Thursday, October 17, 2013

It's Pumpkin Time

My FAVORITE time of the year ~ Fall!!

Of course, I say that now, but then Spring comes and . . .
well, you know!

A few weeks ago as I was putting up just a tiny bit of decorations, I decided it was the perfect day to make  one of my all-time favorites for this time of year ~ Miss Janice's Pumpkin Butter.  If you haven't met Miss Janice, go over to her precious little Florida home (Etiquette with Miss Janice) and say hello.

Can't you just smell the pumpkin, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg simmering on my stove?  Mimi's house smelled delicious!!

I love cooking in my Mama's old pots ~ reminds me of home!

Pumpkin Butter, Pumpkin Candles, a little Pumpkin filled with delicious pb for my morning biscuit, and my Dunkin Doughnuts Pumpkin coffee ~ it was a great day!!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sweets for a Sweetie

It just can't be possible, but our baby was F.I.V.E. on Sunday!

and she wanted to celebrate with . . .


and a little gymnastics fun with her little friends!

The party was at the gymnastics center on Saturday with 15 of her dearest friends.  Of course, Mommy had the place looking more like a Sweet Shoppe than a sports center!  Large suckers made out of paper plates with glitter #5's greeted the guests as they came down the sidewalk while the table held a gum ball topiary, a dumdum styrofoam sucker with a #5 in the center, more paper suckers, and paper lanter candies wrapped in cellophane. Delicious cupcakes with tons of candy helped restore all the sugar the little ones lost while doing their tricks.

A Perfect Party for our Sweet Baby A!!
She even looks like a delicious piece of candy in her adorable outfit!!

Note to self:  While we were eating out that night she asked her Mommy if  "since I had my party, am I just a little bit bigger?"  Don't grow up too fast, sweet baby!

She wanted to decorate her cake with "lots and lots" of candy so she and Mommy made the cake and Baby A decorated it all by herself (Mommy tied the bow)! Yummy!!!

On Sunday for her "real" birthday, she wanted to get her face painted at the local arts and crafts festival and eat at Steak and Shake.

Couldn't you just eat her up?!?!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Baby A!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Traveling a Different Road . . .

Monkey #3 decided at the beginning of summer that she was finished with ballet and wanted to commit full time to gymnastics.  Mommy was a little skeptical but "A" insisted.  Not only did she do well, she made the Level 2 competition team!  Competition began the 3rd weekend in August with a mock competition on Friday at her gym.  She was first place overall in that and we were beyond excited!

Saturday found Mimi and Granddaddy biting our fingernails as we watched each and every move.  There's just so much going on at one time ~ that alone is nerve racking! 

The closest feeling I have to compare watching this to is how I felt when I watched Matt wrestle when he was in middle school.  Just like then, I found myself trying to help them in the stands . . . stretching my legs, pointing my toes, holding my breath!  And the scoring and trying to keep up with it all in the booklet!!  Glad her Daddy was there!!

She was the first in her local group to get this move (which is a Level 3 move) {no, Mimi has no clue what it's called, every time I try to say it, it's wrong} and got to ring the bell while everyone stopped what they were doing that day in class and yelled and clapped for her.  Very exciting for her!!  So, of course, we were on pins and needles holding our breaths when she was one the bar at competition.  BUT SHE DID IT ALL BY HERSELF ~ no help from "Coach" needed!!

Her ballet training really helps with her floor routine! So those 4 years of money spent on that isn't going to waste!

Just look at that pose!

And she left the competition with a 1st place in bar and vault, a 2nd place in beam and floor and FIRST place overall against 6 other teams!!! WAY TO GO, Ailee!!!!!  There's her teammate in 3rd place overall with a bunch of metals around her neck as well.  The entire team did great and we're looking forward to the next competition in September.  Glad we had a little time for my nerves to unwind!

With five little girls who were into everything, it's almost a given that we'll be traveling lots of paths as we watch them grow.  As they mature, they will decide on what makes them most happy.  For now, 3 monkeys  have chosen a path . . . #1 is concentrating on basketball and golf, #2 is strictly ballet after trying her hand foot at tap, and now #3 has taken a different road from her big sister ~ she's a gymnast all the way!!  The two little ones are still trying it all . . . even added gymnastics to their own agendas . . but are still a little young to decide on which road they will travel.  Only one thing is certain . . . that whatever road they are traveling, Mimi and Granddaddy will be walking with them supporting them all the way!! 


Mimi knows I'm wayyyyyy past due for the Cousins Camp post but I can't seem to know how to load the software for my new cameral correctly.  Guess I'm going to have to call in help so I can get this up and your books ordered.  Maybe soon!!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Game On!!

