Monday, October 17, 2011

Sunday's Adventure

Yesterday, Sweet Baby A and her Mommy, along with 5 of her little friends and their Mommies, went to Disney on Ice.

Can't you just imagine all the giggles and squeals from those precious little princesses?
Mimi's so glad you got to go on a little journey since your older sisters and Mommy got to have their special trip to see Miss Taylor Swift earlier this month. 
Now Mimi has to include this precious little conversation from Friday night . . .
At the picnic around the campfire by the lake on Friday night, the bigger kids was telling "stories," some spooky since Halloween is just around the corner and others not so spooky.  Not to be outdone, you wanted to tell a story, too.  Mommy said she could tell your were very serious and nervous because you wanted to get it just right.  You so wanted to be big, too.  Here's your story . . .
"Well, my Grandma, you know, my Mimi, she loves me very much.  She always gives me hugs and kisses.  And she taught me how to walk, too, cause my Mimi loves me."
Mimi's heart just melted when Mommy told me later Friday night.  Of all the things you could have said, you picked Mimi to talk about ~ how special is that for this Mimi!!

Y.E.S., sweet Baby A, Mimi does love you very, very much and how I love to give and get hugs and kisses, too!!  Here's some for you now . . .

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