Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blowing Out Five Candles

Monkey #4 is blowing out 5 candles today!!

and she even lost her first tooth on Tuesday
in true Cybil form . . .

just flipped it out of her mouth in the aisle at Kroger and had all the other shoppers helping her look for it.  But her first lost tooth couldn't be found anywhere!  Mommy did write a note so the tooth fairy would know what happened.  And to top it off, Mommy and Daddy didn't even know the tooth was loose.  That's our Cybilishious!!

Happy 5th Birthday, Cybil!!!

Mimi and Granddaddy love you to the moon and back!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

What's Blooming

Since there will be no family gathering on the Acre this weekend for Mother's Day, Mimi thought she would show ya'll what's blooming . . .

one day ya'll will have to take a little trip with Mimi to see all the beautiful wild hydrangeas in the mountains.
it's a sight to behold!
maybe one day Mimi's 5 little ones will be as big as those.

you just can't beat the old fashioned orange daylilies for a great show

even if the pictures are a little blurry

the red cannas from Mrs. Sandy are just beginning to pop out ~
before long that little corner will be solid red.
when the yellow daylilies join in the show, visitors to the Acre will get a little surprise as they drive down the driveway.


in the house

in honor of our last night of six year's worth of serving as officers in the homeowners association

No, Mimi didn't cut all my hydrangeas (I even forgot to take pictures of my little bushes) . . .

Mrs. Opal picked me some from her huge bushes by the bridge to use on the table at the meeting tonight.  Beautiful, aren't they?  Maybe one day Mimi will have enough blooms on mine that I will be able to cut a bouquet this big.

Well, that's it for the burst of color on this wonderfully cool day.  Hope ya'll are getting ready for this B.I.G. weekend ~ a state basketball tournament and a Saturday full of recitals ~

WOW, fun times are just around the corner!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May and the First

just happens to be a very special birthday!

and a belated birthday wish to you, too, Tay Tay!!
are you really going to be a Junior in college next year?

someone else will be turning 9 soon ~ wonder who it could be?

like Mother, like Son 
well, except in the height department ~ you've won that race, Pate!

Two of Mimi's Beauties!
Sweet Josie will also be having a birthday this month!

Happy Birthday, "Doo Dah" or "Doodle" or "Hop Pop"

whatever we call you, you're wished the best birthday ever!

We love you all the muches!

(and guess what?  you're quickly catching up to your Aunt Sissy's age ~ how can that be?)