Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May and the First

just happens to be a very special birthday!

and a belated birthday wish to you, too, Tay Tay!!
are you really going to be a Junior in college next year?

someone else will be turning 9 soon ~ wonder who it could be?

like Mother, like Son 
well, except in the height department ~ you've won that race, Pate!

Two of Mimi's Beauties!
Sweet Josie will also be having a birthday this month!

Happy Birthday, "Doo Dah" or "Doodle" or "Hop Pop"

whatever we call you, you're wished the best birthday ever!

We love you all the muches!

(and guess what?  you're quickly catching up to your Aunt Sissy's age ~ how can that be?)

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