Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Mommy's Birthday

"Mimi, do you know whose birthday is tomorrow?"
"Do you know how old she is?"
Nine years ago, we "adopted" the sweetest young lady into our family when Matt got married. She quickly became a very important and very much loved part of our family.

I remember being so excited to finally meet you after hearing all Matt had told us about you. You were everything we imagined and more! The first time we met your parents for dinner, I knew we were destined to all become family ~ it was just like we had known each other for years. Pop knew from the very beginning you were the one for Matt and was probably the most excited when ya'll became engaged . . . he always wanted the best for his boy! He certainly got that in you!

You're always up for whatever 'crafty' project I have planned and join in all of our 'wacky' traditions without missing a beat!

See, you can even be seen wearing a DAWG shirt on occasion (don't kill me!) And you were even all smiles when your Christmas Eve gift was an autographed picture of Vince Dooley. Isn't it ironic that his son is now YOUR coach? I think the biggest tribute to our relationship was when you asked me to stay with ya'll the first week after Campbell was born. I knew then that you did consider me a "mama" and I was really honored!

You and Matt have given us the gift of two beautiful granddaughters that we love dearly; but more than that, you have given them the gift of a Christian home with loving, caring parents.

You always go out of your way to make sure Danny and I are included in everything your family does. How I cherish the memories of experiencing Disney World for the 1st time through Campbell's eyes! The only thing that could make our relationship better is if ya'll just lived next door (like our neighbors behind us); but, I know that isn't possible and am very grateful you're only a few hours drive away with your family close by in case ya'll need something quickly.

You and Mande have always gotten along so well even from the very beginning. People often ask if ya'll are sisters or Matt and Jon the brothers when they're trying to figure out our family; it is a little funny that Jon and Matt looked so much alike in baby pictures and you and Mande look very similar now. She's even taken up your favorite hobby ~ running!

You and Matt have never seemed to have some of the problems alot of marriages face (or else I never knew about them); for that I am very grateful. I know things haven't always been perfect ~ no marriage ever is ~ but I do know that ya'll are both committed to each other and working at anything that arises. I think you might both just be stubborn enough to never accept defeat, do you reckon? Hope so anyway!!

Beth, we're so thankful for you and the joy you bring to this family.

Happy Birthday!!

We love you all the muches!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Seven Candles

Well, Anna Grace, today you are SEVEN and Mimi can't believe it!! But your missing 2 front teeth and long legs do give me a little hint . . . only yesterday you were . . .

A beautiful bundle of joy born on a fabulous November Saturday. Granddaddy and I were raking leaves on the country acre when we got the call from your mommy who was Christmas shopping ~ she was on the way to the doctor's office just to be checked. Then the call that she was on the way to the hospital and your daddy was hurrying over. "Should we leave now?" "No, just wait." Another call, "You might ought to go ahead and leave now." Quick call to Danielle so she, Pop and Aunt Lynn could get ready to come. Then, the quickest shower Mimi ever took and believe it or not, when we got to the hospital, I even had on shoes and my hair fixed; of course, makeup was put on in the car on the 2 hr. drive to the hospital. Ready or not, you were on your way!

You were home a few days before Thanksgiving so the whole family celebrated at your home thankful you were finally here. Well, not the 'whole' family because Uncle Matt Matt and Aunt Beth had to stay at their house because Campbell had RSV ~ Mammaw K took dinner over to them, though. See in the picture, Mimi even took Granny's turkeys so it would truly be "our" Thanksgiving!
You were beautiful and perfect!!

at least for the first few weeks . . . and then . . . oh, honey, we thought we'd brought the wrong baby home from your first checkup!

Your mommy and daddy became such "computer" experts on babies with "colic" and tried sooooo many different "fixes" ~ a bed that swung from the ceiling, a vacumn cleaner that ran until it finally couldn't (leaving a bald spot in the carpet), tanks and tanks full of gasoline for those long "soothing" drives, a dryer that also ran constantly with a baby carrier on top, and a broken spring in the mattress from so much bouncing . . . any and every thing that they read about we tried . . . but you still continued to cry. Mimi spent alot of hours just walking the floor with you because you were only calm if your mommy or Mimi were holding you.

