Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Very Scary Sunday

On Sunday, April 21, I was calmly driving home by myself from a weekend visit with the C girls when I got a text.  Well, Mimi can barely drive much less try to read a text and drive especially on the interstate.  So I just called and couldn't believe what I was hearing . . .

While on the playground during church, a boy's head collided with Ailee's nose.  It began to swell immediately but bled very little.  After church, while eating with friends, Ailee began to fall asleep, lose color, and start vomiting.

Luckily they were eating with the doctor friends who told them to take her immediately to Children's Hospital which they did.  Once there, nurses immediately started an IV before sending them by ambulance to Scottish Rite in Atlanta.

How helpless does a Grandmother feel when she's 3 hours away!

At Scottish Rite they were told by a "doctor" that Ailee didn't have a concussion and probably had a stomach virus which was the reason for the vomiting.  This person who was supposed to be a trained, licensed doctor wouldn't do a CT scan because he didn't think there was reason enough.  So they left and started home.  By this time I was about 10 minutes away from home and planned to pick up Granddaddy and head south.  But Mande said there was no use since they were on their way home.  They only made it back to Children's because she started throwing up more and started to lose color again.  They were sent back to Scottish Rite and we flew south to pick up the other A girls.

After a phone call from Children's to Scottish Rite, they saw a different doctor who did confirm Ailee had a concussion and wanted to do a CT scan to make sure there was no bleeding or swelling on the brain and also to check for any fragments of bone that could have been shattered into the brain.  They also gave her something for the vomiting so they could do the scan.

The Lord was so good and all reports came back fine ~ no bleeding, no swelling and no shattered fragments . . . just a broken nose and concussion.  They finally got home around midnight and our baby slept most all the next day.  But when she was awake, she was our sweet Ailee Bug, full of smiles and funny stories!

We are so thankful for all the prayers that went up that day and for the many wonderful friends we know we can rely on in scary times.  We also praise God for His wonderful blessings on Ailee and for the doctors He blesses with skills to heal.
Mimi loves that new hole in your mouth and I love you to the Heavens and back!!

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  1. Oh my goodness, thankfully things all turned out ok, moments like these put the gray in grandmas' hair. I'm so glad all is well.