Thursday, October 25, 2012


For the past 2 weekends, Granddaddy and I have taken the little red car on a ride through our beautiful mountains.

The first weekend, we drove across the mountain, found a cute little park just next door, and toured around Carter's Dam.

The "little" dam in case you've never seen it on 411.

The back of the big dam ~ it's very high!

This is on the left side of the above picture ~ just to show ya'll what they had to dig and cut up to build the dam.  Granddaddy and I, the Rich's, the Babb's, and a few more couples used to ride motorcycles all in here when the dam was being build.  Seems like forever ago now.

Mimi seems to have an obsession with old barns ~ didn't even show you all the pictures I took.

Beautiful wild flowers were around every turn and look what other beauty we found

as we first started our journey when we stopped for gas.  The newest baby in the family!

Isn't she a doll!!

But the prettiest view all day was probably our maple in the front yard.  Mimi took this while I was waiting on Granddaddy to get the car ready.  But now all the leaves are on the ground ~ it's the first to turn and the first to loose its leaves.

Last weekend, the neighbors joined us for a 200+ mile trip through 3 states.

We had to start out with the top up this weekend because it was rather chilly in the mountains.

Every little town along the way was having a fall festival and were dressed for the party.

Not sure what this tower was but Mimi loved the flag waving from the top.  This picture was really zoomed ~ it was high in the sky!!

Lunch time in Tellico Plains ~ fried green tomatoes and homemade potato soup!

Tellico Plains also boasts of one of the best trout rivers around.

Mr. Wendell led the way in his old '49 truck all the way through the mountains of north Georgia, Tennessee and even into North Carolina.  Wow!!  Mimi's bottom was a little sore the next day but it was a wonderful trip enjoying beautiful fall weather and God's colorful masterpiece He Has painted for us.

Many times during the trip, Mimi wished my monkeys could have been along to see the trees, decorations, and even the ground hog that ran out in front of Granddaddy and I.  Hopefully, you're taking time to look around you at the beauty that is Fall and stand still long enough to smell the fallen leaves and other scents that could only be Fall ~ Mimi's most favorite season!!

Love you all to the moon and back!!!

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