Wednesday, May 25, 2011

First Place . . . YAHOOOO!!!!!

Another sports weekend with the C girls ~ CJ's regular softball team played Friday night . . .

Leaders of the pack . . . Coach Daddy gets ready to pitch and the new coach . . . uhhmmm . . . Mimi can't remember the Grizzlies' coach's name.

another big win which left you still undefeated in regular league play!

Then bright and early Saturday morning, you and another teammate joined the Grizzlies tournament team (from another town) for a day full of softball (thankfully the tournament was in your hometown).

After a first game loss, you played and played and played and finally played for first place after beating the team that beat ya'll first in the seed play. From 1st baseman in regular play to centerfielder on the tournament team ~ boy, that girl can play!

Champions and it only took 1 game in the finals!!

It sure did feel good to get to move beyond two games in regular tournament play. Thanks, Campbell, for a wonderfully entertaining weekend. You played great and showed real determination when with 2 outs you hit the ball that drove in a run and started the comeback from a 6-2 deficit that allowed your team to win first place.

And, Cybil, Mimi can't leave you out because you entertained me so on the playground before and in between games.

Nothing like swings and slides to help wear out a little one so she'll sit half-way still and watch big sister play . . . well, that and a mountain dew bottle filled with red clay or a cold bottle of water.

Campbell, while you were playing up north, your cousin was playing down south in an 8 & Under tournament of his own . . . and guess what, Kaleb's team won first place, too.

Just look at that cool guy!

Way to go little champions!! Mimi's so proud of both of you!

But the picture etched into my mind is the thing that made me most proud . . . the circle of girls, every other one a member of the opposing team, many holding hands, standing with their coaches, pausing in prayer to give thanks to the One who made it all possible . . .

. . . something we don't see nearly enough of on our playing fields.

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