Monday, September 27, 2010

House Guest, Golf, and a Few Prizes

Very busy weekend on the acre, girls!! We had a visitor . . . yes, Mimi's baby boy came for a visit all by himself! Well, actually, he came to play in a golf tournament but we were just glad to see him for whatever reason ~ two-on-one time that doesn't happen often enough! I think only 1 other time in 9 years has he come all by himself, usually there's 2 little girls and their mommy along. We really missed them this weekend, along with the other family and all their girls that is usually here when "the son" is.

My handsome son, the agent

On Sunday, after church, Mimi went along with Granddaddy to watch he and his friend play the last few holes. We even got a cart and rode along . . . quietly behind . . . now how hard do you think that was for Mimi . . . the quiet part? You're right ~ hard; but the hardest part was watching him play and not being able to "cheer" like when he played football or baseball. When he raised his arms to swing, Mimi's heart would almost stop until we knew where the ball landed (of course, Mimi couldn't follow it so Granddaddy had to whisper and tell me). I can't imagine following him the entire course . . . whew!!! I was a nervous wreck by the time they knew their scores; guess they probably were, too. But they finished 2nd!!!! YAY!!!!! Now I can yell! They beat all the "local boys" ~ can Mimi say PROUD!!
Guess what the 3 of us did Saturday night? Yep, we watched those Dawgs ~~ I know, not much to see but notice Mimi's still flying her flag!! And, yes, I know Beth . . . the big orange won. Did you like your prize?

I really like mine and Mande's better, but I had to be fair and put a little orange in the one going north!

Mimi did alot of "piddling" while the game was on trying to finish some little Halloween & Fall gifts to send back to the girls with Daddy and to the girls in the other direction this week. Here's a little peek ~ Hope all you girls and your mamas liked Mimi's little surprises!!

Craftaholic Anonymous had something similar on her blog; and, since I already had the cheap black chargers, I was a copycat. (Got to learn how to keep the flash from making things blurry)

Loved the little girl scarecrow for all my little monkeys! I sure am glad I found a way to use all my scrap ribbons and trim!

And, monkeys, when you get tired of wearing these . . . you can eat them!!

Aren't these bracelets just the cutest things? Kierste from brown paper packages made some and gave the best tutorial. Check it out here. Just scroll down until you find them, she has lots of great ideas for you to enjoy along the way. Of course, Mimi shared the idea with my two crafting friends & we 3 made a mad dash for pumpkin candy. Wonder who ate the most while making the bracelets?

But tonight Cybil told me she had broken her bracelet already (that coming for a little one who put a hole in the living room wall & colored in magic marker on her pillowcase while daddy was away) . . . why is Mimi not surprised? Was it an accident or were you ready to eat your candy? Either way, don't cry little one, Mimi will make you another one and send it right away!

And guess what else made this weekend special ~ Mimi won her first-ever blog giveaway prize this weekend!!! I did, I really did win something!!!!! Not only was this the first blog giveaway win, it was very close to the ONLY thing Mimi has ever won. Miss Janice from Ettiquette with Miss Janice was giving away the cutest little _ _ _ _ _ (shhhhh, it's a secret). I have followed Miss Janice for a while 'cause I want to make sure I'm teaching ya'll to be proper Southern Belles the most proper way. Mamas, you can go here (scroll down one entry) to see what I won but don't show the girls. Didn't Miss Janice say the sweetest things about your Mimi? Now that you're back, I know you're wondering exactly what I'm going to do . . . 1 prize and 5 little princesses. Well, in my comment to win, I chose another of my special little girls, Miss Emily, to be the recipient. You remember little Emily whose daddy is in Iraq, the one I made the yellow-ribbon dress and skirt for . . . yes, isn't she sweet? We're going to bake her daddy some cookies while she's wearing it; but she doesn't know yet. And, of course, since Miss Janice told where she got it, Mimi's headed that way to try to find enough for the princesses and their mommies so they can do the baking for their Halloween parties together. Wish me luck since I have to go into another state to get to Home Goods!! But still don't tell the girls!

Since Mimi's going to be out of pocket this week, I brought down most of the fall/halloween decorations and did a little early decorating today. While I was trying to explain something to Mande, she reminded me that ya'll don't usually see my Halloween decorations; so, I'll have to do something about that during the next few weeks starting now . . . just a peek tonight . . . and we'll start with the front porch. (I'm saving the big picture until later.)

