Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Friday Night Lights ~ The 2012 Version

Although schools have not started in our little town, the band and football teams have been practicing for weeks.  When I'm in the garden in the early mornings or late afternoons, the sound of trumpets and drums fill the air . . . and I know while they're marching on one field, the Boys of Fall are sweating it out on another and among them is my #1 Boy of Fall.

Here's my favorite Boy during an earlier fall scrimmage . . .

and behind center during the 2012 spring game 

With temps still in the 90's, it's hard to believe the high school season kicks off in full force this Friday night!  But it does, and its beginning represents the end of lazy summer days filled with fishing, hiking and early morning workouts.  In their place comes afternoon practice, late dinners, homework and sore muscles.

But won't this Sophomore year be a blast!!

Good Luck, Bubba
from your #1 fan!!

Aunt Sissy is praying for a season filled with lots of touchdowns and injury-free games.

We're so proud of you and the wonderful young man you are becoming!!

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  1. So hard to believe that it is football season! I love this time of the year.