Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Day for the Cousins!

Look what Mimi just found out . . .

July 24, 2012 is Cousins Day

According to the good ole internet ~

"Today is Cousins Day! This day is dedicated to the wonderful people who helped us endure all our family get-togethers and holidays. They were there to keep us company at the “kids table,” and for some of us, they were the siblings we never had."

Today is also Amelia Earhart Day and National Tequila Day
July is National Grilling Month and National Ice Cream Month

just in case you're wondering . . .


Mimi hopes you funny cousins

are having a wonderful day!!!

(Wish you could be together today!)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Few Highlights

Well, maybe quite a bit more than a few . . .

one of our favs ~  Great Southern in Seaside

others ~
George's in Alys, Cafe Thirty A in Seagrove, Seagrove Market
Cowgirl Kitchen in Rosemary, and La Cocina in Seacrest

yes, we ate well!!

 The big catch

The one that got away

We LOVE crabbing!

Oops!  Someone took a tumble!

The fisherman . . .
sorry there weren't any pictures of the golfers

The string holders

the other end of the string

what you do when you get in trouble

Looking back . . .
on an AMAZING week!!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

For 2 glorious weeks . . .

I've been on the beach

First, Gulf Shores with this sweet family
celebrating the 4th of July

 and then . . .

a week on the beautiful Emerald Coast at Watersound

with Mimi's Monkeys

and the "Bigs"

What a breathtaking resort!

From Seaside to Rosemary Beach, we did it all . . .
swimming, eating, shopping, biking, running
and even a little fishing!

Thanks to my wonderful family for taking the time to gather
Sea Shells by the Sea Shore
with Mimi and Granddaddy on our annual Family Vacation!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Explosion in the Sky

Last night, our little town began celebrating July 4th with the annual fireworks and all-day fun that goes with it ~~ tents full of good food, the greased pig race, pole climbing, local country music performers on stage, and, of course, all the "glow" necklaces, bracelets and trinkets kids could ever possibly con their parents into buying (how do you think Mimi knows that?).

even though the temperature was

at 5:00 pm when Granddaddy went to get ice for the homemade ice cream.

(hope the tent Kaleb's ball team borrowed for their fundraiser at the Rec center helped keep them cooler)

After cooling off with the ice cream, Granddaddy and I took the golf cart to the front entrance of the subdivision to watch the show that happens just across the street.  It was fun socializing with the neighbors from all around while we waited . . .

but . . .

I do miss the "good ole" days when we celebrated just a little differently with family cookouts, swimming in our pool, and all generations together laying flat of our backs on blankets at the Rec department watching the explosion in the sky.

But times, they are a' changin!

By the way, in case ya'll were so busy on Saturday you didn't remember the date . . .

it was

and what better way to honor this day than with one of Gran and Pop's most favorite things to do . . .

Watch the Fireworks!