Here's some close ups. Mimi just noticed I have to go straighten the wreath! Of course, the metal witch like ya'll have is on the top step just waiting on the mums for her bucket ~ maybe she'll get them this week. Now if I can just keep Miss Gigi off the pillows! As usual, I'll be adding more along; Mimi can't quit 'addin' until the holiday is over!

Hopefully, each week until Halloween Mimi can show you a little bit more. But, that's it for now . . . time's a wastin' as Granny would say. Lots of halloween outfits to make yet, and, you know that since this is my favorite season, there's lots more crafting projects in the works. Hopefully, there'll be time for pictures before we move on to the next holiday!

Good night, my little monkeys!!
Although Mimi will be 'out of pocket,' I'll take time to talk to ya'll every night! XOXOXOXOXO ~ Mimi

Thursday, September 23, 2010

History Lesson Part 2 ~ The Harvest Moon

As promised last night, Mimi dashed to the upper deck a few minutes before 11:09 so I could witness the Autumnal Equinox (beginning of fall) because I knew my little monkeys would be sleeping and I wanted pictures for ya'll . . . even though I saw here that AG wanted her mommy to set the alarm because they had talked about it at school, you all slept right through!

Well, girls, it was a beautiful sight with the moon and Jupiter all lined up; but Mimi's camera didn't do it justice. Even Miss Gigi thought it was very pretty. She told me she was so glad she got to see it and would always remember it . . . Yes, she did!!

Here's what Gigi and I saw . . .

The little squiggly light at the bottom of the picture is Jupiter

Of course, there really weren't rays coming from the moon, it's just Mimi's camera. Here's a cropped version of this picture without the flash but you couldn't see Jupiter even before the crop.

I did a little internet searching and here's 2 more pictures . . .

Skywatcher Daniel Fischer took this photo of the full Harvest moon and Jupiter with a handheld digital camera on Sept. 22, 2010 from Königswinter, Germany. Jupiter, Uranus (too dim to see here) and the moon were lined up in a rare conjunction. Credit: Daniel Fischer Look at the location of Jupiter to the moon in Germany compared to Mimi's photo. Aren't the trees pretty?

Skywatcher Ruth Burkhead of Eustis, Fla., caught this view of the full Harvest moon and Jupiter on Sept. 22, 2010 while photographing the two objects from her backyard. Jupiter, Uranus (too dim to see here) and the moon were lined up in a rare conjunction. Credit: Ruth Burkhead See, the location of Jupiter matches Mimi's photo. Believe her camera might be just a tad better than mine.

Now, let's see if you remember what Mimi told you last night . . (I see 3 hands): "The Autumnal or Fall Equinox is when the sun and the earth are aligned exactly and day and night are the same length." YEAH!! You did remember!

So now on to tonight's lesson ~ The Harvest Moon

"Not since 1991 has a full moon occurred on the same night as the fall equinox, and it won't happen again until 2029," wrote astronomer Tony Phillips in a NASA announcement. According to Phillips, the Harvest Moon typically occurs a few days or weeks before or after the fall equinox. This year, though, the full moon occurs just six hours after the equinox, making it what Phillips called a "Super Harvest Moon."

Every full moon has a different name, one which varies depending on different cultures. The Harvest Moon gets its name from agriculture, explained Phillips.

"In the days before electric lights, farmers depended on bright moonlight to extend the workday beyond sunset," Phillips wrote. "It was the only way they could gather their ripening crops and harvest staple crops such as pumpkins, squash, beans, and wild rice in time for market."

Mimi was sleeping 6 hours after the fall equinox when the Harvest Moon actually occurred but tonight on my way back home from a little shopping trip, I saw the "Halloween" moon. A big bright orange ball came over the mountain ~ it was so big I could even see the man in the moon. Did Mimi have her camera . . . NO!! I called both houses and cell phones to make sure you girls saw it but no one answered ~ I just left messages. Anyway, I hurried home, dashed in the house, got my trusty little camera, and drove back out until I could see it without street lights. By the time I had done all of that it had started to turn white but there was still enough orange for you to see it in these pictures.

Here it is far away and if you look very, very closely half-way down the picture you can see the outline of trees and to the right is our beautiful mountain.

