Sunday, December 16, 2012


Really??  Yes, November.  I know it's December 16 and Mimi is just now getting our special fall happenings recorded . . . somewhere between Halloween and Thanksgiving Mimi got lost . . . lost in time . . . and fun . . . and travel.  But here goes Fall as best Mimi can remember!


On the night of All Hallows Eve, gobblins were everywhere  ~ not the scary kind, just . . .

cute little Indians

a sweet black kitty and a pretty dalmation 

who received glitter pumpkin baskets filled with

double doozie spiders and rice krispie pumpkins and a few other surprises.

Mimi and Granddaddy trick or treated with the kitty and the dalmation this year while the Indians were on the war path with their neighbors at their annual party.

Jon ~ October 21

the oldest of the Bobsy Twins (Granddaddy) on November 11

Our little turkey, Anna Grace, on Thanksgiving Day, November 22

Beth's Big Day ~ November 23

Special Recognitions:

Ailee ~ Character Award for Citizenship in First Grade

Anna Grace ~ Star Student Award for first 9 weeks in Third Grade
4th place in the 3rd Grade Science Fair

 Matt ~ won first National Golf Tournament at Sawgrass

Campbell ~ Flight won its first 4th grade tournament of the year
All A's on her 4th grade report card


We were so thankful that everyone was healthy and able to come to the Acre to join together in giving thanks for all God has so richly blessed us with.  Thanksgiving also means school parties and lunches, as well as coming home to Tom Turkey.

And true to tradition, our Christmas activities began the day after Thanksgiving.  But for tonight, let's just savor our precious fall memories just a little longer.

Good night, my little Monkeys!

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  1. I can see why you haven't posted in awhile ~ you've been busy with your darling girls. Looks like lots of fun! Hope your December is full of joy and I"ll look forward to your recap.
    Merry Christmas