Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve 2010 on the Acre

Candles in the windows and on the tables, 5 twinkling trees, an island running over with food, Jesus' birthday cake iced and waiting, presents galore, and snowflakes in the Nest . . . everything ready and anxiously waiting on the family to arrive.

the "A" girls and their mommy and daddy were the first to arrive

the "C" girls and their mommy and daddy flew in from the north

baby brother and his family came over the hill and through the dell

Doodah, Scotty, the boys and baby Josie came across town

(sorry the pic is so blurry)

The Newlyweds

David and Jessica were like Santa with many stops to make Christmas Eve before arriving at Aunt Sissy's for desserts and presents.

Of course, Mimi has no pictures of this, but the childrens' table was set with green reindeer plates, a wooden reindeer surrounded by a wreath graced the center of the table, and a personalized bag of Reindeer Food marked each child's seat. Maybe you can just remember the way it looked when you sat down. All the adult children ate in the breakfast area of the kitchen while the "older" adults ate more formally (ha!) in the dining room.

Everyone loved reflecting on Christmases past as they looked through the albums and old pictures before and after dinner.

Cybil and Josie entertained us with their dancing skills while the bigger kids played in the Nest as we waited on Taylor and Payton to arrive.

Then it was time to open presents!

(Again blurry pictures ~ maybe Mimi will learn to use her camera one day!)

Modeling their new attire!

With the sound of sleigh bells signaling time to hurry home, the Penland family said a hardy "Good Night and Merry Christmas" to beloved family and friends.

Then began our Christmas Eve bedtime traditions . . .

more tomorrow . . .

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