Here's the same picture cropped ~ see how orange it is . . . and yes, Ailee, that might be a WITCH we see in the moon! The A girls did see the "Halloween" moon and called to ask why it was called that . . . I explained that I only called it that because it was orange and looked like the moon usually looks on Halloween night. Ailee, you were so upset when you ran out to see it. Your response . . . "But where's the witch?" . . . because you had expected to see a witch in the moon after you heard my message. Guess what you want to be for Halloween . . . The Wicked Witch of the West just so you can say "I'll get you, my pretty" in your crackly little voice. Only Ailee ~ never a dull moment!!

Wouldn't you have LOVED to be the one who saw this and took this picture last night--yes, it was REALLY taken last night or maybe early morning, but Mimi got so excited she just saved the picture and not the credits of where it came from . . . hopefully, I won't get in trouble because this is such a wonderful picture I had to share it with my babies!! Looks just like a Halloween Moon doesn't it girls? okay, minus the witch!

Guess what Mimi's thinking now after seeing this picture . . . yes, I need a more powerful camera (I love my camera, Mande, but more power would be great!). . . are you listening, Mr. Greenjeans? If not, maybe Santa Claus is because you know, girls, he REALLY starts listening after the First Day of Fall.

Now you can tell your teachers you saw the Harvest Moon and the Fall Equinox, thanks to your Mimi. And no more "lessons" for a while, I promise!

Good night, girls . . . Mimi's singing you a "sweet" lullaby


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Fall, Ya'll!

In just a little while Fall begins ~ so Mimi’s turning the air conditioning WAAAAY down and dreaming of sitting outside by the crackling fire, warm furry sweaters, the smell of cinnamon & pumpkin candles, pumpkin rolls, apple-picking trips, the pumpkin patch and, of course, a visit from The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!

What are ya’ll dreaming of? Let me guess . . . candy apples, the fair, trips to the dairy farm and the pumpkin farm, Boo at the Zoo, trick-or-treating at the beach, basketball practice and Halloween costumes. Did I miss anything? Oh yes, silly Mimi . . . tons of sweet, sweet candy. Your daddys are dreaming of Saturday football and rankings while your mommys are dreaming of spiced apple cider and how to cram in all the fun things they have planned for you girls, I'm sure.

Now you know . . .

that with any special “day,” we have to have a “lesson” ~ guess that’s what 31 years of teaching caused besides the fact that Mimi wants all of you to be sooooo smart . . . so here it goes . . . well, before we do that, let's take a look at what Mimi found in her yard today . . . do you see those leaves turning?

October color is on its way!! Get the rakes out, Granddaddy!

Now the lesson . . . Fall or Autumnal Equinox occurs tonight at 11:09 EST in the United States; that means that this is the time when day and night are exactly the same length ~ the moment when the Sun appears to pass directly over the earth's equator.

This year it also means that the Harvest Moon (the first full moon of autumn) will be “hanging in the sky” on the same night as the Fall Equinox for the first time in 19 years. Also, according to, “if we are blessed with clear skies tonight, we’ll see an unusually bright star right near the moon which is not actually a star at all; it's the planet Jupiter at ‘opposition,’ coming closer to the earth than at any time since 1963.” WOW!!

Another quote from . . . “There's no real magic to all this, just the bodies of the solar system doing what they do as they follow the rules of orbital mechanics.”

And do you girls know who told the solar system to do this . . . who created the rules of orbital mechanics . . . YES, our Heavenly Father, the creator of the universe. Give Him the glory, great things He has done!

Do you think you can remember all of this to share with your class? Mimi's betting on it! A couple of you might not want to speak up enough to share but I know at least 2 that wouldn't have a problem with that at all.

Oh . . . it's time and, since all 5 of you are snuggled in bed with your blankets (or at least, I hope you are), Mimi’s going outside to witness all of this first hand. Yes, I’ll capture it for you with my trusty little camera. Hopefully, pictures tomorrow! For now . . .

Sleep tight my little ones.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Summer Sands Part 2

Were you tired after yesterday's post? Mimi was, but there's still more to follow. You've been busy girls for sure!

~ More Summer Sands~

Did a little dancing . . . (at recital and a wedding)

Visited a few theme parks (1 on the hottest day of summer ~ ) & sold a little lemonade . . .

Played a little softball . . .
Tried some new sports . . .

Did a little sewing . . .
Visited some little fishes . . . Even caught a few fishes & celebrated with slushes . . . (thanks, Mr. Terry for helping us) Built a few sand castles & jumped a few waves . . . (both families got to enjoy 2 trips to the beach this summer, WOW!!)

