimi's little athlete!

The cousins minus the A girls ~ they were so sad they couldn't make this trip with Mimi.

The present from Mama and Daddy ~ Granddaddy is worried, so please be careful and always wear your helmet!

Happy 8th Birthday, Campbell Jane, today, June 25!

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Little Secret

Hope my sons had a great Father's Day weekend ~ with theme parks, fishing, family reunions and floating down the river on the agenda for ya'll, sounds like you did. So glad!!
Granddaddy did his usual Saturday morning routine with the Gordon Group but on Saturday afternoon the sky burst open and we had a little windstorm along with lightening and rain . . . enough to knock out a lot of power and put enough trees on the ground to close the golf course for Sunday . . . guess you know Granddaddy was lost!
Oh, what would he do? He finally decided, after calling over to talk to the pro, that he would just go check out the damage and maybe practice a little . . . yea, he needs that I'm thinking! So off he went for about 2 hours . . . then, as I'm working away on my computer on things for Y.O.U.K.N.O.W.W.H.A.T, the phone rings and it's Granddaddy ~ right away I could tell there was trouble . . .
shh . . . don't let him know I told you . . . but Mr. Always Right On Top of Everything had locked his keys in the car!! YES, he did!! Never in our 41 years together has he done that . . . me now, well that's a different story, of course.
He had the bright idea that if I would put my phone on speaker and click the extra key, the doors would magically open . . . well, in case you lock your keys in the car ever, don't waste your time trying that . . . it doesn't work!!
How did Granddaddy get home, you ask? Well, since it was Father's Day and all, his sweet, loving wife drove all the way over to the golf course and took him the extra set of keys! Yes, I did!! And I didn't even complain . . . just marked it down in my little pink "getting even" book.

Here he is coming out of the pro shop to get his extra keys ~ look at that face . . . priceless!! I didn't hear him telling any of ya'll about his little incident last night . . .

so . . . shh!! . . . remember, it's our little secret, girls!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to all the GREAT fathers in our family!
Hope you're enjoying Your Day with all your girls!

Friday, June 17, 2011

One + One + One . . .

One dreary, misty Friday equals one clean house

plus fresh bouquets from the garden

along with dinner on the veranda at the club equals

the start of a Wonderful Weekend!!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

An Ole Piece of Wood . . .

. . . whatever will it become?

Any guesses on what this ole piece of plywood will become? Granddaddy cut it just to size for me ~ isn't he sweet like that? Hopefully, there'll be a big reveal soon 'cause this is Mimi's project for the week (I know it's Thursday but Mimi's 'retired' week has no beginnings or endings, well except Sunday) . . . along with a little "planning" . . . cause Y.O.U.K.N.O.W.W.H.A.T is coming very soon!
Hope your day is going GREAT!
Hope ya'll have a Happy Weekend a little early!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

She's a Grand Ole Flag!

Happy Flag Day!

A few flags from around the neighborhood.

Hope you're proudly flying the Colors of Freedom today!

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Ballerina, A Party and a little Splashing

Wasn't May a busy month, ya'll?
Wow ~ June is flying by, too ~ it's nearly half over!
Before we get too far away from her recital time, Mimi has to show ya'll her littlest ballerina . . . Miss Cybil! She was a beautiful little sailor in her first ever recital on May 29th.

A beautiful smile, pointed toes, and her bouncing personality made her the cutest and best by far!!

She's too much like her big sister, though, and says this one and only time does it for her ~ next year it's all sports; but we'll see, Mimi's still hoping for at least one more year . . . after all, CJ did give it 2 years before she moved on to her true love.

Although Cybil's birthday was May 24, her party had to wait until June 12 . . . I mean, between her dancing and her sister's ballgames when was there time for a party? But it couldn't have been any better than it was this past weekend!

Snoopy and Little Gym ~ Cybil's favorite combination! What fun!!

The Cousins

Just look at all that talent! Even Adelynn finally got in on the act!

Blowing out the candles as another year begins!

Just had to show a picture of their precious "hairdos" that Aunt Mande did for them.

Now . . . Ya'll know we have to start off our summer with a little "splashing"

Check out those Bikini Babes!

While the big girls contemplate how cold the water is, the little ones are getting lathered up in sunscreen. Adelynn was all tuckered out from playing with Mimi while the rest of the family was off riding the big rides.

What a fun weekend!! Thanks, Cybil, for hosting such a great party and thanks to the rest of the family for letting us crash for the weekend and enjoy a little summer fun in the sun!

Now to the lazy, hazy days of summer . . . are ya'll ready?

Mimi sure is!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Forty One + a Day

On Tuesday, June 7, Granddaddy and Mimi celebrated 41 years of wedded bliss . . . well, at least some of the time . . . just kidding, granddaddy! FORTY-ONE YEARS ~ Wow!! Seems like only yesterday. Funny how I can remember almost every detail of that day and the day before (college graduation and an all-night sewing party to remake a Junior Groomsman's tux , who could forget that?) and can't even call ya'll by the right names. Anyway,

Happy Anniversary to Us!

We celebrated with a "romantic" candelight, after-movie snack on the deck . . . our favorite chocolate cake and homemade ice cream we had made on Sunday night.

See this little cake topper . . .

well, 41 years ago it decorated the top of Mimi and Granddaddy's wedding cake. Can you believe Gran kept it for all those years? I found it way back on a shelf in the bottom of her china cabinet.

Thanks, Mama for keeping our little topper!!

Now we're counting down to 42!

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Little Plot of Ground

. . . belongs to Granddaddy Greenjeans for his City Vegetable Garden ~ ya'll remember the spot . . . the exact place Mimi's wonderful new swimming pool was going?

Well, his garden was such a success last year that he planted another one this year. Just look how it's growing!!

Look, the squash are blooming!

There's little green tomatoes on little vines. Mimi's feeding them Miracle Grow every other day hoping to help them along.

Just look at that corn ~ sweet, juicy yellow corn for "corn on the cob" and that great tasting Silver Queen for creamed corn that ya'll love to put over your okra. The green beans are running all up the jute already!

Maybe by the time Camp Mimi rolls around there'll be fresh veggies on the "mess hall" table every night! Yummy!!!

Thanks, Granddaddy Greenjeans for planting us a vegetable garden again (although it sure would be fun swimming in our own yard when the cousins are here!).

Just in case you're wondering what's new in Mimi's Garden today . . .

Yes, long after Easter is past, the beautiful Easter lilies are blooming! Can't you just smell that wonderful aroma all the way to your houses? But in this HEAT wave, they won't last long.
In answer to the daily question "What are you doing today" or "What did you do today, Mimi?" . . . well, remember that pine straw Mr. Wayne brought . . . that's what Mimi's doing today.
Have a GREAT first day of VBS, A girls!
CJ, I hope the first day of basketball camp goes well ~ you're sure getting your round ball fix this week after an out-of-town, 3-day tournament over the weekend and camp this week! Cybie, Mimi hopes your week with Miss Dot is off to a great start, too!
Love you girls, all the muches!!