Hunker Down, Hairy Dawgs!!

Tear up those Tigers!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Only in the South . . .

do we lay on white sandy beaches during the heat of summer and dream of  . . .


Friday Night Lights and SEC Football!

Yes, once it's in your blood, it's always in your blood!

My baby boy starting his dream in the backyard at an early age. . .

Here in 1992 as QB of our high school football team and, of course, there was little league and "junior high" along with broken arms and skinned knees.

 Then, it was on to bigger things . . .

Starting QB for the Eagles!!

 And now . . .

My boy is back on the football field under the Friday night lights; but this time he's on the sidelines.  Yep, he's traded his cleats for a whistle and sun visor ~ he's a COACH! A Quarterback Coach, no less. And it's only his part-time job; he still has his insurance shingle hung out on his office but from what I hear, he's talking alot of football on the phone during hours!

He loves his quarterback!!

It's a brand new school so there is only a freshman team and they also coach the middle school team. So technically it's really Monday Night Lights and Thursday Night Lights for us . . . but it's FOOTBALL and we LOVE it!! (And a little side note so I don't forget . . . the team colors are the same as his junior high team and they were the only team to go undefeated for both years of junior high ~ maybe it's an omen!)
And look how cute the wives of these wonderful coaches look all in their green shirts that match their husbands and their white shorts!  Oh yes!! They're even watching the game!!!!! You've taught them well men!

This mama is not sure which is easier . . . being the mother of the quarterback or the mother of the quarterback coach.  It's still a little nerve racking sitting in the stands watching and trying to hear if anyone says anything bad about my baby. But so far, so good.  All I really know is that it's great being back in the stands on cool nights under bright lights watching my boy!!

Good Luck to the Cougars!!

And . . .

back home we'll be sitting in the stands under the Friday Night Lights watching this young man begin his junior year of football ~ well, I guess his junior year of high school but let's put first things first (LOL!)

Again wearing his daddy's number and looking quite good in it if your Auntie does say so!  You are a remarkable young man and we wish you the very best.  Hope that hand doesn't give you any trouble throwing or receiving!! You make us so proud on and off the field!!  Love you, Pate Pate!!

Then . . .

there's the youngest of the bunch in his #11 jersey!  Starting his future on the field and who knows . . .

one day he might just end up with his whistle and sun visor!

Good Luck, K!!

And, if you're from the south, along with those Friday Night Lights comes SEC Saturdays!!

And . . .

This good looking guy is starting his 4th year tooting his horn for the DAWGS!  My goodness!! Where has the time gone?  We can't wait to watch you between the hedges again ~ seems like only yesterday we watched your very first performance Between the Hedges!  If you scan the stadium, Aunt Sissy will be the crazy woman waving her arms and yelling for you.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

It's been a while . . .

But I've been having so much fun!!

First, we vacationed with this family on the beautiful Isle of Palms.

We toured historic Charleston via a carriage ride and, of course, played in the Atlantic, ate wonderful seafood, and really enjoyed ourselves in the Wild Dunes Resort! Girls, do you remember any of Mimi's history lessons?

The only thing missing was the other part of the family!

But then we did travel to Mickey's playhouse in Orlando with this family to the 4th grade AAU National Basketball Tournament.

We visited Sea World and Discovery Cove as well as eat more delicious seafood.  There just wasn't time this year to visit Mickey and Minnie but we really enjoyed ourselves before watching . . .

this wonderful group of little girls place 6th in the nation out of a very big, strong group of competitors.

Mimi was so proud of you and your team, CJ, for always fighting hard and playing strong against those big girls!  We will sure miss this exciting town next year when the 5th grade Nationals are played somewhere else.  Orlando was a blast for the past 2 years!

Next year maybe we can get back on our true "family" vacation schedule but Mimi and Granddaddy really enjoyed ourselves with each family this year.  As always when there's little girls involved, there's lots of giggles, silly games and a just a little tad of mischief!!

Now it's almost time for Mimi's favorite thing of summer . . .

Cousins Camp!!

Got lots of planning to do in a short amount of time . . .

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Very Scary Sunday

On Sunday, April 21, I was calmly driving home by myself from a weekend visit with the C girls when I got a text.  Well, Mimi can barely drive much less try to read a text and drive especially on the interstate.  So I just called and couldn't believe what I was hearing . . .

While on the playground during church, a boy's head collided with Ailee's nose.  It began to swell immediately but bled very little.  After church, while eating with friends, Ailee began to fall asleep, lose color, and start vomiting.

Luckily they were eating with the doctor friends who told them to take her immediately to Children's Hospital which they did.  Once there, nurses immediately started an IV before sending them by ambulance to Scottish Rite in Atlanta.

