Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Down the Bunny Trail

When Peter Cottontail comes hopping down the Bunny Trail to Mimi's this is what he'll see . . .
. . . all the beautiful decorations God has provided to remind us just how much He loves us.

With this beauty on the outside, nothing else is really needed inside. But, I did do a little more decorating than what I had shown you the other day . . .I put up the "Hoppy Easter" banner my own little Monogram Monkey sent to me last year.Remember these funny looking carrots from last year? I was going to throw them out and start over but decided they would work just fine for one more year.Very simple decorations on the breakfast table this year while the dining room table looks like it always does.And a little note waiting to greet you in your nest!Hope ya'll are having a great week even though you're in testing ~ only 3 more days!!

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