Tuesday, December 14, 2010

"I'll Be Home for Christmas!" . . .

times FOUR . . . first cousins, that is!!
Forty years ago things were new and exciting at Mama and Daddy's house on Christmas . . . my baby brother had blessed us with a new baby girl . . . a small set of bright blue eyes through which we all could view the beauty and wonder of the Season! Four years later, my first-born, a baby boy, added new excitement to Christmas and more presents under the tree as we all spent Christmas Eve at home with Mama and Daddy ~ now known as Granny and Pop! For 4 years, those 2 first cousins anxiously awaited Santa's visit curled up in bed together at the childhood home of their parents. Then a 3rd cousin was added to the bed when my baby girl arrived. Five years later, the last of the first cousins joined the group as they fought off sleep while waiting on Santa snuggled up to Gran and Pop, listening for sleigh bells and being read the Christmas Story from the Bible. Even though my brother and I lived in the same town as our parents, we packed our bags and went "Home for Christmas." Santa knew we'd be there building a tradition that would live on as long as we're on God's earth.

How did we go so quickly from these precious faces waiting on Santa to where we are today?

Christmas 2009

Although only one of the four cousins lives in their hometown (2 of them are even out of state), they'll all be home on Christmas Eve with their families of giggling little girls, roudy little boys, a college freshman, a new bride and a granddog as big as a horse. Oh, Mimi can't wait and I just bet Nana can't either!

There just might be snow . . . most definitely mistletoe . . . and Mimi's slowly getting presents under the big ole tree.

The address has changed, the grandparents have new faces and names, and the children now have children of their own; but the love that binds our hearts together still brings us "Home for Christmas." Thank you, Mama and Daddy, for giving us one of the greatest gifts . . . the gift of family!

Thank you, Cousins, for coming home!

Love always and all the muches ~ Mimi

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