How helpless does a Grandmother feel when she's 3 hours away!

At Scottish Rite they were told by a "doctor" that Ailee didn't have a concussion and probably had a stomach virus which was the reason for the vomiting.  This person who was supposed to be a trained, licensed doctor wouldn't do a CT scan because he didn't think there was reason enough.  So they left and started home.  By this time I was about 10 minutes away from home and planned to pick up Granddaddy and head south.  But Mande said there was no use since they were on their way home.  They only made it back to Children's because she started throwing up more and started to lose color again.  They were sent back to Scottish Rite and we flew south to pick up the other A girls.

After a phone call from Children's to Scottish Rite, they saw a different doctor who did confirm Ailee had a concussion and wanted to do a CT scan to make sure there was no bleeding or swelling on the brain and also to check for any fragments of bone that could have been shattered into the brain.  They also gave her something for the vomiting so they could do the scan.

The Lord was so good and all reports came back fine ~ no bleeding, no swelling and no shattered fragments . . . just a broken nose and concussion.  They finally got home around midnight and our baby slept most all the next day.  But when she was awake, she was our sweet Ailee Bug, full of smiles and funny stories!

We are so thankful for all the prayers that went up that day and for the many wonderful friends we know we can rely on in scary times.  We also praise God for His wonderful blessings on Ailee and for the doctors He blesses with skills to heal.
Mimi loves that new hole in your mouth and I love you to the Heavens and back!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Spring's Here!

Yep, spring has truly arrived on the Acre . . . a brand new season where all is new and beautiful . . . and, oh yes, so very yellow!!

Don't you just love these little mountain iris!?!

But I love it, pollen and all!  You all know Mimi has been in the yard every day (yes, I'm the alien looking lady in the white mask) planting, weeding, adding new pine straw and a whole lot of  "resting" while I daydream of just what it is I want this big ole city acre to look like.   All the while enjoying every second of God's beautiful creation as it awakens from its winter rest.

But speaking of winter . . .

Mimi has ALOT of blogging to catch up on if I'm going to preserve all our holiday memories and special happenings ~ so many things you girls have done and achieved this winter while Mimi was hybernating . . . but with spring comes a whole new group of adventures . . . end of school testings, spring sports, ballet company tryouts and the list goes on and on.

So I guess I'll just start with the most recent and work my way backwards.  hopefully it won't be winter again before I get caught up!

For the oldest, our little athlete, spring has brought a new sports adventure . . . well, it really isn't a new sport for you but rather a new endeavor.  As a 4th grader, CJ is playing golf on the middle school golf team. And playing quite well if this Mimi can be allowed to brag!!

In her very first match, she birdied the first hole and shot 27 for the 4-hole match to finish 2nd individually behind an 8th grader and, along with her 3rd grade team mate won their first middle school golf match!  Then yesterday, you shot 22 to win low medalist beating out two 7th graders.  Pretty good playing for a girl who hadn't picked up a golf club since last year!  Way to go!  And you're doing this while playing AAU basketball tournaments on the weekends like this past weekend where your team had a clean sweep to win the tournament.

and . . .

Every spring, the 2nd oldest, our prima ballerina, has tryouts to move up in the Company.  That's always a stressful time made especially so this year since it happened on the day you were leaving for the beach before spring break, making it a whole week before you could find out the results.

But, you MADE it!  I think the move up is to Timothy III but Mimi isn't completely sure.  Anyway, you're still the youngest in your group and, of course, Mimi thinks you're the best.  All that hard work and dedication is paying off.  Now comes 2 additional days at the studio.  Ummmm, wonder where violin classes will move to now? Speaking of which, your Amazing Grace was perfection when you played in big church and brought tears to several eyes!!

All this extracurricular fun and still both of you make all A's.  Mimi is amazed and extremely proud of both of you!!  I'm also amazed at how your parents juggle all ya'll do much less adding in what your siblings are doing.

And speaking of siblings, there'll be an update on their latest accomplishments next.

But for now, Mimi has to go wash all that yellow off of me!

Good Night and all my love to two of Mimi's brightest and most talented Stars!!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Ummmmm . . . How Can It Be?

that today my first born is as old as I still think I am?

Time does have a way of flying by!

Happy 39th Birthday

to the sweetest little boy bunny I know!!

Friday, March 29, 2013

A Celebration . . .

Red tulips and a "Hippie Chick" candle ~ what better way to celebrate

65 years!!

What better day to celebrate my 65 years on this earth than on Good Friday!

Mimi hopes all her little Bunnies are having a wonderful time at the beach and that all 5 of you can find a Golden Egg!