Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Day After . . .

a Boo-ti-ful Halloween!

Where has Mimi been, you might ask?  Don't think I've been this long between posts in a while . . .

Well, I've been busy, of course!


helping Miss Pam turn these

into this


making treats for the littles

you can't see them but the bag contained ghostly little s'mores

and treats for the bigs and friends

Aren't these little burlap pumpkins just precious?
Miss D graciously let me be a copycat ~ the big girls were so excited to receive them!


"Booing it at the Zoo" with an beautiful Indian Princess and a cute little SpongeBob Girl (wish I could type it like Cybie says it)

and, finally, B.U.S.Y.

attending a Spook-tacular Halloween party with a fabulous Wise Ole Owl, a beautiful Barbie Rainbow Fairy and a little Miss Minnie Mouse.

Poor little Minnie ~ her legs just weren't long enough to keep up with the big kids!

Of course, since the last post, Mimi threw in a few softball tournaments where CJ's team came in 1st and 2nd; a Character Parade where the Owl and the Fairy marched in perfect step with the band; a little babysitting; a trip to the doctor for his verdict and the dentist (ouch!!); a couple of dinner dates with friends; and even got Granddaddy to dig up and replant a few little shrubs under my supervision.

NOW, it's time for a brand new month ~ a month of Thanksgiving!

Most of you know by now that the doctor's verdict included surgery to remove Mimi's thyroid (or at least part of it) and more testing at 6-month intervals to watch the nodule in my lung.  Since the surgery is right in the middle of November, Mimi's already started working on her Thanksgiving Dinner treats and all those other traditions that are such a big part of our holiday celebrating.  I better hurry, too, because Mr. Tom Turkey will be gobbling around the acre before I blink twice!

Oh, and the jack-o-lanterns made way for the turkeys today but it's looking a little bare still.  Guess I better look back at last year's decorations to see what's missing.  And I even removed the role of toilet paper with it's little note that said, "You Better Be Home Next Year."  Now I wonder who could have left that on our front porch steps last night as their Trick since there were no Treats?  Anyone have an idea?   Hummmmmmm, could it have been Miss P???

Night, Night my little Turkeys!!


  1. Wow! You have been busy creating beautiful things! Love the treats and the car decos are beyond fabulous!!!

    Hugs and prayers go out to you...I didn't know that you were having health issues! Shame on me for not stopping by more often. Please keep us posted.

  2. Thanks for praying for my friend. I'm praying for your surgery too.

    Love your burlap cute. Love the photos of all the littles!