Saturday, August 31, 2013

Game On!!

Hunker Down, Hairy Dawgs!!

Tear up those Tigers!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Only in the South . . .

do we lay on white sandy beaches during the heat of summer and dream of  . . .


Friday Night Lights and SEC Football!

Yes, once it's in your blood, it's always in your blood!

My baby boy starting his dream in the backyard at an early age. . .

Here in 1992 as QB of our high school football team and, of course, there was little league and "junior high" along with broken arms and skinned knees.

 Then, it was on to bigger things . . .

Starting QB for the Eagles!!

 And now . . .

My boy is back on the football field under the Friday night lights; but this time he's on the sidelines.  Yep, he's traded his cleats for a whistle and sun visor ~ he's a COACH! A Quarterback Coach, no less. And it's only his part-time job; he still has his insurance shingle hung out on his office but from what I hear, he's talking alot of football on the phone during hours!

He loves his quarterback!!

It's a brand new school so there is only a freshman team and they also coach the middle school team. So technically it's really Monday Night Lights and Thursday Night Lights for us . . . but it's FOOTBALL and we LOVE it!! (And a little side note so I don't forget . . . the team colors are the same as his junior high team and they were the only team to go undefeated for both years of junior high ~ maybe it's an omen!)
And look how cute the wives of these wonderful coaches look all in their green shirts that match their husbands and their white shorts!  Oh yes!! They're even watching the game!!!!! You've taught them well men!

This mama is not sure which is easier . . . being the mother of the quarterback or the mother of the quarterback coach.  It's still a little nerve racking sitting in the stands watching and trying to hear if anyone says anything bad about my baby. But so far, so good.  All I really know is that it's great being back in the stands on cool nights under bright lights watching my boy!!

Good Luck to the Cougars!!

And . . .

back home we'll be sitting in the stands under the Friday Night Lights watching this young man begin his junior year of football ~ well, I guess his junior year of high school but let's put first things first (LOL!)

Again wearing his daddy's number and looking quite good in it if your Auntie does say so!  You are a remarkable young man and we wish you the very best.  Hope that hand doesn't give you any trouble throwing or receiving!! You make us so proud on and off the field!!  Love you, Pate Pate!!

Then . . .

there's the youngest of the bunch in his #11 jersey!  Starting his future on the field and who knows . . .

one day he might just end up with his whistle and sun visor!

Good Luck, K!!

And, if you're from the south, along with those Friday Night Lights comes SEC Saturdays!!

And . . .

This good looking guy is starting his 4th year tooting his horn for the DAWGS!  My goodness!! Where has the time gone?  We can't wait to watch you between the hedges again ~ seems like only yesterday we watched your very first performance Between the Hedges!  If you scan the stadium, Aunt Sissy will be the crazy woman waving her arms and yelling for you.