Unfortunately, you had a serious problem with acid reflux which was discovered after many trips to the pediatrician and finally a trip to Scottish Rite and a specialist. Mimi and your mommy have talked often in the past 6 years about what that "specialist" told us about the development of your personality ~ he might have known what medicine to prescribe but he sure didn't know about you and God's Amazing Grace! I wish that "specialist" could see you now!!

Pink, Frilly, Girly are words that come to mind when I think about you. At times I think you look just like your Mommy; then again, maybe it's only your actions that remind me so much of her.

You are probably the one most sensitive to the feelings of others and always are the peace maker during Cousins' Camp. You have always wanted to pick up anyone walking on the side of the street and would gladly give away your last bite of food or clothing to someone in need ~ such a big heart for such a young girl. Except . . . there was this one time . . .

Just look at the expressions on your Mommy's and Uncle Matt Matt's faces as you pulled Campbell's hair. She didn't seem to mind, though!

You've been a "Dawg" since birth, always dressing in your red and black during football season and this year even your Upwards cheerleading uniforms are red and black. YEA!!

In October during a Sunday night service, your gave your little heart to Jesus. Mimi and Granddaddy are so proud of you and know that you completely understand what you are doing. Your little letter to Campbell was so precious ". . . I gave my heart to Jesus, now we're sisters." With your kind heart and loving nature, Mimi knows God has great plans for you.

Happy 7th Birthday, Angel!

Mimi and Granddaddy love you all the muches!!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Babies, Birthdays, Basketball and Moving . . .

Whew!! It's been a wonderfully, wild weekend for the acre family. Here's just a little recap:

Babies . . .

Twenty something years ago, Granny started this tradition when she took Mande and Doodah (HopPop) to Babyland General to "adopt" their Cabbage Patch babies. Of course, Mimi had to continue this little tradition when she had fabulous granddaughters of her own. Mimi's rule is you have to be old enough to remember the adoption; so usually you get to go close to your 4th birthday. Until this weekend only Campbell and Anna Grace have become adoptive parents of beautiful baby girls who look just like them. But on Saturday . . .

Ailee Claire got to become a mommy, too!!

Here's Ailee with her hand raised reciting the adoption pledge in the "adoption room" with Dr. Josh before he had to dash out and make a delivery! Things were really hopping around there in their big, new beautiful hospital.
Making the trip to Babyland General with the A girls, their mama and Mimi was the mama's original Cabbage Patch headed back to "Bath Camp" for a little makeover. Anna Grace's little one had to go back to have surgery on her knee and foot. But she came through just fine and got to come home with us for Thanksgiving!!
Next summer Miss Cybie gets to adopt a little brown-eyed beauty and Campbell's "Cindy" will have to go back to "Bath Camp" for a little surgery and lots of clean up (She's been one loved baby!)
Congratulations, Ailee on your adoption of beautiful Alexandra born on your specially chosen day of September 1!

Birthdays . . .

After the long drive to Babyland General, we had a birthday party! Anna Grace will be 7 on November 22 and celebrated with all her friends at a special "baking" party. What fun but Mimi will post more about that on your special day so remember to look for the post!

We'll be celebrating another birthday over Thanksgiving since Beth has a birthday on November 23. Wow . . . birthday cake and Tom Turkey . . . what fun we have!! Granddaddy will be sporting his new "car" t-shirt the A girls surprised him with when we met them for dinner the week of his birthday as we blow out some candles for him with the "whole" family, too.
Basketball . . . Campbell's 2nd regular season game didn't quite turn out like the first one last week ~ sorry sweetie for the loss. Just keep working hard!! Moving . . . Now what's the chances that both sets of a parent's children would decide to sell their homes and buy new ones at the same time? Well, it happened on the acre . . .
Tonight the C girls and their mommy and daddy are sleeping in a brand new house that will quickly make the transition to "home." Mimi just can't wait to begin sewing new window treatments and anything else you girls might need. It's certainly beautiful and Mimi and Granddaddy are so proud for ya'll!!
Over Thanksgiving weekend, the A girls and their mommy and daddy will be packing their boxes for a move across town to a brand new home as well. It's also very beautiful, and Mimi knows she'll have fun helping with sewing and decorating there, too. We're so proud for ya'll, too!!
But . . . if, after Thanksgiving, you don't hear from Mimi for a while, you might ought to check in some of those boxes I'll be helping to unpack.
For now, I'm going to get busy on my baking . . . you know, Thanksgiving is this week!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Playing Round Ball

