Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mama

Amid the love, hugs, and kisses of Mother's Day, there's always a touch of sadness . . . a little part (actually a very big part) of my heart that longs for my mama . . . for her sweet, guiding presence, her love of family, her wonderful homecooked meals, the laughter that was always present at her table, but especially for her faith and trust in God and her gentle reminder that no matter what we were going through, God was in control . . . for her words of wisdom like "what goes round, comes round" and "this too shall pass" . . . for her quick wit and huge heart . . . yes, I could go on and on. Even after 17 years, there's still times that I think, "I'll just call Mama and see what she thinks", I'm always wondering what she would do in certain situations and I never travel down a local back road that I don't remember riding that same road on a Sunday afternoon with Mama, Daddy, and my Granny while receiving valuable history lessons.

Mama in her twenties

Easter 1992

Gran and her girls on Father's Day 1994 admiring her beautiful day lilies~ how I wish I had gotten someone else to take this picture so I could have been a part of the last picture ever taken of my precious Mama. Looking at this picture, one would never guess that in one short week my Mama would be gone forever from this earth ~ oh, how I miss her soft voice, her black eyes, her hugs and her loving advice on everything from raising kids to growing flowers.

Oh, how Gran would have loved seeing the wonderful young men and women her grandchildren have grown into ~ she would have been so very proud of them. And how much fun would she have had with my Fabulous Five and Dan's brood of boys and sweet Josie!

Mande and the A girls

Beth and the C girls

Mama used to say that no one would ever name their children after her . . . after all, who would use Sybil and Aileen? Wouldn't she be so honored to have little Ailee and little Cybil as namesakes? There's certainly no 2 that are more like her straight down to the black eyes!!

On the day she passed away, she told Taylor, who had just turned 3 and loved frogs, that she was going to a place where she could find him the biggest frog ever and would keep it for him until she saw him again. Tay, I bet Gran has that frog on a leash just waiting . . .

Danielle and the gang

Lynn and her babies

Yes, Gran would be so proud of all her babies!

"If the Lord's willing," we'll all celebrate another Mother's Day next year and, who knows . . . before long we might even be adding other baby to the clan!

Happy Mother's Day to all my favorite Mamas who just happen to be the best in the world!!

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