Friday, July 9, 2010

Where's the Lazy, Hazy?

Remember this song? Well, I've lost the lazy, hazy part of my summer!! Things have been hopping around the acre . . . corn to put up, beans to pick, trips to Splash Country, The Track and Lake Winnie. . . just to name a few all while trying to keep the gardens watered. And it's about to get a whole lot crazier!! (you'll find out why at the end!)
Also, our little town has made history this week ~~ a full week of Wagon Train and no RAIN in sight!!!! That has NEVER happened as long as I can remember! Boy, was I going to be glad to see WT get here this year so I could stop pulling those water hoses around. Guess God thought I needed the exercise! Another Birthday for another special boy ~~
Hope you are enjoying your birthday on the beach!
Aunt Sissy will have your "special birthday" entry complete with pictures up a little later ~ sorry, buddy!! I still have one more birthday ~~ my first-born's ~~ to "blog" about that I missed posting in March and then I'll be all caught up until the next one in September. Wow!
NOW . . . It's HERE . . . Mimi's Cousins' Camp!!
Invitations are sent to the girls for camp and another to their friends for the annual "Mimi & Me Tea Party," the "Nest" is all spic and span with clean sheets on the wall of beds, wood's in the firepit waiting to make smores and all the "projects" are waiting for little hands! Starting Sunday 4 of my Fabulous 5 will be here for camp! Granddaddy and I are so excited to have the girls here without parents so we can spoil them as much as we want! In fact, for the next 2 weeks after camp we'll have all 5 of them to ourselves ~~ the all A girls one week by themselves and the following week the C girls will be here for a few days!!!! Soooooo . . . I'll be absent from here for a while . . . no blog, no email, no facebook . . . just GIRLS!! My kind of life!!! After I rest up a bit, I'll be posting Bubba's & Matt's birthday pages and lots and lots of pictures from our camp. Ya'll have a good summer ~ maybe yours will be lazy and hazy! . . . and, Mommies and Daddies, enjoy your week all to yourselves 'cause we sure will be having fun on the acre!!


  1. I have to ask where did you purchase the chalkboard sign that you write messages on?

  2. It's "Roundtop Collection", I think. I got it from a friend who used to own a little decorating boutique. Hopefully, you could still find them. I love using mine!