Thursday, June 30, 2011

An Empty Jar

Granddaddy made his decision . . . the date was set . . . we kept it a secret from everyone except the children . . . but . . .

sometimes, though, things don't always work out as planned; so, a new plan was laid, a new date set, a secret still to be kept, & finally, the countdown began! (cute idea here that was ready and waiting) The jar was filled with one of Granddaddy's favorite candies ~ Three Musketeers ~ so that he could take one with him each morning to help dream away the days as he counted down.

This morning Granddaddy took the L.A.S.T. one with him to work; so what does that mean?

Happy Retirement, Granddaddy

Finally, a little happiness to mix with alot of sadness on this last day of the month . . . after all these years, we still miss you so much, Gran and Pop!!!

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