Last weekend Mimi and Granddaddy traveled north to watch the beginning of a new sports season for Monkey #1 ~ Campbell's first "big" basketball adventure.

Sporting your daddy's football number as always!
For the past 2 years, your daddy coached you in Upwards Basketball at your church; but this year you wanted to tryout for the 4th grade squad through the recreation department. Of course, you made it even though you're only in 2nd grade. It was very exciting to watch you play with the 'big' kids and especially when you scored a basket!! Don't tell Granddaddy I told you, but he almost missed it trying to check the score on the dawgs game. Mimi just wanted to forget the dawgs were playing ~ I think they did forget during the 4th quarter!

Little Cybie was all dressed for the occasion showing everyone that she's your biggest fan.

When we got to your house on Friday night, ya'll surprised Granddaddy with a birthday cookie and some pictures you had made him. That cookie sure was good!!

Can you tell Granddaddy was still a little under the weather?

We're so proud of you, Campbell ~ you're going to be quite a basketball player!

Cybie, Mimi's sorry she's going to miss your first dance performance on Wednesday; but if I came, who'd cook Ole Tom Turkey? Make sure Mommy and Daddy tape it for me like they promised. Smile pretty for us!


Friday, November 12, 2010

Harvest Holiday

Before the busyness of baking, birthdays, and picking out the perfect Tom Turkey begins, Mimi wants to share a little of what the acre looks like for our Harvest Holiday ~ THANKSGIVING ~ when "all come home," and we're "blessed that they are able." When the house is filled to the brim with precious family, no one notices the decorations . . . we're all too busy talking, hugging, eating, and playing to care about anything except each other; although you all do notice the wonderful smell of Tom Turkey baking and Mimi's pumpkin spice candles as soon as you walk in the door. And that's just the way Mimi likes it!
Here's a little of what you'll see as you drive down the driveway . . .

Of course, the 2 most important Turkeys are in their spots just waiting on ya'll to come play with them.

These turkeys were once Granny's and now they adorn Mimi's home just like she would have liked. Granny made Mr. Tom on the table many years ago. Your mommy and daddy used to play with him just like ya'll do now. For 16 years Mimi has put these precious decorations out and held on just a little tighter to my memories of Granny and Pop and all the wonderful Thanksgivings at home. That's why Mimi likes to remind you each year where they came from and tell you special things about Thanksgivings then. Yes, you older ones can almost recite what I tell you and say it along with me but that's okay because I know you're remembering!

Basically, Mimi just puts away the Halloween and pulls out a few special things that make it Thanksgiving at Mimi and Granddaddy's ~ like Mr. and Mrs. Pilgrim that Mande gave us one Thanksgiving when she was in college because she had seen them on a Hallmark commercial that made her cry.

Mande also made this small acron pillow when she was learning to use Mimi's embroidery machine . . . before long "The Monogram Monkey" was in business!! The first Thanksgiving after getting my machine, I embroidered the turkey napkins along with some pumpkin ones that I didn't bring out this year. The pumpkin tassel is the latest in Mimi's new addiction.

Our first Thanksgiving on the acre Aunt Lynn brought Mimi this beautiful little tray. Don't you love what it says?

"With grace surround us. With laughter bless us. With abundance fill us at this table of family and friends."

