Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How Many Candles?

Yes, today is Mimi's birthday . . .
can ya'll guess how many candles I need on my cake?
ahhhhhh, yes . . . 63!!
So today I will celebrate with . . .

My Birthday Flower ~ Red Tulips (because red tulips were the flowers I first received on the day I was born)

My Favorite Cake ~ Yummy Chocolate Fudge (of course, I'll have to add a little ice cream after I blow out the candle)

Thank you, sweet family and friends for all the birthday wishes today!! There's nothing like a giggly "Happy Birthday" sung over the phone by 2 little monkeys before they go off to school or beautiful hand-drawn birthday cards complete with their own made-up version of "Happy Birthday" and a delicious red velvet cupcake from 3 more little monkeys . . . or the many, many sweet birthday wishes from all my precious facebook friends . . . or a phone call from my dearest and bestest friend . . . or a surprise birthday dinner at my favorite Japanese resturant with my sweetheart!

Yes, Mimi's come a long way from the scrawny 2 lb. 8 oz. black-haired baby girl born on March 29, 1948! Mimi has written in a journal for you all the details of my very determined Granny's fight to save me.

Thank you, dear Jesus, for the many wonderful blessings You have so graciously showered on me all these 63 years.

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