Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our "DREAM" Vacation ~ 2011 Style

Finally . . .

Mimi's getting some pictures up of (as the girls described it) our best vacation ever!! I know I'm a little behind but Mimi's been having a hard time adjusting to not being waited on hand and foot! I'm so glad we waited for this cruise until we could play with Mickey and Minnie on their NEW ship. It was all we "dreamed" it would be and more!!

Mickey and Minnie were gracious hosts ~ very eager for hugs and autographs!

Mimi thinks maybe they liked your Mimi-made Minnie Mouse swimsuits!

Boy, Mickey knows how to throw a Party!! His "Pirates of the Caribbean" Party complete with fireworks was so much fun! Ya'll loved all the pirate games. Anna Grace and Campbell loved showing off the Mickey mirrors in the restrooms!

Castaway Cay ~ Disney's Private Island

I think you girls really enjoyed swimming in the beautiful water, biking, building sandcastles, riding on the floats, the water slide and just playing around being "normal."

Mimi and Granddaddy did a little sightseeing in Nassau while ya'll stayed on board and enjoyed the Dream all to yourselves (well, almost anyway).

Granddaddy got to feed the baby parrots while in Nassau.

YEAH!!!! Ya'll won the Mickey Movie Bingo contest!! You got to pick the next movie to be shown on the big screen at the pool area . . . and, yes, it was a "Princess" movie.

The AquaDuck, Mickey's waterslide and two pools ~ ya'll wore your swimsuits all day!!

But you always made time for some Mickey ice cream.
Mimi's wondering where Adelynn was during all the pictures . . . probably swimming by herself or off chasing Pluto!

One of your favorite times was getting all dressed up in your princess attire to meet the real Disney Princesses.

We were all so sad when it was time to leave ~ four days are just not long enough! But Mimi's surprise to ya'll after you were back home made the trip last just a little longer . . . now you can lay your beautiful little heads on your pillowcases that were personally autographed by Mickey and Gang for ya'll and do a little "Disney Dream" ing!
Thanks, girls, for the most wonderful winter vacation!!

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