Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The 75th Graduation

From this to high school graduation in the blink of an eye
Taylor, it seems like only yesterday we were flying to Greenville to wait on you to enter this world. Because your Mommy had always seemed more like a daughter than a niece, you were like my first grandchild. Oh, how I loved you and hated to leave you, your Mommy and Daddy.
But before long, daddy graduated from Furman and ya'll came home ~ oh, happy day for all of us especially Gran and Pop because you were their first GREAT grandchild and did they ever think you were GREAT!! There's just so many memories of you growing up that I'll never forget. One of my most favorite times with you was the trip just you and I took to discover all about Robert E. Lee and the Confederacy when you were 11. It was so much fun to see all our Southern history through your eyes. And I loved picking you and Payton up from school and making pancakes for you every afternoon. Remember, too, when you taught Uncle Man to ski on the first of our many winter vacations? And who are those cute little boys with napkins on their heads? You loved wearing Matt Matt's cowboy boots ~~ you just didn't like to wear anything else!
Those days passed so quickly ~~ before I knew it you were in middle school. Now, you know it couldn't really have been 3 years between middle school and high school--did you skip a grade or did I just blink too many times?
I'm so amazed at your musical talent ~ "hanging with the band" all the way to Tootsies Orchid Lounge in Nashville was so much fun. Ya'll played great and the crowd loved you! I'll also never forget the night you & your mama called so I could hear you play Amazing Grace on the fiddle. When you were selected Drum Major for the Indians, we were so proud of you. During your junior year you also found a very special friend who soon became your date for the prom and that led to many, many more dates.
Then, tonight was graduation ~ too quickly this part of your life has come to an end. As I watched you receive your diploma, I felt that Gran and Pop were there with me watching this very special moment. Tay, they would be thrilled with the wonderful young man you have grown into, just as we all are.

Three Generations ~~ the granddad, the graduate, the mama

Congratulations on the scholarship you won AND how appropriate that our little history buff would be the one who's graduating class celebrated the 75th year of MCHS graduations. You looked great tonight with all that honor gold around your neck!!

But tonight's ending is really only the beginning. Before long, we'll be in Sanford stadium waiting to hear "The REDCOATS are coming" and watching for you and Heather to come running between the hedges ~ you playing Glory, Glory to Ole' Georgia on your trombone while Heather flashes her pompoms as a Georgette.

The old adage is really true ~ "Time flies when you're having fun" and I have had tons of fun being your Aunt Sissy. I love you more than you can imagine!!!!

The little brothers are so proud of their big brother

(even if one's not quite so "little" any more)

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