Monday, September 26, 2011

Being Southern

Mimi borrowed this little "thing" from one of my facebook friends to share with ya'll . . .

"I'm fixin' to tell you about being Southern: Being Southern doesn't mean I'm not well educated. I may say 'ain't' and 'y'all' and 'honey'. I " bless a lot of hearts ♥ ". I might even 'piddle' around from time to time. I might refer to my grocery cart as a 'buggie' -- and by golly that's okay! If you're proud to be sweet, sassy, and Southern, go ahead and click like..'right smack dab' on this status ! Then you go over "yonder" to your profile page and paste it to your status... ♥"

Sounds a whole lot like your Mimi, don't you think?  My friend didn't say where it came from but I sure do love it 'cause there's no better place on earth!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Retired, Famous, and Rich

Oh, yes, that is SOOOOOO us right now . . .


Only thing is Granddaddy said he didn't bargain for this type of RETIREMENT.

words from a man who had just finished 18 holes of golf before starting this "little" project

Just in case my bigs are thinking, "Poor Daddy ~ Mama's To Do List now includes him" ~ Mimi hasn't handed over even one, no not one, "list" ~ and has not even asked him to do anything (yet!)  After all it's only been 2 months and besides, if I gave him a chore, I'd have to supervise and I'd rather . . .

enjoy my RETIREMENT time having extra coffee on the deck and fires on cool nights ~

guess that's why I got so much more accomplished when I worked . . . still have my lists but every new day seems to be filled with yesterday's plans.  Where are all the check marks?

 * AND NOW, how are we FAMOUS, you ask . . .????? *

We'll have to "thank" Granddaddy for that one . . . you see, he's officially qualified (the paper said it so it has to be true) to run for Mayor of our little town and guess what ~ ~ ~ no one else qualified . . . sooooo, come January Granddaddy will be sworn in as an "elected" official.  Now how's that for retirement?  And guess what that makes Mimi ~ the friendly folks all over town are calling me the "first lady" ~~ how's that for famous?  Some sweet neighbor even suggested I needed to get better "gardening" clothes for working out in the yard and I really needed a cute straw hat and a new convertible.  Well, I have some old straw hats and a few visors that I can't remember to take with me sooooo I'm thinking I'll just take the convertible but where would I put all the car seats?  If ya'll come driving up and don't recognize the gardener, rest assured it's just "Mimi the First Lady" in her new gardening wardrobe!  I'm sure the flowers will notice, don't you?

We're retired, true; probably will never really be that famous except in our own little niche of the woods (Mimi's just praying it's the good famous); but we're certainly RICH . . .

the truly blessed way to be rich!

Besides anyone who is retired knows you can't use rich and retired in the same sentence about the same people, right? well, not in this family anyway!

But precious family, great friends and a Heavenly Father who daily blesses us much, much more than we deserve are the only things that truly matter, the only things that one can count as gain.

*     *     *     *     *

Seriously, we're loving that Granddaddy's RETIRED, too, so there's time to piddle around the house doing projects we claim to despise, time to both babysit at a moment's notice, time to travel (just not too far or for too long), and just time to get to know each other again 'cause like it or not, we've changed a little since marriage, babies, and work happened--yes, I'll say it . . . since we grew old.  I'll admit Mimi was a little worried about having someone else in the house ALL the time but it's been wonderful . . . so far anyway!!

we really are excited, I promise
I think Granddaddy was just a little afraid of Blackbeard!

*     *   *

Now the FAMOUS part is yet to be seen . . . ask me again next July.  But, if you try to call me and the number has been disconnected, you'll already know the answer.

*     *     *

The RICH part, oh yea!!
We're loving that part with our PRICELESS GRANDCHILDREN!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

Won't be posting much since these retirees have a very busy 2 weeks planned but Mimi will be back soon with some fun memories for ya'll!!

Love you to the moon and back!!


Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Saturday Night Date

to see the movie ~

Seven Days in Utopia

yes, ladies and it is wonderful!!

D and I decided our golfers needed a treat so we invited them to

Dinner and a Movie

and are we ever glad we did!

