Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Old Black Pot

By the driveway under an oak tree sat on old black wash pot . . .

the driveway led to my Mama's and Daddy's house.

Every summer that old pot held beautiful red geraniums lovingly planted by your Great Granny.  When we sold the house, the wash pot came home with Mimi.  And sat empty under a tree in the backyard because Mimi couldn't decide where to put it.  Finally Granddaddy suggested it go by the retaining wall so it could be seen and fill the spot left empty by the gardenia that had died.

The pot finally has a home and its signature plants blooming in it.

I'm sure you girls don't remember the pot but your Mama and Daddy do.  Because it holds such dear memories for Mimi, I wanted to make sure ya'll knew it was more than just "yard art."  When Mimi was a little girl like ya'll are now, my grandmother would build a fire under the pot and wash my grandfather's "farming" clothes in it.  I remember stirring the clothes round and round just like it was yesterday.  After my grandfather died, Granny came to live with us and brought the pot to town.

Every time I drive up our drive, I'm reminded of both my Granny and my Mama and am transported back in time to the little girl stirring the pot, then to a sneaky kid hiding my brother's toy Indians under the geraniums and finally to a college student home for the summer helping in the yard by pulling weeds from the pot and getting an arm full of fire ants in the process.

Now you know the story behind Mimi's love for those beautiful red flowers!

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