Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mimi's Surprise

While Granddaddy was enjoying his last day at work, Mimi was sprucing up the front porch with a little red, white, and blue. I brought everything out, hung the flag bucket on the front door, then decided I needed to take out the winter wreaths that were still around the topiarys . . .

I took the first one out with no problems . . . then, Mimi got quite a surprise, when along with the wreath, came the topiary and lots of little flying creatures . . . could these be flies?

From the mess scattered all over the steps, you can probably guess they weren't just flies ~ oh no, they were yellow jackets . . . hundred of them . . . from nests built in the little bit of dirt left from when Mimi planted flowers in the pots. Did you hear Mimi screaming? I'm surprise the police didn't come to see if someone was being murdered!

Miss Gigi decided she would see if I had killed them all with the spray . . . after 5 stings and running down to the garage entrace (all other doors except the front door were locked, naturally!) with several chasing me, I got the spray and opened the door slightly and sprayed away ~ not sure what I hit but at least some were dead when much, much later I ventured around the house with my little camera on as much zoom as it had to snap these pictures. What she's staring out so intently are the nests--2 of them. Ouch!! And, yes, I do recycle my plastic bags--just not the appropriate way!

See my coffee cup on the table . . . it stayed there until after dark and Mimi stayed in the house the entire rest of the day. Later that night I began to have a hacking little cough and low-grade fever with aching all over. Wasn't sure if it was a reaction from the jackets or all the benedryl I had consumed during the day. This morning I called the doctor and luckily they could work me in . . . diagnosis -- reaction to jackets; treatment -- keep taking benedryl with a prescription of steriod if I wasn't better by Sunday. AND you know Mimi has to be better by tomorrow because . . . it's finally here!!

Don't forget to bring your registration form!

Hope everyone else has a wonderful 4th of July with lots of celebrating for America's Birthday! Mimi and Granddaddy are going to have a fantastic week with our Fabulous Five . . . yes, all 5 of them will be here this year for Cousins Camp . . . are we ready? Of course! Hope ya'll are as excited as Mimi and Granddaddy.

Mimi needs to run jump in bed because the "bus" heads out early in the morning for camper pickups!

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