Mimi took this picture last week as I was driving back home (yes, I stopped the car and took it). I started thinking about the seasons changing, especially those seasons of our lives. Supposedly, the earth's seasons are equated to those of a person's life . . . if that's the case, Mimi's guessing she's in this most beautiful season ~ not the shiny, fresh, brand new season of spring or the hot, busy season of summer fun ~ but the season of glorious color when at every turn something takes your breath away. IT IS A WONDERFUL SEASON TO BE IN!! But Mimi's just hoping my life's season of color lasts a little longer than the color that WAS in my back yard ~ I'm never ready for the cold of winter.

Have a Happy, Blessed Weekend, Everyone!!


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Granddaddy's Done It Again . . .

he's caught up with Mimi . . .

(Yes, that is pink icing & a pink candle on his cake ~ believe chef got confused!)
Today is Granddaddy's BIG birthday so now he and Mimi are the same age again!! Yaahoo!! If Granddaddy decides to retire, he'll be getting his little check from Uncle Sam before long, too. Wonder how that will make him feel?

Mimi wanted to give him a surprise birthday party; but there was no time when all of ya'll could come home and I certainly couldn't have a party without all the babies! So, instead, when we gathered at the CC last night to eat with our Wednesday night crew, Mimi got the chef to make Granddaddy a cake. Boy, was he surprised!! As our waitress placed the cake in front of him and we began to sing, he gave Mimi that evil eye look that says just wait, you're in trouble. I think he forgot about it by the time we got home, though.

Happy 62nd Birthday, Granddaddy!!
Bet you can't guess how Granddaddy is spending his birthday? Of course, you can; he's on the golf course with all his buddies. Maybe because it's his birthday, they'll let him win. I know he can't wait for all of the sweet little "Happy Birthday, Granddaddy" songs you'll sing to him tonight.
Granddaddy shares his birthday with a very special holiday ~
Veteran's Day

"A celebration to honor America's veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good."
Today we join Americans all across this great nation, as we salute and say a grateful "Thank You" to these men and women who have so selfishly given of themselves to protect us in time of war and time of peace, especially to our most favorite veterans, Pop and Pappaw. Wish we could do it in person!

Pop ~ U.S. Marine Corps

Pappaw ~ U.S. Navy

We also say another prayer for our sweet friend Lyle and ask for his safety for the next few weeks until his return from active duty brings him back home to little Emily.

Pause today to say Thank You to these brave men and women as you wish Granddaddy a happy birthday!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Five Little Turkeys

Mimi and your Mamas just L.O.V.E. anything with your handprints on it ~ so for Thanksgiving 2008, Mimi decided to give your sweet Mamas a little present . . . a pillow with your handprints made into turkeys.

I even made one for the C girls Mammaw K. And, of course, I had to have one for myself with all 5 of you little turkeys on it.

Five Little Turkeys on the Popsicle Bench
Looks like Mimi's going to have to refluff it after 2 years of storage, doesn't it ~ someone's turkey legs aren't showing!
When I put it out this week, I had to take time to pull out the pictures from that Thanksgiving . . . my, my, my how you've grown. As always, there was a "show;" in fact, several shows that night.

The 1st one was a skit ya'll made up which included the cute little Pottery Barn look-alike headdresses--excuse me, "turkey crowns"--you made when you first got to the acre (gotta have those special crafts, you know!) It took a while to get through this one because you kept getting so tickled. Cybie, your part must have been just to eat because that's what you're doing in every picture that year. Bless your sweet little heart!!

While ya'll performed, sweet Baby A just cooed looking so cute in her Mommy-smocked dress.
(Sorry about the black dot on your lips--Mimi must have a smear on her scanner)

Then after dinner, the REAL performance began . . . costumes and all!!
No, Mimi didn't even decorate the entry table that year ~ Shame on me!!

And guess what Cybil was doing . . .

Now, do you girls remember what you wore to Mimi's last year? Yes, your ribbon turkey dresses. The newest addition, Sweet Baby Josie, even had one, too. Mimi was busy sewing last year! Here 4 of you are looking like little dolls in your polka dots except we're missing little Cybil who was home with the flu & Baby J hadn't gotten here yet. By the time she did, we couldn't round ya'll up again for pictures. There weren't any pictures of a performance, but Mimi is almost positive there was one . . . isn't there always one when you 5 are here?

