Monday, January 17, 2011

Home Alone

was Granddaddy's fate this past week. Poor Granddaddy . . . 10 inches of snow and no one to play with except Miss Gigi and she really didn't like the snow. He was invited to the neighbors for soup and grilled cheese sandwiches on Monday, though. Tuesday brought helping to get snow off the parking lots at all the banks and a little work. By Wednesday, everything was back to normal for him. Mimi was snowed in up north with the C girls ~ sledding, having snowball fights, eating hot soup, drinking hot chocolate and SEWING. I had promised to spend the week making bed skirts and window treatments for the C girls' new rooms before the snow was predicted. I left home early Sunday to get ahead of the snow, never really thinking we would get as much as predicted. (You know the weather man rarely ever gets it right!) Matt and Granddaddy were sure it was coming, therefore the early leaving.

The new house all dressed in white!

Sure enough on Monday morning, the world was WHITE! Beautiful snow had fallen during the night to put a hold on life even if just for a while. While Big and Little C watched the snow continue to fall with Mimi, Mommy and Daddy had to venture into work. But they were home again by lunch and we hit the hills with the neighbor children.

Tuesday brought a repeat of Monday with the kids sledding and making snowmen and snow angels. Very little sewing got done those 2 days.

While the C girls and Mimi were playing up north, the A girls and their mommy and daddy were playing with all their friends down south where they had the "big" snow. What fun if we could have all been together!!

Mimi finally did get a little sewing done in between some hide & seek, operation games and a trip to Books A Million. We changed "gears" on Cybil's treatments so Mimi has to wait on another trip to the fabric store before I can finish hers.

Campbell's window treatments

The bed skirt under her Pottery Barn Peace Sign comforter

There was also time to make a skirt for the laundry room sink and adjust a table skirt for the living room that I had made a little too long before.

Saturday was the BIG game (determined league 1st place standing) for Big C so Mimi had to stay and watch. Here she's watching all the action and waiting for her turn to go in. Since she's the "little" one on the team she didn't get much playing time, but when she was in, she did steal the ball and dribble it all the way down the court. Her team lost by 3 points but Mimi was still very proud of them and the way they hustled.

While Mimi was enjoying the game, Granddaddy was watching Beauty and the Beast with the A girls and their Mommy. We had surprised Big and Middle A with tickets for their birthdays. Granddaddy was very impressed with his first trip to the Fox Theater and the girls really loved the performance! Mimi and Mommy had seen Beauty and the Beast when we were at National FBLA competition when Mande was a senior in high school. It was wonderful then.

Middle A was "Beauty" in her red winter Christmas dress from Santa complete with a white fur shawl. Big A was the "Beast" in her new furry vest and boots. They said Granddaddy was the prince in his matching red vest. Sounds like they had a plan and lots of fun.

Although we couldn't all be together during this beautiful winter snow break, Granddaddy and I had so much fun with our Fabulous Five and wouldn't trade this time for anything in the world!

Thanks, girls, for all the wonderful memories we made over the beautiful snow-covered week God gave us.


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