Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Only a Month Late . . .

plus a few days; but, finally . . .
CCIII pictures are now showing!!

CCIII ~ Part I

Mimi wasn't so sure Cousins Camp was going to become a reality this year; but, after lots of praying and a round of steriods, it did! Yay!!!

First on the agenda ~~ a few days with the A Girls enjoying the sights and sounds of the 4th of July at their country club on Saturday night. This was Cybil's first time to experience the fireworks, skydivers, and blowups and I believe she loved them as much as the rest of you did. Mimi was so sorry she had to miss all the fun . . . remember I was a little under the weather that night.

Looks like ya'll are really enjoying those snow cones! Just wondering whose got spilled first, Adelynn's or Cybil's? Love all those patriotic outfits!!

Then there was floating down the river . . .
How much fun was that!!!

Followed by ice cream sandwiches on the deck ~~ and, yes,
Adelynn is doing her favorite thing . . . "takin' naked!"

Last on the July 4th agenda with the A girls was the city parade with lots of their friends. Another group of cute little patriots!! After the parade, ya'll met Granddaddy for lunch and the bus ride back to "Green Acre Camp for Girls" where Mimi was waiting by the registration table for all the little campers to arrive.

Part II tomorrow! See you then . . . Mimi loves ya'll all the muches!!

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