We laughed, we cried (well, Mimi did anyway) and, as a mama, mama-in-law, and wife of golfers, I sat there easily substituting Lucas Chisholm for my men . . . some days on the course aren't as good as others and I've listened quietly to enough stories of those days to know that tempers can and often do fly high . . . clubs do get broken or at least thrown, hats do get jerked off and phones really do get thrown away.  Then the next day, there they go off again to their passion, their "hobby," their relaxation.

My prayer for my men is that they never lose sight of their Utopia in golf but more importantly in life ~ they know that things happen for a reason, that God is always in control even though He leaves us to make our own decisions without Him (which more often than not leads to our downfall) and know that God is always waiting on our return to Utopia ~~ to the life He has planned for us when we just simply follow.

Love you to the moon and back!!


ps:  CJ, Mimi didn't spoil the ending for Granddaddy and I'm praying you won't learn all the lessons your daddy and granddaddy have learned about the game of golf ~ just stay early in your Utopia!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Birthday Wish

for Mimi's Sweet Little Doughnut

or is it Mimi's Sweet Snow White Princess?

From this . . .

what a perfect angel at your special "Sip and See"

to this . . .

Mimi's Sweet Baby A at one

to this . . .

Pigtails and Chock-it at two

and now . . .

you're a Big Girl on your way to school at three

and . . .

the cutest little Butterfly Mimi has ever seen!!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Baby Adelynn!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Problem Solved

Well, half way, anyway.

At least, Mimi can now remember how many grandgirls I have.
Maybe I can count when I can't remember!

But you know Mimi never forgets that really; it's just sometimes I do call ya'll by the wrong names.  Right?  Gracious, I even call ya'll by your mama's and daddy's names; but usually I do put "little" in front of the name when you are reminding me so much of them.

No. 1

 No. 2

No. 3

No. 4 

No. 5

Just thought ya'll might like to see Mimi's Sewing Project from last week since every night you always want to know "What did you do today, Mimi?"  Guess I should be working on those Halloween/Thanksgiving outfits I have patiently waiting to be cut and embroidered.  Soon, I promise!

Don't think the swing will be the permanent home for the pillows; but it works for now . . . at least Miss Gigi can't lay on them since they're standing.

Your busy schedules are making Mimi's head spin this week.  Hope you're having fun during all the running, dancing, batting, dribbling, making music and just being silly girls!!

Love you to the moon and back!!


ps:  forgot to add that I have a cute little idea for another project using my Fabulous Five Numbers ~ can't wait to get that underway!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Red and Black Saturday

Between the Hedges  . . .


Only thing that would have made it better . . .
the rest of the family being able to be with us!!

and, of course, a win would have been nice!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Night Lights

are shining down on our newest member of the "Boys of Fall"

and are we ever proud!!

Pate is now a FRESHMAN in high school.  How in the world did that happen?  Guess it only makes sense if Taylor is a sophomore at UGA.  As a freshman, he's actually 3rd string QB on Friday nights.  That's okay cause he's there, he's learning and "he's paying his dues."  B.U.T.  he's the JV starting Quarterback on Thursday nights ~ following in the footsteps of his daddy and his cousin Matt-Matt.

Pate, don't be mad . . . Aunt Sissy couldn't resist because I've seen this face soooo many times when I've brought out the camera!

Guess you were in a hurry to see this little cutie beside you.  Now I know she's not a girlfriend because you're just not old enough to have one of those yet!!  You hear??

Like that smile much better!

Hope this makes up for Aunt Sissy missing your birthday post!!

 Middle School QB ~ love that number!

 Yes, . . . a 3-season athlete!

And where can you be found in the summer when you're not at summer league baseball or basketball or football camp?

Fishing, of course!!  Quite a good one, too, from the looks of the catch!!

Paw started you early and taught you well!

Wow, just look at the difference between the 2005 picture and this year's vacation pics?

The Athlete and The Musician
Best Buddies ~ Aunt Sissy's Boys!!

Don't know about ya'll but I sure would like to still be fixing those after-school pancakes that you loved so much, going on little after-school excursions like to your favorite Indian house, or swimming with you in the pool, or any number of those wonderful things we did those years I picked you both up from school.  I wouldn't trade those memories for anything ~ I'm so glad I retired in time to enjoy you before you grew up on me!!!!

Aunt Sissy loves you both to the moon and back!!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Like Father, Like Son . . .

