Thursday, June 24, 2010

Which One Is It?

If you guessed Princess #3 after the previous entry, you're exactly right!!

Ailee Claire, four years ago, on January 31, you came into this world looking just like your Big Unc ~ luckily, you quickly grew more to look like your namesake, Sybil Aileen and your sweet Mommy. You were a much-loved baby sister!
When you "cut" those big black eyes at me when you don't like something I do, you look just like your Great Granny!! I used to tell her not to look at me that way with those black eyes and secretly that's what I'm thinking when you look at me that way because I know I'm in big trouble!

You and your little cousin Cybil (who also carries your Great Granny's name) are quite the little wildfires ~~ do you think that is just a coincidence ~~ I don't--I think Granny is looking down from Heaven laughing because she knows you're both here to keep us on our toes. And that you do, you never meet a stranger, are always VERY dramatic in every thing you do and LOVE to sing and dance to your own little tune . . . kind of like another one who celebrated her birthday on Wednesday. I have a feeling if Aunt Mae were still here, you would be named "Little Mouth #2."

This spring brought a new adventure into your life ~~ soccer!! You were the cutest little player out there and we loved watching you run after the ball. You improved so much from when the season began but you looked so little out there in all that protection gear. Mimi was greatly impressed that you never tried to catch the ball or use your hands ~~ boy that would have been hard for me! We can't wait until next season!

You celebrated turning 4 with a Snowflake Princess Party that you completely designed yourself ~~ all centered around your "Beautiful Winter Dress" you designed for Santa to bring you. The simple fact that all you asked for was a beautiful winter dress that had to be just a certain way out of a certain fabric shows how independant you are. You're also sassy, sweet, loving, full of energy while also being a sleepyhead in the mornings . . . as your big sister calls you now . . . you're just our little "wild child." You keep everything lively ~~ things are always popping when you're here; but it sure does make for an empty house when you're gone. It will be so much fun watching all that God has planned for you as you touch the lives of others with your warmth and exuberance.

Happy 4th Birthday, Ailee Claire!!
We love you all the muches

As Granny used to say, "If the Lord's willing . . . "

. . . your birthday wishes will be on the right date next year . . . until then, just keep us laughing!!

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