Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Update

on my Five Little Monkeys

The oldest . . .

played in a basketball tournament in Atlanta this weekend

and this is who she had to guard in Saturday's game
just a little uneven Mimi's thinking!

but you played great, CJ

this one went in and so did the next one!

the next in line . . .

got braces

love the pink, AG!!
Mimi's so glad they are feeling better!!

and caught a fish while fishing with her daddy
Way to Go!!

the middle monkey . . .

was sick with strep

Poor Baby, Mimi's hoping you are feeling better and taking your medicine like a good little patient!

Monkey #4 .  .  .

played another soccer game this weekend
& took care of Mommy while Daddy and Sissy were away playing ball.

and the littlest Monkey . . .

is such a mess!!
(We should have been warned from these earlier pictures)

Quotes from Sweet Baby A:

While at the store this weekend with her Daddy:  "Why can't you just be a Mimi cause she always lets me get 2 things?"  He was letting them pick out one 'prize' each.  She already had hers but obviously felt the need for a second one.  And I guess I'm guilty as charged!

Then tonight while trying to get out of eating her pizza when the family was eating dinner out:  "I just heard God tell me . . . Adelynn, you feel like you should have dessert.  Then he died and fell off the cross and got back up."  This said as she looked straight at her daddy without so much as a grin.  The positive side . . . she is listening in her little Sunday School class.  Oh, the mind of a 3 year old, especially Baby A!

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  1. Such darling girls ~ and don't you love how their minds work? You are blessed!