~ The Possum Encounter ~

Girls, I think I have told you the story of Granddaddy, Miss Gigi and the possum, haven't I?  If not or if you can't remember, here's a little highlight.

Mimi heard something on the deck late one night.  Gigi was making a pitiful sound.  When I flipped on the light, I saw THE possum, so I woke Granddaddy so he could handle it.  When Granddaddy goes out, Miss Gigi runs in her little house.  Granddaddy starts trying to "shooo" the possum off the deck with a broom but instead of leaving, Mr. Possum runs into Gigi's house right on top of her.  Out comes Gigi but the possum stays.  Granddaddy slides the house around, rocks it but Mr. Possum stays put.  UNTIL, Granddaddy picks up the house from the back side and flips it up.  Out comes Mr. Possum who finally runs off the deck.  Quite a sight for the neighbors if they were awake, I'm sure!

photo from

WELL, . . .

tonight while I was talking with Matt, he retells his Possum Adventure from the night before.  About 1:30 Sampson starts barking and Beth discovers something must be behind his doghouse.  She wakes Matt who goes out armed with a broom and golf club (with no shirt and only his short pjs on) to take care of things.  They put Sampson in the garage and Matt goes after "the intruder" with the broom.  While he's punching away behind the doghouse, Beth realizes the intruder is a possum and asks, "Aren't they blind?"  To which Matt replied, "Well, if they are, that makes it a fair fight, 'cause I can't see a thing" which had been pretty obvious to Beth since he was not even hitting the bushes, much less the possum.

What he forgot to do was put in his contacts!
Since he's as blind as his mama, I know he couldn't see his hand in front of his face.

Amid much laughter (Beth's not Matt's), they think the possum finally ran off because after they let Sampson out, he got in his house and never made another peep.  Beth, on the other hand, was still laughing at Matt this morning.  I can just picture Matt thrashing around with the broom and golf club in hand.  Someone asked him today what he would have done if the possum came after him.  He replied, "Probably nothing since I couldn't see it . . . it could have eaten my nose off before I could have ever seen it to swing the club."  Yep, like father, like son!!  Well, maybe it is like mama, like son in the eye department.

Hope your neighbors were sound asleep!!!

Motto:  Please put your eyes in before going off to battle!

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Last Hoorah

Today is what most consider "the last hoorah" of summer and make plans for the last swim, the last trip to the lake or beach, the last trip to waterparks, or the last cookout.  I wonder how my babies are celebrating their last hoorah?

On the Acre, we were planning to celebrate as usual . . .

Granddaddy would be "laboring" with his golf clubs and Mimi would be "laboring" in her garden.  Later we would  put some meat and veggies on the grill and enjoy the last homegrown watermellon of summer, compliments of our sweet neighbors, the Baynes.

But, guess what????????

It's Raining, It's Pouring, and the ole man is now Snoring!!

but . . .

who knows, though, later we'll probably have a little fun . . .


maybe go for a swim!!

Oh yes,

remember earlier I mentioned that Saturdays were also for
dove hunting?

Granddaddy off to find the birds

Unfortunately, for him, it was a wasted day.
Chalk one up for the doves!!

Hope you're all finding something fun to do inside on your holiday from work and school cause Mimi's praying it's raining where you are!!  Mimi, also, sure is hoping her blogging friends in Texas are getting some much-needed rain!!

Happy Labor Day from Mimi to Ya'll!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Fall Saturdays in the South . . .

. . . are for FOOTBALL and dove hunting.  Not just any football ~ SEC FOOTBALL ~ football at its best!!  Not just any SEC team ~ the Red and Black of the GEORGIA BULLDAWGS ~ SEC at its best!!

Can you feel the excitement in the air?  The colors; the tailgate party; the best mascot of the bunch, UGA; the fight song; the boys of fall; and, for us on the acre, the MARCHING REDCOAT BAND!!

It's so hard for Aunt Sissy to believe that my favorite Redcoats are sophmores this year ~ oh my, before long they'll join the ranks of the other cousins who have gotten educated and moved on . . . away from the acre . . . away from Saturday night dinnersBut for now, they're learning and having fun . . . spending every Saturday doing what they love . . .

Best looking red and black I've seen in a long time!


SIC 'EM, DAWGS!!!!!!!

Aunt Sissy and Uncle Man will be watching for ya'll tonight!