And, of course, we must throw in all the other special activities Mimi has already posted about like Cousins Camp. This summer season has been busy, busy, busy but Mimi & Granddaddy wouldn't trade even one second of it ~ we just feel so blessed to be included in all your activities ~ to watch you grow and to see the wonder in your eyes as you experience new things. You are 5 very special little princesses ~ Mimi's Fabulous Five ~ and I just about explode thinking about the tremendous fun we're in for in the years ahead; but, I'm going to take it one season at a time and try to embrace all God blesses us with through your lives. Because . . .
tomorrow night at 11:09 EST, the hourglass flips again & we're back in the race ~ this time, Mimi's thinking it's more like a race of survival with the R.E.A.L.L.Y. busy FALL schedules you have. It's Mimi's wish as we experience these grains of sand that make up our Fall season ~ the Sands through our Hourglass ~ we take time to praise the one who gave us this sand and for the abilities and talents bestowed on us that allows us to endure and even sometimes succeed. Praise Him for the hurts and disappointments as well as the joys and triumphs. Praise Him for the interuptions as well as the schedules completed on time. Praise Him all during "The Days of Our Lives" and may we live each of those days so that when our hourglass has flipped for the very last time we will be able to hear . . .
"His lord said unto him, Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord."
Matthew 25:23


Monday, September 20, 2010

Like Sands Through An Hourglass . . .

so are the days of our lives. . . . . .
Someone (not really sure who) flipped over the hourglass in early summer and the race began. It's like we were all trying to see just how much we could pack in before time was up and the hourglass was flipped over again for Fall. We were in a race against time . . . time when school would start . . . schedules would be shifted . . . pools would be closed . . . days would be shorter and more jam packed . . . dance classes would start . . . winter sports practice would begin . . . and homework would take 1/2 the night.
As I worked outside this morning cutting back all the faded flowers, I stopped to watch the leaves already falling from the trees. Before long these individual leaves will make up the piles that ya'll love to run through, Gigi likes to hide in, & Mimi and Granddaddy hate to rake. As I thought about that, I was reminded of the introduction to my favorite soap opera "Days of Our Lives" . . . "like sands through the hourglass . . ." Today's leaves are like the individual grains of sand in that hourglass ~ the one we've been racing against ~ alone they're insignificant ~ but added together they make up the pile . . . the pile of days and weeks that have now become a season . . . and a season that's quickly becoming a lifetime ~ a lifetime that becomes a legacy.
My lifetime . . . My legacy
and because I don't want any of you to forget even one little grain of the pile of activites that was SUMMER, we're going to pause and enjoy them one more time because in only 3 more days that hourglass will flip again and the race will start anew. (Actually, it started anew for ya'll with the start of school, but officially flips on the 1st day of Fall.)
~ Our Summer Sands One Grain at a Time ~
We took time to . . .
Snuggle with the babies . . .

Visit with the Cousins . . .

Have a few birthday parties . . .

Play a little golf and even milk a cow . . . (notice the hole-in-one!)

Celebrate a holiday . . . (it had to include sparklers, cooking and swimming!)

and so much more we'll have to continue tomorrow . . .
“Lord, remind me how brief my time on earth will be. Remind me that my days are numbered, and that my life is fleeing away.” Psalm 39:4 (NLT)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Granddaddy Said It Would Happen . . .

and it did! AGAIN! Ooops!!!!
I was sewing right along, minding my own business when I heard this NoIsE . . . Is someone opening the garage door? Nooooo . . . Is that a motorcycle in the drive . . . Noooooo . . . it stopped . . . I continued to sew. Later I got up and look what I saw . . .

YES . . . my new red umbrella had fallen off the deck. AGAIN!! and AGAIN this one had broken; but, at least, the stand didn't come with it like when the old one fell! YAY! No broken tiles! Did it come a storm while the sun was shining and Mimi was sewing? I don't think so . . . I know, I'll blame it on the squirrels! Granddaddy doesn't like the squirrels . . . but, then . . . that would be telling a lie, right? Anyway . . .

here's what the upstairs looked like . . .

Sorry, CJ ~ Mimi will have to get out the Gorilla Glue for the rabbit AGAIN. This poor little guy probably wishes he had stayed at your house instead of being a birthday gift for Mimi!

