Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Wonderland . . .

is just what this weekend felt like ~ all the beautiful lights E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E. you look at Winterfest in the Great Smoky Mountains; a cabin in the mountains complete with a warm fire; Christmas shopping with the thousands of other outlet mall shoppers (yes, in the freezing rain); a wonderful dinner show; and waking up to a world of white on Sunday morning . . . we even had a few snowball fights before we left.

Our Traditional Christmas Holiday Weekend Getaway
But unfortunately, Mimi has no pictures to share yet since I couldn't find my camera for most of the trip and Mande's computer isn't working so she can't send me her pictures. But I will add some later, I promise! Ya'll will definitely want to see pictures of your gingerbread houses we made as Friday's Advent surprise.
Normally, ya'll know we go to Dollywood for a visit with Santa; but this year we decided to stay inside for Santa's visit complete with dinner and a great show at

The Black Bear Christmas Spectacular
We have always talked about going there but never had; and since it's the last season for that show, it was a perfect time for making it the highlight of this year's trip. Granddaddy was probably the happiest about the change since he wasn't really looking forward to Dollywood again in the rain and cold. When asked your favorite part of the show, each of you gave a different response. One of Mimi's favorites was seeing you 5 little monkeys all dressed alike on stage singing and dancing around. With the video we bought of the show, ya'll will get to watch yourselves for years to come!

Now, it's beginning to feel alot like Christmas and Mimi's ready to do some decorating especially since ya'll already decorated the downstairs tree for me. When I finish with everything else, I'll post some pictures for you to see what will be waiting on you on Christmas Eve.
Thanks for a Wonderful Winter Weekend!
Hugs and Kisses ~ Mimi


  1. What a fun weekend! Darling picture with Santa, too.

  2. Hi, Mimi...I love this cute post. Great photos..
    xo bj

  3. Thanks so much for coming by for open house.
    Boy, I sure am glad it's not a REAL open house..that would be waaay too much work for this olden body of mine! :))