Wednesday, September 17, 2014

REALLY ..... It's been a year??

My goodness, how time flies!!  I can't believe I have neglected my little blog for so long but I've really been having so much fun I haven't taken time to record any of it.  And guess what ~ now I can't remember half of it I'm sure!

We've had birthdays, state champions in gymnastics and basketball, honors at school and ballet, a county middle school golf champion, a WONDERFUL family vacation, the best Cousins Camp ever, and this Mimi has gotten back into her little sewing/embroidery business with even a shop on Etsy. Yes, that and running the tires off my little car up and down the interstate have kept me away from blogging and extremely busy.  AND, God blessed our family with another sweet Baby Girl Cousin ~ sweet Charlotte was born on her Paw's birthday!!

Thank goodness the Mommies have done a better job than Mimi of keeping up with your past year but now that I have made one entry . . . . well, here's hoping anyway!

For now, I'll say goodnight with at least one picture from vacation ~~

Notice what happened over this year . . .
Mimi no longer has stair steps by age!  Monkey #4 grew too tall!!
Good night, sweet dreams ~ Mimi loves you all the muches!!