Friday, October 29, 2010

Tale of Flight on Halloween Night!

Once upon a night so dreary,
Five little gobblins were dressed so cheery!
All went out for a ride on Halloween night,
My, what a very delightful sight!

First, the witch flew this way and that
going right off without her cat.
She gave quite a fright as she flew through the air . . .
her broomstick of straw & all her GREEN hair!
See that butterfly flitting around?
Oh, how her feet never hit the ground!
Watch as she lights from pillar to post
hoping she won't encounter a ghost!

What's that all dressed in white?
Oh, it's only an angel come down to delight!
See that sweet smiling face
and how she floats around with all that grace?

But wait, here's a li'l punkin with such a silly frown!
I thought I saw her once as a clown
with a big ole nose so red and round.
Or was she an angel the sweetest in flight?
Did someone take her costumes and run off out of sight?

Never Fear!! Wonder Woman is here to save the night!
See that smile behind the mask so sweet
and look at those boots upon her feet!
There's no job too great or too small,
Wonder Woman will conquer them all!
Now you've heard the tale of flight
on this All Hallow's Eve night
with rustling leaves and blowing trees
black cats howling with delight.
Oh, what a spooky sight!!
As you're hurrying and scurrying around
don't forget to say "Thank You" and never frown!
Mimi's Little Munchins, this rhyme's for you . . .
A "made up" song to see you through!
Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

In Tribute to Halloween . . .

Mimi has been V.E.R.Y. excited about the spider webs that the spiders are building in the corners of the windows outside ~ after all, it is Halloween!

Yes, I was excited until the cable man came yesterday to do some work outside and opened up the 'box' he needed to work in. He found . . .

A Black Widow Spider!!!!!

It was just right outside my door . . . YIKES!!!!!!! Do you know what the silly cable man said, "Go get a jar and let's put him in it for your Halloween decorations." Has he lost his mind??? Mimi loves Halloween and decorations but really only the plastic spiders, especially not the deadly kind of spiders! So while Mr. Cable Man was so excited to have one in a jar, Mimi was finding the first largest thing that I could use to kill him ~ the spider not Mr. Cable Man! The picture above is not Mimi's Black Widow ~ do you think Mimi even thought about her camera??? NOOOOOO!! I just borrowed this one off the web.

All night, Mimi could feel something crawling on her so, needless to say, it was a sleepless night. Today the other spider webs all came down Halloween or not!

But do you girls remember the zipper spider that lived by Mimi's back door at the country acre? Every year at this time, that little ole zipper spider built his web between the 2 shrubs and everyday Mimi would tear it down while he wasn't on it. The next morning when Mimi would go outside to drink her coffee on my little brick patio, there was the web right back with Mr. Zipper sitting there laughing at me.

Say "Hello" to Mr. Zipper.

Isn't he pretty? Much prettier than that ole Black Widow, don't you think? This Mr. Zipper actually lived at the A girls house for several years. Mimi took this picture to send to the C girls last year because they don't have Zipper Spiders at their house and, so far, Mimi hasn't found one on the city acre. Somewhere in my 'hole' I have a picture of my Mr. Zipper but who knows if we'll ever see it again.

Have ya'll ever seen a Black Widow spider up close? Mimi hadn't before yesterday and that was one time too many. But you don't have to worry about coming to visit Mimi because that ole Black Widow is just one little ole brown spot on the driveway. Mimi just squashed him as Mr. Cable Man said, "I can't believe you just did that." Well, sir, just go find your own black widow for YOUR decorations!

Sure hope some little trick or treater doesn't dress up like a Black Widow! Watch what box you open, girls!!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Birthday Boy

Someone's Daddy celebrated a birthday while Mimi and Granddaddy were taking a little road trip ~ can you guess who it was?

Waiting on the ladies at the Mother's Day Tea Party
(Sorry, this is the only pic I have of you by yourself)
That's right!! It was the "A" girls Daddy . . . our 'adopted' son . . . our sweet son-in-law.

Can it really be 10 years ago that you became a very special part of this family? It seems like only yesterday. I'll never forget the first time I met you on one of my spring weekend visits to UGA when, with Scott as "my date", the 4 of us went to dinner followed by church on Sunday. (Not quite sure why Scott was along unless it was in case we needed backup.) I knew from the moment I saw you and Mande together that you were the one her Daddy and I had prayed for since her birth.

