Monday, December 12, 2011

The ABC's of Christmas Cookies

Since you girls have been here, Mimi and your Mama's make Christmas cookies over Thanksgiving weekend.  Three years ago, Mande decided to get creative and turn our pictures into a CD for us.  Of course, Mimi cried when they played it for us on Christmas Eve.  Pictures from all the years are great to look back on, but the CD is priceless!!  If Mimi knew how to add it to the computer and then to the blog, I would; but remember, Mimi didn't teach that part of computers!  Anyway, here's Mande's blog entry from that year.

The ABC's of Christmas Cookies 2008

Now to the 2011 version . . .

The new aprons . . .
pink and green ~ what else for Mimi's princess monkeys?

CJ and Kaleb finally join the baking fun!

With Thanksgiving decorations still up, no Christmas clothes (or red hairbows), and a hurried day, these pictures were certainly not CD worthy; but, we'll always remember the fun!!  It was great having Kaleb join us for our pre-Christmas activities this year!

Usually, the day after Thanksgiving always means new Christmas clothes from Mimi's sewing room; but this year all I whipped up were your "Magic Pillowcases" . . . but guess what????  NO PICTURES (maybe someone's mommy got one)!  I think ya'll are enjoying the magic they hold and sleeping soundly.  Mimi also hopes before you drift off to sleep, you look closely at the manger scene on the front of the pillowcase so you will always remember the real reason for this most wonderful season!


  1. I am a long time reader but have nerver posted. I love your beautiful blog. Your love for your family reminds me of my mom and her love. The aprons are very cute did you make them?

  2. So cute! Did you see our cookie bake post a few days ago? It's a tradition to wear silly hats and aprons while we bake. Since my oven is "sick", this year we had to make candy instead. You have to try the fudge I mentioned on my post yummy!

    Big Christmas hugs,

  3. For some strange reason I can't post a comment to my own blog but . . .

    Thanks, Kelli, for the sweet comments. I bought the blank aprons at Hobby Lobby and appliqued them (a little lazy this year).

    Yes, Kat, I did see your cookie post tonight. I'm a little late getting caught up on reading. The fudge recipe looked wonderful and I'm sorry about your oven.


  4. Oh, what precious aprons! I came over to visit from Kat's and want to say Merry Christmas!