Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rock Stars

Cousins Camp 2012

~ Day 3 ~

The Manager Mimi's and their Rock Stars Backstage at the "Cousins Rock" Party

What would we do without Mande's old dance costumes?  Adelynn loved to tell everyone that her mommy wore her "rock star" when she was 3 and "now I'm 'free'."


Ready for Musical Chairs

Sweet card from one of the Rock Stars brought by on Sunday

As soon as the "Stars" and their Managers left, AG and company dashed in to make CJ's birthday cake.  AG had seen a basketball cake on pinterest with her Mom and just had to make it.

Pretty good for an 8 year old!!
Cybil and Ailee helped by eating the left-over Reece's pieces.
As Granddaddy dashed in the door from the golf game we sent him on during the girls party, we dashed out for the movies.

Again Mimi forgot the camera but I did remember the popcorn bucket!

And wasn't Brave awesome!?!

Then it was time for the rest of the cousins to arrive ~

and compete in a friendly gymnastics competition . . .

Do you think he learned that at football camp?

Wow!  Doo-dah still has it!

Adelynn getting her running start for her cartwheel.

Little Josie can compete, too!

That's stretching high, AG!

Cybil and Campbell started the competition but for some reason Mimi doesn't have a picture of their tricks.  But I'm thinking their one-handed cartwheels might have won.

Another Rock Star performance featuring Kaleb as Elvis

Now for the Celebration!

Happy Birthday!!

Needless to say, ya'll went to bed exhausted; but you did take time to earn your tokens by straightening the Nest and boy did it need it after the tornado of finding your Rock Star outfits.  Of course you know, the cleaning brigade was led by AG and Cybie.

~ Day 4 ~

The last day

Our traditional Pajamas and Pancakes Breakfast on the deck
featuring our Monkey napkins

Ready for church!

The last swim at Miss Sheila's and Mr. Jim's pool because they are having it filled in this fall.  So glad they got back from Alaska in time for us to swim one final time.

After saying our goodbyes to this beautiful pool, we hurried home to shower and pack your bags . . . Cousins Camp was coming to a close for this year.

Dropping off the first 2
Goodbyes are always so hard!!

Mimi and Granddaddy are so happy we get to have this time alone with our little monkeys!

Thank you Mamas and Daddys for letting us spoil them and make memories that will last a lifetime!  It's so much fun to listen to them play the "remember when" game as they relive their special times from camps past. And I'm so glad ya'll get to have a little couple time to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries even though Matt and Beth's trip didn't plan out exactly right this year.

Almost all the cousins ~ missing Taylor who had to come late because he was working and Will and  Lindsay.

Mimi sure does love this bunch!!!!

And this is why Mimi and Granddaddy have camp!

A bond that can't be destroyed by time or distance!

The house is so quite and empty now.

Thank goodness family vacation is just 1 1/2 weeks away!!
(Guess we'll save our crafts for this week since we didn't get to do them during camp)

But it will be Thanksgiving before all the cousins are together again.

Hold tight to the memories made this week!

Mimi loves ya'll to the moon and back!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Rockin' Our World

Cousins Camp 2012
A jam-packed 4 days of Rockin' Fun!

The invitations were mailed a few weeks before ~

The Cousins' Invitation to Camp

Invitations to the Mimi and Me Rock Star Party for the friends & their Mimi's

Invitations to the other cousins for CJ's Pirthday Party

The Camp Prizes were wrapped and waiting
and even the Rock Star Party decorations were complete.

Now all Granddaddy and I needed were the cousins . . .

First Hugs!

After being picked up on Wednesday night, the C girls and Mimi spent Thursday morning cruising the neighborhood in the golf cart with the girls doing the driving and at the library picking out our bedtime books.

Finally it was Thursday afternoon and time to pick up the A girls!!

Camp had officially begun!!!

so ya'll could open the prizes!

There just happened to be 5 prizes so everyone got to open one gift each.  Then you made a mad dash to the cabinet for your Treasure Boxes which contained your camp shirts and hats along with a few other goodies.

The big prize ~ so we spent the rest of the afternoon
just "a Slipping and a Sliding"

before going to the Country Club for dinner.

Ready for bed in the Nest where you would snuggle under the quilts made by your great great grandmothers.

~ Day 2 ~

Ready to leave bright and early for your favorite place!

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we did the day!  Sorry there's no pictures of you big girls riding the rides ~ ya'll were with Granddaddy and the camera was with Mimi and the little girls.

The happy result of 6 hours at an amusement park!

But by the time we got home and ate, ya'll were ready for an hour of swimming ~ no pictures of Miss Linnie's pool because Mimi forgot the camera.

Mimi's tired all over again just uploading the pictures!

Think we'll save Days 3 and 4 until tomorrow ~ okay?

Goodnight Little Monkeys

Here's the kisses for your eyes so you won't have scary dreams!!
Mimi loves you to the moon and back!