Monday, August 20, 2012

School Bells Are Ringing

I really can't believe it's T.H.A.T. time again!!

But, believe it or not, all my precious monkeys are now back in school.

AG and AC have been hitting the books for 1 1/2 weeks while Baby A only started on Wednesday, the 15th.  AG moved to the elementary school for 3rd grade and AC is in 1st grade still at the primary school.  Even though you weren't too sure about being in school without your big sissy, AC, I think you're making it just fine on your own.  AG loves her new school and Baby A already has Miss L wrapped around her finger.  Mimi sure enjoyed that non-stop conversation every day I picked you up last week, Baby A.

Of course, with the start of school comes ballet and violin lessons.

Busy, busy, busy!!

The C girls just started back on Thursday, the 16th.  CJ, are you really in 4th grade? And little Cybie is in kindergarten!! I know you'll love your teacher, Miss H, because your big sissy sure did when she had her for kindergarten.

This new school year brings a new adventure for you, CJ ~ yes, you'll be trying your hand (ummm, maybe it's trying your feet!) at soccer until basketball starts.  Now you and little C can practice your leg work together when she's not in gymnastics or dance.

Another busy, busy family!!

Although ya'll are in school and there's just a little nip in the air while I'm enjoying my morning coffee on the deck, Mimi is still trying very hard to hold onto summer.  Besides, I have several, okay lots, of little projects still on my TO DO BEFORE FALL list.  And, I'm still dreaming of white sandy beaches and waves breaking on the shore while 'little girl' giggles soar through the air with the seagulls.  You're growing up way too fast and the seasons seem to speed by as quickly as ya'll change grades.  In my mind's eye I see my babies starting school with little M in kindergarten and big brother M in 4th grade as if it were only yesterday.

But, there's no time to dwell on that!!  After all, the start of school also means a new season beginning for MJC which means kiddos to pick up from school and chauffeur to many activites and weekend road trips north to watch soccer matches.  Yes, throw in a few Saturdays Between the Hedges and before we know it, we'll be watching Christmas performances for choir, violin and dance and waiting on ole Saint Nick!

But we'll try to take some days a little slower and . . .

celebrate life!!

Hope all of you precious little monkeys have a wonderful school year.  Please know that Mimi will be praying for you each and every day as you study, learn and grow.



  1. I'm trying to hang on to summer too. Where did it go? My 3 start school next week and I can hardly believe that we'll be starting to live by that school calendar:-( They do grow up too fast ~

  2. Your grandchildren are ALL beautiful! It's so hard to believe it's school time!


  3. I remember those busy busy days with my own so I feel for their mommies. You have absolutely beautiful grandchildren!