Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Sofa and A Pillow

During the night, we had a mini thunderstorm with a little lightening and lots of rain. One of the lightening bolts highlighted the sofa in front of the windows of our bedroom and in that flash I realized you girls really had no "knowledge" about that pretty little sofa other than just to play tea party on it. So first thing this morning, I took a picture for you and will tell you all about it . . .

The sofa was your Great Grandmother Aileen's (Granny). How it came to be hers is quite typical of her life ~ if she wanted something, she didn't stop until she achieved it ~ an attribute I hope you girls have inherited! Here's the scoop ~~

The Sofa

Gran wanted to make a few changes in her living room and every day on the way to work and back she passed a house that had just the perfect "new" sofa on their front porch. She knew it was an antique and wondered why on earth they had it on their porch. She wanted it badly but couldn't decide what to do about it. The more she drove by, the more she wanted it. Every night at supper, we heard about the couch. Finally, Pop said she should just stop and ask them about it. Another week of longing passed, then she decided to stop. Lo and behold, they didn't want it and even had a chair that matched in the house! They weren't going to charge her for it, they just wanted it "hauled off" but she paid them, of course. Gran floated all the way home to get Pop and his truck (yes, that was way before cell phones!). Instead of coming home, they went straight to Mr. Plemons to get it upholstered in fabric Gran had already picked out during her months of longing. That little sofa and chair graced our living room and held presents from Santa for many years. As we sat in the hospital room the day before she went to Heaven, she asked me to please make sure all of her "furniture" stayed in the family. I knew just the pieces she was talking about and promised her they would even though I felt she would be enjoying them for a few more years herself. That wasn't to be but the sofa stayed in its place until Pop joined Gran in Heaven. Then it and the chair were gently moved to Mimi's bedroom. Remember this Christmas card picture?

The Pillow

You all do know about Gran's NEST . . . the name she gave her bedroom ~ the perfect place for all the little birdies to cuddle during her "spend the night" parties. Because of Gran's NEST, that word now represents "home" to me . . . a place where I was safe and cared for . . . a place to cuddle and be loved . . . a place, a feeling that is Gran and Pop. That's how your room upstairs got its name.

Well, Mimi saw a picture of this pillow in Pottery Barn last year and wanted it almost as badly as Gran wanted her sofa but I just couldn't bring myself to pay the $50 for it. I bought burlap to try to make one but never got around to it.

Then after Christmas, Mande and I made a trip to the Pottery Barn outlet and guess what I found for half price plus everything that day was an additional 25% off ~ YES, Mimi floated out of that store with my precious pillow held tightly in my arms. I couldn't wait to get home and put it in its proper place . . . on Gran's sofa.

Don't they look just perfect together?

Well, now you know the rest of the story. And, one day Mimi hopes that sofa will grace the home of one of you.
Hugs and Kisses, Mimi

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  1. IT DOES...It DOES look perfect on that beautiful sofa.
    I fell in love with that very same pillow and, like you, cringed at the price. We don't have a PB outlet here so I just missed out on it. I am thrilled that you got it, tho. It is just perfect.

    Thanks so much for coming by and leaving such sweet words.