Saturday, April 9, 2011

April Showers . . .

stopped for a while here on the acre. Mimi finally had a chance to get out in the yard and guess what I found . . . sure signs that SPRING is here!
Sign # 1 ~ The Spring Flowers are Blooming!
Sign # 2 ~ The Birds are Back!The goldfinch cover both feeders during most of the day.While I was outside, a humingbird was eating from one of the flowers. When I went upstairs, he came to the feeder and visited all 4 stations but couldn't find any food. Then he flew to the window as if to say, "Hey, lady, I'm back so fix my food!"

Sign # 3 ~ Granddaddy's garden plowed and ready to plant!After I saw all the beauty outside, I decided to add a few spring touches to the house . . .My standby Spring wreath on the front door

A little Easter with our Egg Hunt sign and Easter eggs in my Granny's egg basket, the Happy Easter pillow I made last spring and . . . what's spring without nests and bird eggs? The nest on the right is a robin's nest that fell from the curve in the guttering last year.Winter greenery that will have to stay for a little while longer ~ a little wren has built a nest right in the middle of it. Mimi doesn't want to disturb her so I'll just plant the flowers I got for it somewhere else for now.

The first house guests of spring ~ Big A, Middle A, and Baby A ~ made time for Mimi and Granddaddy on Saturday night right before their spring break ended. That meant the first marshmellow roast of the season.After all the marshmellows were eatten, it was time for a little checkers on Mimi's homemade checkerboard. And as always, we have to play with Miss Gigi.Don't you just wonder what these two are saying to each other? Yes, as my homemade sign says, "Spring is Here!"

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