Five Little Turkeys Minus One
You'll be getting your new turkey shirts in the mail this week (yes, Mimi's a week late but you're not surprised are you?); I'll give you a sneak peek now--just pretend you didn't see them when the package arrives.

Ummmmm, they may be looking a little plain; maybe if there's time before the little cutie in the brown shorts driving the brown truck comes rolling by . . .
Mimi can't wait 'til Turkey Day 2010 when my Five Little Turkeys all come waddling home!!

Gobble, Gobble ~ Mimi

Monday, November 8, 2010

Time Out!

Mimi's declaring a time out ~ Granddaddy and I attended the funerals of 3 very special friends on Friday, Sunday, and today. So, Mimi wants a time out . . . from funerals. I just don't want anyone else I care for to leave here . . . not just yet anyway.

They are praising our Heavenly Father and even getting to meet Abraham and Noah face to face; but, it's still very sad and lonely for those of us left behind. In the last post, I told you about my sweet Miss M, then that night we got the news that our beloved pastor from many years ago who married Granddaddy and I had passed. Dr. Cecil was pastor during our high school days and became very close friends of both families, especially with Pappaw and Mammaw. He officiated at Mammaw's funeral but was just not able to be at Pappaw's.
On Saturday morning, Mr. Sherman went home. Mr. Sherman was one of Pop's great friends ~ Pop, Mr. Sherman and Pete ate lunch together at their little sandwich shop for many years before Miss Sheila and I got to be the chauffeurs and join them for lunch. Mr. Sherman was also one of Granddaddy's very first customers when he started at the bank 40 years ago. You all know Granddaddy and I along with 2 other couples meet for the "2 for $20" every Wednesday night. What you didn't know was that Mr. Sherman and his sweet wife also met at the CC with 2 sets of their friends. Every Wednesday I got my special hug and kiss from Mr. Sherman and we talked briefly about Pop. One Wednesday, he and his friend (who was also a long-time customer of Granddaddy's) commented on Granddaddy's shirt and said they wanted one just like it. Thankfully, Granddaddy followed through with that the next day and had one delivered to each of them. Wednesday nights will be a little different now with Mr. Sherman missing; as well as Sunday morning services without Miss Marguerite in her regular seat beside her son-in-law and grandson.

When you say your prayers each night, please remember all of these precious families as they learn to go on without their loved ones.


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Week filled with Worry and Sadness

On Monday night, Granddaddy and I got a phone call from Matt's cell phone; but it was Beth telling us that she had Matt at the emergency room for a very severe headache with slurred speech and numbness in his left arm. Yes, our 1st thoughts were stroke or heart attack. We flew north as fast as we could (I'm still surprised the patrol we passed didn't stop us). After running a number of tests, the diagnosis came back as aseptic meningitis. Twenty-four hours later, Matt was released from the hospital, still with a bad headache but no numbness or slurred speech. He has a follow up appointment tomorrow with a possible referral to a neurologist. We praise God that his diagnosis was no worse than what it was and that our worse fears didn't become realities. We still worry but will feel better once he has seen the neurologist.

When we got the call, we had just come from visiting Miss Marguerite in the hospital. If you remember, in June I posted here about a trip Miss Marguerite and I took with the Senior group at church. From the time I was in high school trying to learn to type under her guidance, she has been a very important part of my life. She offered guidance to me when I was trying to decide on a career and college, was a sounding board when my children were little and became a wonderful comfort when my sweet Mama went to Jesus. I'll never forget the trips together to watch her daughter, Deb, play high school basketball and all of those FBLA trips!! When she retired, she was such a big help to me as I tried to fill her position. I never felt adequate but she always encouraged me.
Today, Miss Marguerite joined her precious Mr. Dick at the feet of Jesus. She had a very bad three weeks in the hospital; but I, as well as her children and grandchildren, was not ready for her to go home. I'm so glad I had the time on Monday to tell her how much I loved her as she squeezed my hand so tightly and told me she loved me, too.

Sweet Lady, you will be greatly missed.
I love you!