Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Time for a Few Traditions on the Acre . . .

The Beginning ~
The day after Thanksgiving is usually filled with the first of our Christmas traditions . . . Mimi's bag of goodies which this year included your new Christmas gowns, a new Christmas outfit for you and your baby dolls, and a special "snowball" that Mimi had so much fun making . . . writing your letters to Santa & stuffing them in your stockings hanging on Mimi's mantle (so the elves can carry them back to Santa on their 1st trip back to the North Pole) . . . decorating Mimi's tree in the basement with all your Mommy's & Daddy's childhood ornaments . . . and the arrival of some very special little people . . .

Lidious and Kidious
Your Elves on the Shelf
Your special elves arrived just like clockwork at your new homes on the day after Thanksgiving! Normally, they come to Mimi's but since ya'll were leaving Mimi's that day, they decided to go straight there on their return trip from the North Pole after visiting Mimi's during the night to get your Santa Letters. Ya'll were a little worried they might not find you since you had or were moving. But because Santa knows everything, the elves knew just where to find you. You all have so much fun searching for the new spot Lidious and Kidious find to hide in each morning. Mimi's hoping that Lidious and Kidious get to report only GOOD news to Santa for each of you!!

Since Mimi has already given you your Christmas gowns so you can get enough wear out of them, I wonder what I can come up with for the Christmas Eve presents . . . hummmmmm, I think I just had an idea!!

Mimi can't wait until you find the special prize hidden deep inside the soap "snowball." Remember, you can't cheat . . . it just has to melt on its own ~ the elves are watching!!
Another Tradition ~
The Advent Calendars are filled and mailed ~ ready to begin the countdown to Christmas Eve by 5 very excited little monkeys.

Last year I fell in love with the Pottery Barn Kids Christmas Tree Advent Calendar but really didn't care very much for the price; so I did what any good copycat would do and hurried out to buy fabric to create my own. Of course, it isn't nearly as perfect as the original; but you girls love it just the same simply because "Mimi made it." It's so fun to hunt for those little goodies to surprise ya'll with during the year. But not all the surprises will fit into a pocket so Mimi includes little notes about where to find the surprise (usually your Mommies have them hidden for you).
A few of the other family traditions include family movie night, reading Christmas books, a ride on the Polar Express, Breakfast with Santa for the "A" girls and a visit from Santa for the "C" girls, and one that is coming up this weekend . . . visiting Dolly and Santa at Dollywood! Mimi can't wait ~ it seems the temperature will follow tradition as well . . . FREEZING!! Pack lots of warm clothes!!
Granny's Tradition ~
It was always expected that the entire family would help decorate the Christmas tree at Granny and Pop's house which was usually on the 2nd Saturday in December since they always had a real tree. Saturdays were for dating when your Mommy and Daddy were in high school but being old enough to date didn't get them out of decorating the tree or even your Mimi and Big Unc way back when we were in high school . . . Tree First, Date Second. But Granny always made up for causing late dates by having delicious Datenut Pinwheel Cookies to munch on while we decorated. When the family left Mimi's house on Thanksgiving night this year, they all left with a little box of Datenut Pinwheel Cookies to eat while they decorated their tree. No, they weren't as good as Granny's and haven't been since I've been making them for 16 years. But we still have the cookies made by Granny's recipe anyway and it's the thought that counts, right?

Thanksgiving 2010
While my fall header is still up and my playlist is still playing a Thanksgiving song, Mimi wants to say "Bye" for today with our group picture from Thanksgiving night. Scotty was missing for the picture because he was being a good son and helping his parents with Christmas lights ~ I did get a picture later of he and Josie but it wasn't very good of him so I was nice and didn't post it. Our day after Thanksgiving Breakfast guests this year were Aunt Lynn, David and Jessica; but no picture, sorry ~ is was really fun, though, so a new Thanksgiving tradition was born!

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  1. Cute post! Enjoyed reading about your traditions during the Christmas season. You have a beautiful family!