Saturday, September 22, 2012


Granddaddy and the calendar said it, so it must be true . . .

Welcome to the First Day of Fall 2012!

and in celebration, I have out N.O. decorations!

Unless it counts that I took the bunny weathervane off the breakfast table and added this . . .


I even have fresh (okay, semi-fresh, they've been here a week) fall flowers and one of my favorite fall candles on the island

And I have been busy in my dungeon creating a little Halloween fun for the big girls and gathering ideas for outfits for the monkeys . . . so does that count, too?

Oh, and I did go up and move (drag) all the fall junk decorations out into the Nest so I could think about starting, so I'm sure that counts!

Anyway, see this old tool caddy . . .

well, several years ago when Granddaddy and I took a little trip to Callaway Gardens, we saw one on the porch of the caretaker's house and Granddaddy promised to build me one as soon as we got home.

Didn't happen . . . imagine that!

But I finally found the perfect one for the perfect price at our favorite little antique place across the river!

Can't dried hydranga blooms count as fall decorations?

Anyway, this little guy . . .

he's a surprise for Granddaddy in honor of all the squirrels he's missed with the BB gun.

Now back to the fall decorating . . .

Remember, I'm still doing the DAWG Dance on the front porch anyway


I'm spending way too much time on the porch enjoying the wonderful cool mornings (and afternoons, too, if you really want to know) taking in the sights (leaves falling and yellow butterflies flitting around), sounds (the band practicing), and smells (pumpkin spice coffee) of fall.

So, if you don't want to hurry around decorating, just . . .

Notice the red pillow?

Well, of course, in honor of them Hairy Dawgs!!

and since today is also Homecoming Between the Hedges ~

Goooooo Dawgs!


Happy Fall, Ya'll!!

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