Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Crafting with the A's

For 2 weekends, Granddaddy and I were blessed to have the A girls visiting

and . . .

we finally got around to some of our camp crafts!

We gathered our supplies . . .

ribbon, pop tops, pens, lighter and a few beads . . .

then, before we knew it, we had arms full of beautiful bracelets!

AG even make a ring and earrings!

We also made the C girls some that Mimi will be delivering soon.

Thanks for coming to visit and crafting with Mimi!!

I'm still saving pop tops for you girls and your friends to make the bracelets to sell at the Relay for Life for Mr. Chris.  That's a great idea and Mimi is so proud of ya'll for coming up with such a creative way to help.

xoxoxo ~ to the moon and back!

1 comment:

  1. Those are darling, my little E would love to make one of those.
    I don't know if I mentioned how cute the pic is of your fab 5 on your header.
    Enjoy these last few days of summer!