Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The New Toy . . .

(Mimi just found this post I had started before our trip and since I had promised Granddaddy I would post it I thought I better do it now)

is actually Mr. Wendell's but Granddaddy is loving helping him work on it. What is it, you ask? Well, of course, it's a new "old" toy that has a motor ~ a 1949 GMC truck ~ which is a beautiful color of "rust" as Miss Darlene says.

Granddaddy spent most of Saturday helping him work on it. And then I got the call . . . "We're taking her on her maiden voyage around the block!" (You see she had to be brought into the neighborhood on a trailer) Mimi dashed out with the camera to record this historical moment.

Off they go!!

Wonder how long it will be before Granddaddy finds another new toy for his basement? Let's hope a long time or else Mimi will be moving her sewing room a.g.a.i.n!! Maybe for now, he'll just be content to help Mr. Wendell.

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