Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Red and Black

The countdown is on . . .

only 3 more days . . .

until . . .

"The Redcoats are coming!"

and with them is the greatest trombone player Aunt Sissy knows!

Tay, it's so hard for me to imagine that you're at J.U.N.I.O.R.

My gracious, it seems like only yesterday we were having a going-away dinner for you and now you only have another year left.  You've been hard at work since early August practicing for the 2012 show ~ I've really enjoyed those pics on fb.  Can't wait to see you toot that horn Between the Hedges!!  But it will have to be in 2 weeks because the first weekend in September means opening day of dove season for Uncle Man.  He's sure he'll shoot some this year ~ but I'm betting on the doves again!

Please know that Aunt Sissy will be watching those DAWGS on tv just waiting to get a glimpse of you.  You're in my prayers daily as you travel back and forth to class and practice, study (at least a little!) and enjoy all that being a college student involves. 

Until I can make that trip to sing

Glory, Glory to ole' Georgia

with the band, you'll have to play even louder so that I can hear you over the mountains!

I'm sooooooo very proud of you and love you to the moon and back!!

Go Dawgs,
Sic em!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Friday Night Lights ~ The 2012 Version

Although schools have not started in our little town, the band and football teams have been practicing for weeks.  When I'm in the garden in the early mornings or late afternoons, the sound of trumpets and drums fill the air . . . and I know while they're marching on one field, the Boys of Fall are sweating it out on another and among them is my #1 Boy of Fall.

Here's my favorite Boy during an earlier fall scrimmage . . .

and behind center during the 2012 spring game 

With temps still in the 90's, it's hard to believe the high school season kicks off in full force this Friday night!  But it does, and its beginning represents the end of lazy summer days filled with fishing, hiking and early morning workouts.  In their place comes afternoon practice, late dinners, homework and sore muscles.

But won't this Sophomore year be a blast!!

Good Luck, Bubba
from your #1 fan!!

Aunt Sissy is praying for a season filled with lots of touchdowns and injury-free games.

We're so proud of you and the wonderful young man you are becoming!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Winnings

Last night, Mimi made her first appearance at BUNCO since way back in the spring.  Guess I hadn't forgotten how to play 'cause . . . I WON!! Well, technically it was only one of the six prizes but I was still very excited.  Can't you tell?  Isn't the bag so pretty and fall looking?

AND, Queen Cybil Elizabeth, do you see your pretty rose is still blooming?  I picked it on Sunday so it's looking a little ragged now but still smelling wonderful.  Guess it's in honor of your first "real" day in kindergarten. 

Here's the adorable gifts ~ ~ the cinnamon candle smells just like fall and I love the saying on the cute towel.

And it won't be long now until I can put them out . . . not yet, though; remember Mimi is still holding onto summer for just a little while more.

Today I cut these hydranges for my sewing room (plus a wonderful smelling gardenia) and guess what?  I  now have a cricket chirping in my sewing room somewhere!  That noise is making me insane . . .

oh, where are you little fellow?

Since you're determined to stay hidden, guess I'll see you in the morning! And by the way, please stay downstairs!!

{why, oh, why didn't I shake those things before I brought them inside!!}

xoxoxoxox ~ Mimi

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

For My Children . . .

Just wanted to share my new philosophy on life with ya'll . . .

in case you were wondering how I want to handle old age!

In reality, I guess ya'll think that about me already on most days.


Monday, August 20, 2012

School Bells Are Ringing

I really can't believe it's T.H.A.T. time again!!

But, believe it or not, all my precious monkeys are now back in school.

AG and AC have been hitting the books for 1 1/2 weeks while Baby A only started on Wednesday, the 15th.  AG moved to the elementary school for 3rd grade and AC is in 1st grade still at the primary school.  Even though you weren't too sure about being in school without your big sissy, AC, I think you're making it just fine on your own.  AG loves her new school and Baby A already has Miss L wrapped around her finger.  Mimi sure enjoyed that non-stop conversation every day I picked you up last week, Baby A.

Of course, with the start of school comes ballet and violin lessons.

Busy, busy, busy!!

The C girls just started back on Thursday, the 16th.  CJ, are you really in 4th grade? And little Cybie is in kindergarten!! I know you'll love your teacher, Miss H, because your big sissy sure did when she had her for kindergarten.

This new school year brings a new adventure for you, CJ ~ yes, you'll be trying your hand (ummm, maybe it's trying your feet!) at soccer until basketball starts.  Now you and little C can practice your leg work together when she's not in gymnastics or dance.

Another busy, busy family!!

Although ya'll are in school and there's just a little nip in the air while I'm enjoying my morning coffee on the deck, Mimi is still trying very hard to hold onto summer.  Besides, I have several, okay lots, of little projects still on my TO DO BEFORE FALL list.  And, I'm still dreaming of white sandy beaches and waves breaking on the shore while 'little girl' giggles soar through the air with the seagulls.  You're growing up way too fast and the seasons seem to speed by as quickly as ya'll change grades.  In my mind's eye I see my babies starting school with little M in kindergarten and big brother M in 4th grade as if it were only yesterday.

But, there's no time to dwell on that!!  After all, the start of school also means a new season beginning for MJC which means kiddos to pick up from school and chauffeur to many activites and weekend road trips north to watch soccer matches.  Yes, throw in a few Saturdays Between the Hedges and before we know it, we'll be watching Christmas performances for choir, violin and dance and waiting on ole Saint Nick!

But we'll try to take some days a little slower and . . .

celebrate life!!

Hope all of you precious little monkeys have a wonderful school year.  Please know that Mimi will be praying for you each and every day as you study, learn and grow.


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Basketball with Mickey

The first week of August found us in Orlando watching CJ play basketball in the National AAU Championship games.

~ Opening ceremony ~

complete with an opening parade of players, lighting of their own Olympic torch, paper fireworks, and a Grand Welcome from the stars of Disney World, Mickey and Minnie!

Warming up in "The Field House"

Checking out the competition

Going over the game plans!

Even the little sisters got in on pre-game exercises!

Ready for the last game!

These cute little girls won all their pool play games and the first game of the tournament before losing by 1 point to a team from Washington, DC.

The very last huddle of 2012!

Campbell made her foul shot!  Yeah!!

The scoreboard at the beginning of the 3rd period.
We were up by one ~ talk about a close, nerve racking game!
Mimi is too old for this much excitement for sure!

Flight finished in 4th place at Nationals!!!

Way to go Coaches, Campbell and Flight!!
Mimi can't wait until next year!

Then . . .

we were off to . . .

visit Mickey and let the memories begin!

Leaving Mimi's favorite ride ~ It's a Small World!

A magical week
Where Dreams Really Do Come True!

Thanks for letting Granddaddy and I be a part of such an exciting time


what a way to begin a new month!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Crafting with the A's

For 2 weekends, Granddaddy and I were blessed to have the A girls visiting

and . . .

we finally got around to some of our camp crafts!

We gathered our supplies . . .

ribbon, pop tops, pens, lighter and a few beads . . .

then, before we knew it, we had arms full of beautiful bracelets!

AG even make a ring and earrings!

We also made the C girls some that Mimi will be delivering soon.

Thanks for coming to visit and crafting with Mimi!!

I'm still saving pop tops for you girls and your friends to make the bracelets to sell at the Relay for Life for Mr. Chris.  That's a great idea and Mimi is so proud of ya'll for coming up with such a creative way to help.

xoxoxo ~ to the moon and back!