Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Sweets for a Sweetie

It just can't be possible, but our baby was F.I.V.E. on Sunday!

and she wanted to celebrate with . . .


and a little gymnastics fun with her little friends!

The party was at the gymnastics center on Saturday with 15 of her dearest friends.  Of course, Mommy had the place looking more like a Sweet Shoppe than a sports center!  Large suckers made out of paper plates with glitter #5's greeted the guests as they came down the sidewalk while the table held a gum ball topiary, a dumdum styrofoam sucker with a #5 in the center, more paper suckers, and paper lanter candies wrapped in cellophane. Delicious cupcakes with tons of candy helped restore all the sugar the little ones lost while doing their tricks.

A Perfect Party for our Sweet Baby A!!
She even looks like a delicious piece of candy in her adorable outfit!!

Note to self:  While we were eating out that night she asked her Mommy if  "since I had my party, am I just a little bit bigger?"  Don't grow up too fast, sweet baby!

She wanted to decorate her cake with "lots and lots" of candy so she and Mommy made the cake and Baby A decorated it all by herself (Mommy tied the bow)! Yummy!!!

On Sunday for her "real" birthday, she wanted to get her face painted at the local arts and crafts festival and eat at Steak and Shake.

Couldn't you just eat her up?!?!

Happy Birthday, Sweet Baby A!!

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