You haven't disappointed us either. Yes, ya'll had some rough decisions about jobs, where to live, and life in general but they were all worth it because look at how far you've come! The decisions you made together at those crucial times led you to a wonderful city where you met very strong Christian friends who have helped you grow in your faith and in your marriage. Could a Mama be any more proud of her children? No, not even one of those "other" Mamas (you know, the mean mother-in-law type of which I'm not, right?) !
And you fit so perfectly into our family of monkeys!

The perfect golf partner for Granddaddy . . .

Joining in on our wacky Christmas traditions . . .

Brotherly love and playing with your nieces in front-yard football.

Because we adopted you only 10 years ago, I don't have all the cute little baby pictures to highlight of you; but please know that you are loved just as much. Thank you, Jon, for being all that we prayed for and more and for giving us those three precious little girls to cherish!!

Happy Belated Birthday, Jon!! May God continue to watch over you and bestow His amazing grace on you as you walk humbly as His servant.

We love you all the muches!!!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

No Place Like Home

Vacations are wonderful but I completely agree with Dorothy . . . "There's no place like home!" When Mimi gets all rested, girls, I'll show you all the pretty places we were last week; but for now, I just want to show you what we found when we got home . . .

A little ghost was hanging on our mailbox . . .
We've Been Boo'd!
While we were away, the Ghost of Moravia came calling and left the cutest little pumpkin bucket . . .

filled with all kinds of sweets and a wonderful pumpkin spice candle! This little note was inside . . .

Ohhhhh, we have to hurry, our time is almost up! But since almost everyone else in the neighborhood has already been boo'd, it shouldn't be too hard to decide who to boo.
Tonight when the wind is whistling softly through the trees, by the light of the silvery moon, Mimi and Granddaddy will sneak out down the street, ring a doorbell, then run fast on our little feet.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Homecoming Weekend

What do you think of when you hear the word "Homecoming?" What about parades, pretty cars with even prettier girls, 'fluffing' flowers, class reunions with old friends, spirit week with dress up every day, football games and homecoming dances?
Yes, and even a little "behind the scenes" activities!
Remember earlier Mimi told you she was working on something for Miss Pam's daughter, Paisley, because she was on the homecoming court again this year . . .

Here it is . . . the car!
Mimi made all the decorations except the beautiful signs for her again this year. Each year Miss Pam picks even more beautiful things to work with. Mimi's house is now one big glitter bowl inside & out. But that's okay because Miss Paisley is worth it!

Isn't she beautiful?
One little side note ~ when Mande was a little girl our home ec class had a "pretend" wedding and Mande was the flower girl for the beautiful bride . . . Miss Pam! Now, don't be looking at Mimi's feet with her flipflops on and certainly don't tell Granny!! Guess what else happened on the acre today?
Finally, a BAKING PARTY!! Miss Emily and her sweet Mama, Miss Amanda, hurried home from their little trip just to bake cookies with Mimi. Of course, Miss Emily was wearing the precious little apron that MISS JANICE was giving away earlier. Be sure to check out Miss Janice's wonderful blog next week ~ you might just see Miss Emily and Miss Janice wearing matching aprons! Wonder what Miss Janice will be making?

See that cute black & white checked paper inside the spider tub, that's how the cute little apron arrived from Miss Janice. You know what, girls? When Mimi woke up this morning, that big ole spider had spun a web all over the bucket and around all the goodies inside. Emily was so excited ~ she LOVED the spider web, she said! Mimi had to add a few things ~ cookie mix, cookie cutters, decorator icing for Miss Emily & her Mama to use at home along with some cookies, a sucker and coloring book so she could be occupied while the cookies baked.

Miss Emily and Miss Amanda reading the sweet note from Miss Janice that came with the apron.

Emily and I had lots of fun baking . . . it was just like baking with my Fabulous Five!

She even wanted to stick her hand in the flour to feel it like a few other little ones I know! She also wore the ribbon from Miss Janice around her neck as a necklace. Such a doll!

I believe she loved her apron ~ I didn't get pictures but she wore the apron home. Before they left, while her Mama and I talked, Emily fluttered around the front yard just glowing in orange and black, holding onto that ghost sucker.

Then, this afternoon we had three little "hurricanes" come flying onto the acre. It just so happens that my beloved high school is playing those hurricanes tonight for homecoming. Now don't ya'll come up here and beat us on our special night!!

Tomorrow bright and early we're off to watch the DAWGS on their Homecoming Day and watch the A girls Mama do a little dancing. Do you think she'll still be looking like this?