I was really hoping I could fix it before Granddaddy got home from work; but, NO, too many broken thingy-ma-jigs that hold the umbrella up. And, oh yes, the neighbors just called to tell us it had happened . . . well, duh! But, seriously, I'm glad someone is watching out for us.

Guess ya'll know that Mimi's in trouble AGAIN, right?

No surprise there, I'm sure!
Hope everyone else is having a GrEaT Thursday!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Clicking Right Along . . . Someone's TWO!

WOW!! This has certainly been a fast 2 years, Baby A! Since you are the baby, we want things to go R.E.A.L.L.Y. slow, but seems like they're only going faster than the others . . . is it because your sisters keep everything so busy? Anyway, let's slow down for just today and savor your precious birthday . . .
Happy 2nd Birthday!!!!

Look how you've grown!

What a difference a year makes!

Your ice cream birthday party on Saturday was so much fun. As usual, your Mommy had everything just perfect even down to the colors ~ yellow and pink ~ pink because you're so delicate and yellow because you bring us so much "joy and happiness." Experts say warm colors like yellow are supposed to "rev us up and get us going" . . . yes, that's Mimi's Baby A!!

Mommy has more about your party here; but Mimi just can't resist showing a few she might not have . . .

The silly monkeys! Wonder where monkey #4 was?

"Oh, no you don't! There'll be no RAIN ON MY PARADE!!!!"

All afternoon as Mommy & I decorated the cute little park, cloudy skies threatened RAIN . . . then during your party there were even some sprinkles ~ you didn't like that one little bit! The sprinkles didn't stop the fun . . . you could tell the party was all about you and you were definitely "The STAR." Cousins, little friends, and grown-ups, too, loved the playground, the food, but especially, watching you get sooooooo excited opening all your gifts!

Now, can we just have this next year go much slower . . . because 3 is such a big age and Mimi's not ready!

Granddaddy and I love you all the muches!!

UPDATE . . .

I just talked to your Mommy and she said you were definitely showing your age today . . . Terrible Twos . . . little fits over things not going your way . . . well, Mimi's saying today is your birthday so things are supposed to go your way, right, Precious?

Sunday, September 12, 2010

No Job More GRAND

than that of being “MIMI” to my Fabulous Five! As we celebrate Grandparents Day, I want to thank my wonderful children for making me the most blessed mother and grandmother ever! Your Pop used to say that florists invented “Grandparents Day” as a way to make more money . . . sounds like Pop, right, even though it was his President (GA's Jimmy Carter) who "made it legal"? But his philosophy was that EVERYDAY was Grandparents Day with all the visits, hugs, kisses, and sweet notes he and Gran received from their 4 grandbabies on a daily basis. Those 4 knew that there was nothing their Gran and Pop wouldn’t do for them without question. Thanks, Mama and Daddy, for showing me how to be that type of grandparent to my sweet girls! There’s just nothing like . . .

Grandparents’ Day lunches . . .

Precious letters . . .
Lunch time treats . . .

After-church snuggles . . .

Long Weeks spent together at the beach . . .

and a thousand other little things from spontaneous “Mimi, I just love you!”s . . . to phone calls to tell me about something special that had happened . . . to a little voice repeating “Mimi” 25 times in a row because she didn’t think she had my attention when, of course, I was hanging on every word; and then there’s the tickle ‘fights’ in the nest . . . the “Will you sing us just one more sweet lullaby, Mimi?” . . . after-Christmas-Eve-dinner remarks of “Mimi, you’re the bestest cooker, ever.” Oh, the sweet memories!! Could life get any better ?

Hummmmmm . . . . . . . nope, I think not; at least, not for this Mimi!! Hope you grandparents got as many big slobbery kisses from ALL your GRANDbabies this weekend as I did!

God's Gift of Angels

She rocks another baby... hums an age old lullabye

She hopes no one is watching

as with thanks, she starts to cry

Remembering the time

when the babies were her own

And her mother told her gently

too soon they would be grown

Lots of bedtime stories, skinned knees, and tears to dry

Teddy bears, toy trucks and dolls

and kites up in the sky

First days of school, first loves, the proms, the wedding days

Sand castles and snowball fights and teaching them to pray

Now, as she holds her grandchild

and gives thanks unto the Lord

She knows to be a Grandma

is motherhood's reward!

------ By Unknown Author