Thursday, December 15, 2011

While Daddy Worked . . .

We played!

The A girls daddy had to work in Nashville at the beautiful Gaylord Opryland Hotel the first week in December and Mimi and Granddaddy got asked to go along over the weekend.  Mimi had wanted that to be our family Christmas "trip" but with CJ's basketball schedule it didn't work out ~ ~ maybe next year . . .!!

As always the decorations were breathtaking.

Santa was so sweet!

Someone always has their eyes closed when Mimi's snapping the pics but you're still gorgeous!

Of course, we had to see the Rockettes!
What a Christmas treat!!
The Nativity at the end was wonderful.

You girls practiced your kicks the rest of the weekend.

Thanks, Daddy, for letting us play while you worked!!

More Christmas Fun . . .

On Thursday night before we left for Nashville, we watched the Christmas parade.

Your ballet studio had the best float with a rotating Mary and the beautiful music from the Nativity performance scheduled for this weekend.  Mimi and Granddaddy can't wait to see AG in her special performance.  AG, you're the one with the pink headband to the left of the ballerina base.

The Nativity performance is one of the most moving Christmas performances Mimi has ever seen.  I'm so glad Mommy chose this studio for your training.

More "Fun to Come" with little carolers, Christmas plays, ballplayers, and Christmas parties . . .

so much fun that Mimi's Christmas tree has very few presents under it with very few days left for shopping!
and then there's the baking . . .
and the cooking . . .

Oh, NO!!!!

Mimi needs some of those cute little Elves of Santas to come to the acre and help me get ready for my precious house guests!  Do ya'll think you could ask Lydious and Kidias to tell Santa Mimi needs some help?

Well, I'll go start making my "To Do" list for tomorrow!

Goodnight, sweet monkeys!!

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