It will be fun to see Mande, Taylor, Heather and Emily all on the field together ~ all between the hedges while a little history is being made . . . we have a new Uga and he'll be "sworn in" tomorrow during pre-game.

Everyone else is sleeping soundly so guess Mimi better head that way, too. C girls, ya'll be watching for Aunt Mande tomorrow while you're cheering on those Dawgs!


Monday, October 11, 2010

Awwwww, Fall Mornings and Another Holiday

Fall mornings are just wonderful here in Dixie! It's finally cool enough for this . . .
breakfast on the deck. Granddaddy is on the golf course since it's a holiday so I'm just taking time to smell the roses in the last bouquet of the year. Cybil's Queen Elizabeth rose is always the last one to bloom ~ but it's still early so maybe there will be a few more blooms on all of your roses yet. Do you smell the mulled cider candle? And, yes, I'm still celebrating that little victory on Saturday between the hedges. Thanks "A" girls for cheering them to such a big win!! But I'm tryin' 'real' hard to be nice because . . . as I was told . . . one of the monkeys who traveled to watch the Lady Vols golf team in a tournament yesterday is just 'head over heels' excited about that group of orange-clad golfers . . . well, I did wear orange for 5 years! Moving on quickly . . .
I need my Fabulous Five here this morning for a tea party to honor . . .

Christopher Columbus

Yes, girls, it's another holiday!!! And I know I promised no more history lessons . . . but some of you are not in school today so just a short one! Let's see if the one who is in school learns this today . . .

Columbus Day originated as a celebration of Italian-American heritage and was first held in San Francisco in 1869. The first state-wide celebration was held in Colorado in 1907. In 1937, Columbus Day become a holiday across the United States. Since 1971, it has been celebrated on the second Monday in October.

But why? To celebrate the anniversary of Christopher Columbus's arrival in the Americas, specifically the Bahamas, which occurred on October 12, 1492.

See, Mimi told you it would be short because I have to get busy ~ Beulla & Betsy are calling me!

Happy Columbus Day!


Saturday, October 9, 2010

A House Divided. . .

A beautiful fall Saturday in the South . . . what does it mean?
Well, if you're truly Southern, it means FootBall ~ SEC style ~ normally a "fairly" calm day on the acre when we're not off between the hedges . . . but THIS particular Saturday it means . . .
In case you're in some remote, unforsaken area, I'm talking about t. h. e. GAME ~ the DAWGS against the "hounddogs" ~ Georgia vs. Tennessee ~ the south 'Acres" against the north 'Acres' ~ cousins against cousins ~ you know . . . parents against children (sweet, in-law children, that is) ~ the family feud kind of war. I'm talking, this kind of war . . .

Granddaddy and Mimi opted to stay home this weekend and watch it on the big screen while you "A" girls cheer for us between the hedges ~ blow kisses to Tay and Heather for Mimi.

Mimi knows ya'll will be all decked out in Red & Black!!!

The "C" girls have a house full of guests this weekend for the CNC homecoming game ~ GO EAGLES ~ but you'll be watching THE game before you dash off to CNC.
Question . . .
what are you "C" girls wearing today . . . red & black or orange & white????? I know what you're wearing for the CNC game or I hope you're wearing your Eagle shirts Mimi made . . . and, yes, CNC is orange and blue . . . but Mimi's talking Tennessee orange or Georgia red????? And, Daddy, what are you wearing . . . is that ole orange shirt you had to wear another weekend wayyyyyy back in the back of the closet today? No need to ask Mommy, I know what she has on!

Last year, Campbell, you played it safe and just wore your Halloween orange ~ were you trying to fool Mimi or just keeping Mommy happy with a little orange & Daddy happy with the white? At least you had GREAT seats!

Just look at that sea of orange ~ but Daddy stayed neutral "looking" even though Mimi knows his heart was beating RED! Maybe this year the score . . . But Mimi's not saying too much about the game until it's over . . . did you see my dawgs last weekend? . . . today they're favored to win . . . we'll see; but for now . . . I just want all my family to know I LOVE you very much regardless of the colors you're wearing. It's only a "game" after all, right? (Yeah, sure ~ who am I kidding, right Mammaw?) And besides, your Granny's favorite song (2nd only to Amazing Grace) was "Rocky Top." Now, ya'll behave yourselves today & remember your raisin' ~ act like Southern gentlemen and ladies regardless of the outcome . . . Mimi's goin'a be trying real hard!!
just listen all you orange "Acre' fans . . . Mimi's playing your song in honor of Granny!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Little More Fall on the Acre

I'm back!! Buella and Betsy are turned off, 1 UPS package headed south, 1 UPS package headed north, the house is clean, the laundry's done, Halloween decorations are up (well, most of them--some are still "projects"), and Mimi's exhausted! Now, if all the other little projects were complete, I could really rest; but, since there's still more to be done, I'm just taking a quick break to show you girls some more decorations. Let's go back outside . . . Mimi forgot to show you the little scarecrow that's guarding the house.

