Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Guess What I Did on Tuesday?

No, I didn't work in my garden or sew for my girls--probably should have been doing both, but I wasn't! I gave myself a special treat . . . a little trip with the "Senior" group from our church. They've gone on several outings, but I was never able to go before.

What fun we had!!

Today's excursion took us to the Cumberland County Playhouse to see . . .

It was wonderful!!

The trip included lunch at the Cumberland Mountain Park Resturant. YUMMY, especially the chocolate cobbler!! Before we went in to eat, I got a pic with two very special ladies in my life -- Miss Janice and Miss Marguerite.
Miss Marguerite was my high school typing teacher and the one responsible for my 31-year career as a business education teacher ~~ my teacher, my mentor, my best friend. Miss Janice taught home ec down the hall from us~~most of my special recipes came from her.
Of course, I had to check out all the flowers around the resturant and even found one I don't have in my garden. Just had to get a picture but now I can't remember the name of it. Oh well, Miss Sara or Mr. Roland probably will know its name.

Our Fearless Pilots

Thanks Pastor Jeremy and Miss Denise for being brave enough to start out with this group. Also, had fun at the little detour ~~ Mary Margaret, Jeremy's shirts look sooooo good on him (was that right, Jeremy?) and he really needed the blue one for the quartet!! Can't wait to hear them sing! The rest of the gang ~ but I think some must been have getting autographs because I don't see them in the pictures.
I believe I just might travel with this group again once my back and knees recover from the van ride. But for now . . . . . . it's back to the sewing room.

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