Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Project

Well, actually, it's Granddaddy's Project . . .

First, a little background ~

When we were putting up the downstairs Christmas tree last year, half the lights would not work and Mimi had to add extra strings of lights to our pre-lite tree.  Yuck!!  Then, this Christmas half of those lights wouldn't work and the strings of lights had all fallen to the bottom of the tree.  What a M.E.S.S.!!  Mimi vowed that the tree was going to the garbage dump when the decorations came down.

Here it is in all its glory!

After all the decorations were on it, you really couldn't see the holes where I couldn't get the lights to go back in place.  But getting it to this point was such a pain for the past 2 years.  Mimi said, "Enough is enough."  And had full intentions of sending it packing.  But Mr. Fix-It Granddaddy said "No.  I'll fix it this year."

It is now February and look what still adorns the downstairs . . .

a ladder, a tree

some lights

and more lights!

Pretty sight, isn't it?  Good news is that Granddaddy does have the very top section working now; that's why it is missing in the above picture.  But Mimi's thinking the project is taking way too long to finish (kind of like some of Mimi's is exactly what your Mommy's and Daddy's are thinking, I'm sure!!)  Mimi plans on giving him until I start putting up the Easter decorations, then the tree must go.  Sounds fair enough, don't you agree?

And, yes, Mimi is also clearing out her unfinished projects and either finishing them or sending them packing.  Hopefully, more will be finished than thrown away since the majority of them are for you girls!!

But Mimi isn't making any promises on what gets finished and what doesn't!

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