Now, let's go in the front door . . .

Here's Mimi's little scarecrow tassle ~ made it a little different from the ones I made ya'll. I also made Miss Cheryl and Miss Darlene one like mine. I think they're addicting. (lol)

The box that holds the treats for Halloween gobblins by the tea cart ~ it's empty now because Mimi hasn't had time to look for bargains . . . maybe since the clothes are complete?

I had to move this pillow in because Miss Gigi insists on sleeping on the furniture on the porch. Now if I can just keep ya'll from getting popsicles on it when you stop to rest before going up to the "Nest."

Look on the mantle . . . Miss Bo is helping me keep watch for the little ghosts with the help of light from Mr. Jack. When I found this cute little witch last year, it reminded me of Granny who ALWAYS dressed like a witch and handed out her homemade popcorn balls. Granny LOVED Halloween ~ guess that's why Mimi likes it soooo much! Oh, and Miss Bo's name came from Granny's high school nickname in case you thought I meant Miss Boo.

Isn't she so cute?

Now here's just some of the other areas of the house . . .

These little cones hold goodies for ya'll normally; but since Mimi knew no one was coming this Halloween, I didn't put anything in them yet . . . we sure don't need them! Three of the cones came from Tuesday Morning year before last on clearance and Mimi made the other 3 last year.

Cybil and Adelynn, see your little green witch on the "Treasure Box" chest just waiting on ya'll to come play. Hope that ole crow doesn't peek her on the head! Mimi's thinking that bird cage I got at Service League salvage might eventually have to be painted black; after all, it's only been 2 years. And my dream lamp for the chest is still just a dream . . . Buella and Betsy may have to stay off for a while! Anna Grace, see the pumpkin plaque you and Mommy made for me? Campbell & Ailee, ya'll will like Mimi's table runner ~ it glows in the dark!! (Okay, I didn't know it did that when I bought it but what does it matter, I thought, the girls will like it!)

Who are those cute "little punkins" in that pumpkin frame . . . remember that was at the pumpkin farm and Mimi made all 3 outfits . . . sooooo much fun that day!! Maybe one day we can do that again. You can't see it very good, but the little black pillow asks "So, have you been a good witch or a bad witch?" Guess which one Granddaddy says Mimi has been! My apron just waiting on the Halloween cookies to be made because "the witch is in." The beautiful pumpkin towel was given to me last year by my good friend, Miss Charlotte (the big Emily's grandmother).

My hat just waiting by the door for "All Hallows Eve." As usual, just added a few pumpkins to the bowl of fruit on the buffet. Mimi will probably be moving all that good smelly stuff on my Southern Living tray on the coffee table before Thanksgiving . . . Adelynn and Baby Josie just might be tempted to try it. Mimi's not too happy with her foyer chest--one thing--that mirror (I have cans of oil-rubbed bronze just waiting to stray it)--and, hopefully, Mammaw's chest will be darker before Christmas. Well, that's it . . . doesn't seem to be as much as in the past; is Mimi getting lazy? Maybe . . . but then there won't be as much to change into Fall decorations after Halloween is passed. The dining room is the only room completely decorated "Fall." You'll have to wait to see it when you come eat Tom Turkey.

Mimi still has the front entrance of the subdivision to decorate . . . maybe tomorrow! But first, I have to complete one more BIG project . . . I'll post it after next Friday . . . can't share it yet but it has to do with Miss Pam's daughter Paisley getting on the homecoming court again.

Good night sweet ones! Hope you like all the goodies coming your way tomorrow!


I almost forgot . . . I've had several ask where I got the "Happy Halloween" for the black charger in the previous entry. Well, usually I ask my sweet daughter to make things like that for me through her company The Monogram Monkey but, she's so busy trying to get all her orders completed, she's closed her shop & I didn't have the heart to ask so I bought them off etsy from Anders Ruff Custom Designs. You'll have to watch for other goodies in the collection at my neighborhood pre-hallows eve party.